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  1. If they believe there is a reason for not using it, then yes, they should post. Glad people are finding a use for it, but by that logic....The whole of human civilization (and some small fraction even now) thought the Earth was flat, numbers didn't make them correct then either. Cheers o/
  2. For clarification, I love DU and the direction NQ is going with the game. Its the endless cancer walls of text posts "discusing" things that NQ has already on numerous occasions made very clear, that cause me to avoid the forums....
  3. Then find a game that he hasn't been banned from and play together and be happy there with him. As most have already said, what happened with him is between NQ and him, not quasi semirelated people, the forum, or the community as a whole.
  4. *holds her tight* I love you Alioth-chan, but I need to mine you for minerals. I'm sorry
  5. I actually prefered the original lvl1 concept art/video. It has more of a Ghost in the Shell kind of feel. The one on the right side from the new tweet feel way too much like CHAPPiE to me.
  6. Kudos to Alethion and everyone who is working on the posters and other BOO media works!!! Very nice... Very nice...
  7. Dont think that my piracy will count as griefing, but its the closest ;P wwww
  8. Sounds good to me, I add my +1 to this suggestion. Gotta say that it was DU that brought me into the Discord fold and I havent't looked back to other alternatives since.
  9. Thank you for such a quick answer and for clearing that up for me Twerkmotor!
  10. Silly question probably, but what is a DACs? Lifetime subscription reward is looking very tempting
  11. Looking forward to being able to put something towards helping to make this game happen!
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