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  1. Such constructs become a problem when standing one hex apart. Everyone builds a tower for themselves under Agg. I am not against this, but still you should limit the height of the structure, for example, 1-1.5 km from the soil surface. Then there will be a completely clear free corridor. Yesterday I flew past the towers at an altitude of 3000 m +. I understand why people raise towers 5-6 km. They don't want to put atmospheric engines on Alioth. At the same time, I would like to express my deep respect to those builders who designate their towers with light elements (voxels). It is difficult to crash into such even blindly.
  2. Where is that written? Why do you think so?
  3. Again you are guessing based on your own observations. The fact that we see the sun rises and sets does not make us experts on the mechanics of the universe. These are just observations. Which you are trying to pass off as a fact. I admit that you are a specialist in game design, databases and a good programmer. But this does not give you EXACT knowledge of how everything works here. But many statements (not necessarily by you) are constructed this way. First, a hypothesis is put forward, and then reasoning is built on the basis of a hypothesis, not facts. Here I have no complaints against you personally. I see a lot of posts built like this. When the punishment for an action becomes more real, criminals always want to just return and forget. )) I have not seen NQ's logs and have no idea on what basis they made the decision to ban certain players. But I'm not surprised that the ringleaders suffered. In real life, the instigators are always shot or punished the most severely. Even if they themselves did not rob, they killed and raped. It is with their call that everything begins. Yes, the developers did it tough. Perhaps too much. But sooner or later, this precedent must arise.
  4. ...permission based theft is 100% the fault of the person who failed to set the correct permissions... PERSON! And the structure of the game master was attacked. They are not the same thing. )) They made us look silly - There is also a clause about this in the user agreement. I'm not saying this point is fair. There is little that can be called fair in this world. But he is. The guys put the developers in a bad light. And they paid. Where is the inconsistency?
  5. Ok. I do not claim complete knowledge. Therefore, I will indicate those places that you clearly assume and distort. 1. Do you know exactly how the database is implemented? Or do you suppose? The fact that links to the markets were lost is a fact. As in the game, when you remove an engine or machine, the link is lost. 2. So days or hours? 10 or 100 players? It is about these assumptions that I speak. You base your judgments on them. Regardless of how many people beat one person, everyone will be responsible personally. Even if the developers did a bad job of the database, even if this is the approach of 10 years ago, it does not justify what was done. I don’t understand at all how arrogant or stupid it is to steal from the developer market and then admit it to them. What were they hoping for? I will explain my position. You may be interested in this (but I'm not sure about it). ))) The developers in the game act as a game master. They don't take part in the game. They make the rules. If a player applies everything that is allowed in relation to another player, this will be ignored. (except what was described in the post about bugs). In our case, there was an attempt to attack the game master. This was suppressed. Everyone should know their boundaries. And the guys suffered exactly for that. About the user agreement. Yes, I agree that the wording is very vague. But this is a common game practice. Unfortunately, nothing belongs to us here ...)))
  6. I rely on facts and documents from the developers. You rely on speculation and your own desires. In principle, everything is clear. Too many assumptions.
  7. 17 pages of demagoguery. Let's all the same turn to the primary sources. At least those that we all see and accept. 1. The first post in this thread. Quote: 2. EULA referenced by an NQ employee. https://www.dualuniverse.game/legal/eula#article-5 Quote: Many people assume that NQ has banned players for gaining access. Although it is clearly and clearly visible for what reason it happened. NQ's actions do not contradict themselves or any other promises. If the guys who got access to the market wrote with colored voxels on the wall "John was here" then nothing would have happened or the consequences would have been minimal. I think that NQ would have left this inscription as a meme and a landmark. However, players instead began to remove not only voxels but also market modules. Where the players had in-game property and warrants. Did these players have negative experiences as a result of this action? Yes. Were they inconvenienced? Yes. Accordingly, a clear violation of clause 5.2. user agreement. Dispute then about what? Many facts are distorted and instead of arguments people are already beginning to get personal, trying to justify their position. Let me remind you that NQ clearly said that everything is allowed that does not prevent other players from playing. And this does not mean PVP and other game moments. All of them. When you attack a player in PVP or attack his base, your aggression is sanctioned by the game. Your opponent is a specific target. And you make decisions about the attack. There was clearly an action (albeit out of ignorance) that prevented a large number of impersonal players and made it impossible to use their items. A similar question has already been raised regarding the construction of unreasonably high walls to interfere with other players. And the answer was the same. If everyone deliberately creates obstacles, there will be sanctions. Proof here. NQ-Naerais created a topic in Rules & Announcements Why then it seems to some that NQ are inconsistent in their actions. For those who spray foam from the mouth and are unable to understand the first time, I will summarize. GUYS NOT FUNNED FOR RDMS! Not for market access! They were banned for what they did next and did it INTENTIONALLY! Because 50+ times to select voxels and elements and put them in your pocket is not a random action!
  8. Sometimes it seems to me that half of the people in this discussion live in some kind of unreal world where there are unicorns and they fart like a rainbow. 1. NQ is the owner of this game. And it is this company that sets the rules of the game. And can change them by the way. I'm not making excuses for them, it's just a fact. 2. The guys were not banned because they pressed the B button. They were banned for what was done later. Namely, the ruin of the market. But that's half the trouble. They were smart enough to brag about it! That's for giving themselves up and getting banned! Even in real life, people are judged for 2 things. a) They got caught. b) They confessed. And then there's the aggravating factor. They trumpeted it on Reddit. Naturally, the developers had to react to this. And they reacted harshly. If there was no reaction, then everyone decided that they can do this and continue without any consequences. Perhaps, if there was no publicity in Reddit, the guys would have gotten off easier. This will be a lesson for everyone.
  9. Yeah. Interesting topic. Many of the defenders of the guys who hacked the market are missing out on a few things. 1. The owner of DU is NQ. And as the owner, they have the right to establish rules and change them in the event of non-standard situations. No "fair" "unfair", etc. THEY ARE OWNERS! 2. Inviting us to play (for our own money) this game, they also count on our discretion in some issues. Those. if a player earned money to play this game, then he is certainly an adequate person in real life. If people do not behave adequately, then they need to be ready to get hit in the face with a banhammer. Why? See point 1. 3. Some things look childish. the guys had fun analyzing the market. But when the realization came that they had done they really wanted to avoid punishment. And all the subsequent excuses look exactly like this. In the matter of drawing attention to this problem, I am entirely on the side of the guys. BUT. They didn't pay for the bug they found. And for what they did THEN! If they built some kind of voxel figure, meme, etc. that would draw the attention of developers to the problem, then I think that there would be no punishment. It resembles a crowd of looters in a store, who are being fired at with weapons. They also have an argument that the doors were open. But it's' too late. The crime was committed. And no one pushed or forced to disassemble the market and destroy people's orders (though not intentionally). I still hope that the result of these actions will be that NQ will pay attention to this problem, and not only patch the holes in the markets.
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