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  1. Dual Universe is the game. This is a random website that is poorly done. And this topic is fun to watch while I am downloading something.
  2. I quit the game. There is a difference
  3. Perhaps. Perhaps not I still keep up to date on stuff like this. It is entertaining.
  4. Hello all Community Members. I am only sending this message to share my story and hopefully encourage you all to stand up for what you believe in any situation. As much as I love the project of Dual Universe, I find it sad to see such a hate-filled community towards people who do not conform. I first heard about Dual Universe from my friend sakej99. This game of course looked cool, but I was skeptical. Sakej99 has a different story that he did not want to share with me until later on... He first joined the organization Diverse Unified Accord, which was one of the first organizations created. Sake wanted to grow their community and was tempted to advertise and recruit for them. Later on they banned him and he joined The Solar Empire. This is when I was told to join. I decided to join in and learn more about the game. I wanted to become a pilot because that sounded fun, but I realized that I am more of a creative person. I am more of the type of person who wants to create and build something unique. I came up with Solar Secure. This is when it all got interesting... Solar Secure was mainly created to serve as the protection forces for The Solar Empire. Sake joined in and posted on the topic but accidentally posted twice. Then, there was other criticism on that thread before any of the recruitment messages were sent. We decided to start a campaign to gather a wider player base on the forums. Of course this was not a good choice to make... However, when you look into the real world it actually is very common and the Corporations that do so are not criticized because of it. Still, I did understand it was not the best option and could be considered spamming. This whole incident damaged the reputation of Solar Secure so much that The Solar Empire decided that they did not want us associated with them. We had to rename to Dual Secure. The problem I found was that once the community found something to sniff at they continued to do so and acted like they were going to give second chances, but ended up not doing so. It caused our reputation to stay the way it was. We wanted to create a nation. I created The Void Republic and I found a lot of rude and hateful comments on the thread. I wonder if those comments would be there if there was no spam issue? I did listen to the thoughts and suggestions, however I DID NOT agree with everything people said. Which in return triggered people mainly because they thought I was "thick headed". Issues on discord started to ruin the reputation of TVR more than before because of my disagreements and arguments started to erupt. That is when I decided there is no point in trying to be diplomatic anymore. I decided to take a different path for The Void Republic. A path that will be remembered as cruel to others, but was ultimately needed because there was and is no other organization to hate on. TVR was the only entertainment in the community because it was something to criticize and hold a grudge against. I will admit I did many things wrong after that. However, that is not the point. The point is that me disagreeing and responding the way I did caused more trouble than ever before. Therefore, we decided to follow FrogSwarm's "Bad Guy" path because it was the best option for US. (Our perspective). The hate continued and always did... As time went on we found common enemies because of their actions. Oh and if some of you do not know @Astrophil took the time to ban everyone in my discord with his alt Theo13. However, this information took a long time to investigate and no one ever actually looked at it from OUR side. Instead they though Cinderfall was just a perfect bunch of people that apparently do not troll nor cause issues. That turned out to be false. One of the spies attacking TVR @TheKoolBanana finally admitted the truth about Astrophil and what he/she did to TVR's discord server. The funny thing is that no one ever noticed it or cared. We found our common enemy as Cinderfall Syndicate and @TheSlaxx and I agreed to form one empire to fight against their efforts. Slaxx and I worked hard on internal progress. Including livestreams (in TVR too), art, and a lot a common organization completes. Then, a Cinderfall issue emerged. A guy named GiftHorse messaged me on discord saying he can give me legate in Cinderfall. I was okay with that and took it. I did not do anything wrong and it seems that Novaquark and Cinderfall claims that Unity League was the ones who infiltrated Cinderfall and did this. That never happened and had nothing to do with us... It was a Internal Cinderfall issue with Astrophil or some other legate giving another (untrusted) legate permission. Then... Not much later Novaquark simply deletes Unity League because it is "Unhealthy to the community". Also, because I apparently have a bunch of ghost accounts and Slaxx had some personal message issue. We did get a warning, but not a DIRECT warning stating what could happen. And we only got one warning, but NQ claims that we had several. Not to mention, instead of kicking the suspected alts they delete the organization to save time so they can go back to working on the game. It was things like this that caused Novaquark to lose my trust in terms of organizations. Many organizations use alternate accounts to boost their member count... Polestria, BOO, and many others. The most important part is the percentage of real and fake members. Ours is extremely low on fake members, and there is no way novaquark can actually know who is a real member or not besides IP address tracing. However, that still does not confirm anything because that just shows what computer created the accounts. Other forms of investigating would interfere with the privacy of the community members. After all of this I decided that my work meant nothing. It was simply taken away. My progress in building my organizations was completely taken away. And they can not show proof of their findings. They will not show proof of the other information. Clearly, the members who notice this message can take it however they would like. You can show positive feedback or make it so NQ has to lock the forum. I have been through this drama too many times before. And I am no longer interested in being a part of this community because of that. I try my best, but for many it is not enough. But I know this. A lot has happened in the pre-alpha, and I am glad I got to entertain some of you... Afterall it is a game, but I wish the best for all of you. I do not hold any grudges and maybe I will come back some day... P.S the story did not include everything; however, it included the most important information Sincerely, mmtheboss/Ascend/Ardour/Darius Sanguna(its me you just don't believe it)
  5. The resistance against the oppression. Welcome to the Unity League. The empire of freedom. In our ranks we will grant the players the freedom they demand while being tight-knit enough to form a formidable power. Our goal is to stand apart from groups like Cinderfall and provide a safe place for the freedom the player demands. Formed out of necessity, the Unity League was created from 2 empires that bonded together to stand grounds against ruthless groups that threaten the liberty of the common player. Step into your destiny and become a honorable member of our growing group. Our system is based on our main 4 branches. Step into a land of opportunity today! Learn more/join: https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/unity-league Discord: https://discord.gg/6BzuHWe YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/Minecraftlazerproduc This official post is approved by @TheSlaxx and @Ardour -- The Unity League End of Broadcast --
  6. Calm down mastered... This has one purpose only and it is for a interesting view on maturity levels. It's clear that many are not very mature in my opinion because of false voting. 75-80 or older... Maturity comes with responsibility and honestly. Also I typed this on phone so I don't need the spelling critizism right now
  7. It would be interesting to see what age groups the majority of the community makes up. But please be honest... This would be very interesting to see if accurate. Then, we can understand the majority and averages.
  8. Don't plan on doing anything special with organizations and players during alpha. It's main purpose is to fix bugs, attract player attention, and get players ready for when the actual release is out... Imagine organization leaders not knowing anything and having no experience. That's why alpha is so important.
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