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  1. The Planet Cracking Force is looking for orgs and players that want to collaborate alongside other mining companies and industries to create a Dead Space style community that generally uses ships and buildings together. The reason for this is to reduce building costs and transport needs for the aligned community. Ships and buildings will be designed by a group of players who can build as close to deadspace as the game allows. Please leave feedback to help grow this endeavour.
  2. The last tier of mining is going to be illogical until our group gets enough backing and the less desirable material is more for when people get into space and want to build their own asteroid bases or super cheap exo shell that appears to be a asteroid. Currently there is no plan to fill in or cover the hole. Personally it would be rude to give new miners a sense of false hope when finding land that looks unscathed and dig a few meters down and realise the ground is hollowed out.
  3. The goal is to mine everything down to the bedrock or invulnerable layer. Obviously 5 people wouldn't be able to mine out a territory like that in a reasonable time frame so our operations will be precise and small at first. However if we can attain the workforce that is envisioned we will be able to deplete a territory dry in a couple days to 2 weeks tops. And of course our idea is to build facilities and constructs that are styled like deadspace.
  4. The build styles are going to be as close to dead space as possible although some architecture is not possible due to the game not having some of the necessary mechanics. Check the building corner forums and look for dead space builds.
  5. I think the style I'm going for is a mix of the first game and the third game. I feel confident in making a line of Dead Space themed frigates and fighters. Im considering building a few outposts as well when we get the planet expansion.
  6. The focus of this post is to see how many or if anyone is interested in building ships in a theme of dead spaces universe. Ship sizes from small land vehicles to a possible sprawl city sitting in the void. If anyone is interested in seeing these types of vehicles and is willing to help design and fund this project please comment below and let the ideas flow.
  7. It would be nice to have a optional out of game editor so you could design the framework and see what designs suite your concept and taste without having to be connected and wasting materials when creating massive builds. It's use would be similar to actual architects and them uploading finished designs to a manufacturer that can estimate cost of resources and build time. Plus the editor allows you to zoom in and out and peel or look through layers of the build without having to cut and repaste the project. Also having the editor support VR for vive or oculus would be a plus.
  8. Making alliances and preparing a road map to progress

  9. Jump starting a major mining force

  10. The P.C.F. is looking to head major Mining operations and keep pace with the high demands of the markets to come. Our goal is to mine everything from dirt to rare minerals hence planet cracking. Why mine dirt? Because dirt is as essential as rare minerals. Cities need it to fill holes or military facilities can use it to make quick cover and terrain obstructions that costs next to nothing by the truck load. Our basic mining procedure is accomplished in three tiers of planet crackers The first tier is the surveying crews who scout out rich deposits mark them then move on to new deposits. The second tier is deposit miners or vein drainers. These miners will mine out only the designated veins and deposits that are marked by tier 1. When the deposits are gone they move to the next. Third but not less important is the clean up team. These miners are what clean out a territory of all dirt, and secrets that the tier 1 team missed. T3 is where most of the commotion and teamwork is found plus the experience from massive mining. All employees will get incentives and good standard pay for their work. Housing and transportation will be provided if requested. You don't have to only mine. The P.C.F. has many non mining slots that need to be filled from transportation to security to actual management to engineering for facilities and vehicles of all sizes. Don't be shy, say hi and see if the Planet Cracking Force is the job or home for you.
  11. I'm not sure how far the RDMS feature is going to go but on guns and ammo it sounds like a biometric lock which is logical in a space era. The ammo lock is due to it not recognizing your guns IFF or ID. Long story short bring enough ammo and allies on your side to a fight. And don't expect to gain necessities on the fly until later when you can macro wipe the tags. All I'm saying is our governments today are interested in making weapons and ammo along with assests locked to their side or specific individuals so the enemy doesn't use their tech against them, at least not right away (obviously if they can wipe the original bio and update it to a new one then they would be able to use it.). RDMS can be viewed as this system realized. Although locking raw materials and ingots outside a container is a bit overkill.
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