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  2. discordauth:UZFwciJobskdd0nrXSRQWsA2uKI7d0YSxZvhbrZq_LQ=

  3. It would be so cool to see Alpha 2 in the end of this year! Fingers crossed.
  4. Hello, i bought the package on kickstarter where you get access to closed beta. I was just wondering, when is the Closed Beta going to be available. I know that the game will launch in december 2018, if kickstarter is correct. I am really looking forward to playing the game. slayervictor
  5. Welcome! Im new as well, its really nice to see this community growing
  6. I think they are releasing the Alpha in september. They said that in one of their Youtube videos.
  7. Thanks guys! Now i have a really good idea of what the game will be like. I appreciate all your answers
  8. Hello Nova Quark & People of the Forum. Will i be able to make a hanger and make a shield generator so random people just can't destroy it. And what will happen if my contructs get destroyed? I also want to know if i can hire people to watch out for my vehicles in my hanger and can i make a public hanger for people who want to store their ships? Kind Regards, Victor AKA slayervictor
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