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  1. Yes but this is talking about building support for the discord client into the game and being able to show game stats for your user on the discord application.
  2. I disagree with the statement that SLI is being dropped. There are many people who build computers with SLI or Crossfire. It is actually becoming even more common the larger resolutions that people are pushing their computers and games to handle. I know BliitzTheFox runs dual 1070's and it is supported in many games. There are many times where a game will recognize a SLI configuration as a single graphics card it is not supported by default. This still allows usage of both video cards.
  3. Step 1. Get used to the controls Step 2. Start mining and meetup with other pre-alpha members in game that I know so we can work together Step 3. Get off planet as soon as possible Step 4. Push the limits of my computer Step 5. Hopefully not crash anything
  4. As Hades pointed out along with others, getting water to function in a equal manner to everyone in a MMO is a relatively large task, and something that is very seldom able to be completed successfully. If you have fancy looking water like that and are required to load it to many players in a coordinated fashion as would be needed in the case of Dual Universe due to the amount of freedom the voxel technology provides, you would end up with massive amounts of resources being used up for a fairly small portion of the game. It would be better to focus on the properties of the water like the physics and motion versus the looks as much. After all, I would rather be challenged by building constructs that have to deal with water using physics that water actually uses instead of just looking at something pretty that does not do much. That is just my personal opinion though.
  5. I will agree that there are many features currently not included in the upcoming pre-alpha, but that is not relevant to the performance of the game at this stage in development. As NQ has stated here https://board.dualthegame.com/index.php?/topic/11688-pre-alpha-faq-and-rules/ A pre-alpha game is not designed with performance in mind, but for testing currently implemented features. Due to this fact, the pre-alpha is bound to be slower that the final release, not to mention riddled with bugs that will be worked out along the course of the pre-alpha, alpha, and beta testing before the game is released. They also state that the specs that they currently recommend as a minimum are for pre-alpha only and that they will change in the future. The general assumption is that as the game is optimized and features are implemented and refined that it will require less resources. In summary, the final release will theoretically run better than the pre-alpha and probably even the beta.
  6. I agree with Dxeo on this as I am sure many others will too. It can also be a great way to spread news of the game around as many Dual Universe supporters to date are involved in many different discord servers. People would be able to see that they are playing DU and would be more inclined to do more research about the game especially if there is a large number of people playing is as there is bound to be. I would also not hesitate in looking at the rest of the features the Discord GameBridge API has to offer as there are many cool integrations that would be nice to see in Dual Universe.
  7. Yup, I started with no pledge and was originally going to wait for the game to come out as well. However I like to support groups that I feel are doing an excellent job so I saved up and bought the Ruby Founders Pack. NQ has put so much work into integrating the community into the development of this game that I have another team do to date. The founding packs only encourage this development and by incorporating alpha's and beta's they are rewarding your participation in a mutually beneficial way by allowing you to play the game and offer feed back as well as them being able to test many things that could not be tested otherwise. So, my point is that as others have pointed out, if all you want to have access to the Alpha and Beta is to be able to play I would wait until the full game release. Many features are not yet going to be in the game and there are bound to be many bugs.
  8. The API that I think most people are envisioning is more on the management side of ORGs. Things that I can imagine is membership management, including a extension to the role management that can be integrated with existing role management systems most orgs have developed into their websites already. It can also be useful to calculate certain stats about an org like player count, amount of land owned, and others things that are not without the common player being able to discover on their own. I agree that APIs should be restricted to certain information, but to restrict it to show only your own information would be pointless as most players are not going to actually be using the API themselves directly.
  9. This is something I would be interested in working with. I am currently developing a site for an Org and I have been looking at different methods for user management.
  10. I think you are missing the point of the Alpha and the Beta's on this. That is the sole purpose of the Alpha and Beta. To test stuff and make sure it is all working for the final release. As for the subscription based payment, it makes sense. They will continuously have to pay for servers in order for players to play the game. A single fee per person would not even come close to covering the costs of running those servers. Therefore, if you want to play you will have to help keep the servers running and the developers paid by paying a subscription. It is perhaps the only way I can see this game being able to run for years, otherwise funding will die and so will the game.
  11. From the current understanding they will last until the release of the game. So if you have a Gold level pledge or higher you can access the Alpha as soon as it comes out all the way until it turns in to the Beta in which case anyone with a Silver Founder pledge and higher can access. Just keep in mind that the "Founder Packs" will be discontinued on September 7th, 2017. You can also see this thread for more information on the discontinuation: https://board.dualthegame.com/index.php?/topic/11308-end-of-the-founder-packs-crowdfunding-portal-evolution-alpha-news/ You can also refer to the FAQ page for more information: http://www.dualthegame.com/faq
  12. Take a look at the FAQ page. It has the info listed there: http://www.dualthegame.com/faq But to summarize, you need to be a Gold level founder or higher to have access to the alpha. Please note that according to a release on July 5th, they will be removing the option to become a "founder" on September 7th, 2017 for a complete overhaul of the crowdfunding campaign. In doing so you will no longer be able to obtain the ability to access the first alpha version (Alpha 1) if you have not already purchased a Kickstarter pack or a Founder pack. However purchasing a "Supporter Pack" which will come out later in the year will add the option to catch the future revisions of the Alpha. From https://board.dualthegame.com/index.php?/topic/11308-end-of-the-founder-packs-crowdfunding-portal-evolution-alpha-news/
  13. If you want some thoughts, I would like to see some different fuel types as well, but not to the extent the OP is thinking. I would say there should be fuels made for different types of engines, say like 3 types of fuel. Regular, diesel, and jet-fuel as an idea in relation to fuels used in the current world. For a heavy vehicle they should use something more like a jet-fuel. Something that can provide more thrust. Or for smaller, 1 or 2 person transportation vehicles there should be something that is like a regular fuel that is easier to obtain. Maybe make them even react in different ways regarding transportation and mining to add a bit of fun. I would also like to see it incorporated into the mining parts of the game as well. For larger crafts that require different, more reactive fuel types there should be different ways of obtaining it, some of these methods should be more difficult than that of producing the fuels used for lesser vehicles. This could create a lifelike economy in the fuel industries. I know my second thoughts kinda trailed off the topic a little, but that is an idea to consider on top of the idea of different fuel types.
  14. I will also back that ideal. I am working on a website currently and having that sort of tool available to developers within organizations would be very handy. It would be really nice if NQ could make it so there is different things within the game that can be affected by an external database that Org administrators can modify. For example, a automatic security clearance to certain parts of a base depending on your level of access set by the Ligates of your Organization. Some stuff like that would be really handy.
  15. It looks like there is already a DU scraper also made by Yama himself. https://github.com/yamamushi/DualScraper
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