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  1. is it good or bad? xD sorry i don´t get your intention of your words, my english is not the best one. even so i prefer elegant or really exaggerated ones (like something from the 80's) Thank you
  2. Thanks a lot for your nice comments <3 i´m really happy that you like my fanart :3 This is my logo. almost an "k" in handwritten (because of my last name "krawczyk") in a circle cause i love the perfection of an circle
  3. Lyria


    Welcome and have a good time here :3
  4. Welcome on board my dear wish you a lot of fun!
  5. yeah i think so, too! I´m working still on some short comics Thank you <3
  6. So, it is done! The first DU-Fanart made by me Hope you like it!
  7. WIP - Lights


    Working on the lights :D 


  8. Welcome and have fun with DU!
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