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    i2eilly reacted to Carnegie in Loss of unclaimed ships at markets will alienate old timers forever   
    One thing to remember is that all people are not equal in the  creativity and perseverance to make massive beautiful ships.  To draw more future players, the artistry that these folks have created is golden.  I showed my 14-year old son what can be done in Dual Universe and he got interested in joining the game. He doesn't get the draw of industry yet or PvP, but he can see what is possible.
    However, once people who have drifted away from the game with the possibility of returning someday see that their hard work of months was claimed by some one who happened to wander by... well the DU ecosystem will have lost a shining beacon of creativity forever.
    Please, please @NQ devs ... send some emails or at least somehow get in touch with the owners of these ships. Extend the initial deadline to more than 7 days. Everything in this world runs on a 30-day notice, so imagine the shock of losing so much work just because real life got a bit crazy for a little while. Next round of notices can be 7 days, but not the first!

    Not nice NQ.
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    i2eilly reacted to Atmosph3rik in New obstruction is too extreme   
    @NQ-Deckard Posting here because the devblog discussion thread is a little busy discussing core slots?.  I know you are rethinking the detection system already.  But i wanted to add a bit more feedback on how the current detection is working.  
    I have a very small speeder type ship.  And after the stacking detection was enabled, several elements on it were flagged, despite being placed without any exploit.
    On the front here, on each side i have three S Atmospheric Brakes, placed directly on top of each other, and then an adjuster placed directly on top of the brakes.  All placed simply, no trickery at all.  But the brakes and the adjusters were all flagged as stacked.

    After rebuilding the front of the ship.  I moved the center brakes, to account for future air brake obstruction too, and repositioned the adjusters.  And nothing was flagged at this point.
    I checked, and double checked. 

    Then i made a blueprint, and created two more of the same Speeder.  
    I also checked the new constructs, and they had no elements flagged.  So i compacted one of the new speeders, and flew to Lacobus.  Where i uncompacted it, and entered the command seat to fly it, and that's when i got the red message on my screen telling me that elements were stacked.
    So the two speeders on Alioth are both still fine, the original, and the one made from a blueprint, i checked when i got back to Alioth.  But the third speeder, when uncompacted on Lacobus, has elements flagged as stacked.
    And just to make things a little weirder, once i got back to Alioth and uncompacted the speeder, no red message on the screen, and no flagged elements in build mode.
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    i2eilly reacted to Hachiro in DEVBLOG: REVISITING CONSTRUCT SLOT CHANGES - Discussion Thread   
    Thank you very much.
    With this change, the Patch will be a small, but real improvement instead of a downgrade for our org.
    But a few things we really need when the patch comes:
    folders for the construct list on the map (so you can finally organize the constructs, will be increasing map-performance, if the construct list of a folder is only loaded when the folder is opened) a counter for your own personal constructs (so you can see how close you are to the limit) a counter for the org constructs (can be only seen by legates/superlegates) constructs are not abandoned when the limit is not high enough. You just can't place new ones (otherwise many constructs will be abandoned long before the players will have leveled the skills for that)
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    i2eilly reacted to fridaywitch in DEVBLOG: REVISITING CONSTRUCT SLOT CHANGES - Discussion Thread   
    Thank you.  This I can deal with.  I appreciate you all being relatively quick at responding to the feedback.  I can breathe a lot easier now without having to panic and worry about losing my ship collection or mining fields.
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    i2eilly reacted to Fallen Angel in DEVBLOG: CONSTRUCTION SLOTS AND STACKED ELEMENTS - discussion thread   
    Tragic to make things more difficult to the remaining community non economic based projects like railways, race tracks or koff koff... Utopis... and Huge.
    The MU thing pushed to make more constructs that we did not want to have that became unviable to maintain anyway. The explosion in additional cores on the server is not our fault. Well someone did that spam at ION but yanno... how would the new rules prevent that?
    How about We collectively donate 1000 cores to a malicious org for a blockade of some space harbour. Pull the core, Rinse and repeat a few times. 
    Is this disallowed gameplay? Seems creative player content. Seems greify. I like it. I hate it. If anything though it is make work. Why make work?
    Striving to limit a game dependent on imagination to showcase itself is a glass ceiling like no mans sky can contain.
    Why not exempt MU's? Sure, add a MU operating skill. 
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    i2eilly reacted to fridaywitch in DEVBLOG: CONSTRUCTION SLOTS AND STACKED ELEMENTS - discussion thread   
    The current slot limitation is fine.  It's the one that's been proposed that's a REALLY BAD IDEA as it's been explained
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    i2eilly reacted to NQ-Nyzaltar in DEVBLOG: CONSTRUCTION SLOTS AND STACKED ELEMENTS - discussion thread   
    Hi everyone.

    Thanks a lot for all your feedback on the topic.
    We understand the slot limitation described in the devblog is quite frustrating and we're transmitting all your feedback to the Game Design team.
    We'll try to come back ASAP with a reply from the team. Please be patient.
    Edit: "current slot limitation" changed by "slot limitation described in the devblog".
    Best Regards,
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    i2eilly reacted to fridaywitch in DEVBLOG: CONSTRUCTION SLOTS AND STACKED ELEMENTS - discussion thread   
    Let's assume that I have spent an insane amount of my precious talent points to max out ALL of my cores.  15 personal and 25 org for a total of 40.
    Now you want me to pay taxes on my tiles, and you expect most players to run mining units to pay those taxes.  That eats into a lot of my cores.  Then add in a few for a factory, a few for a handful of ships...  Honestly, this isn't enough AT ALL.  I'm apparently not allowed to have a ship collection anymore, despite my love for people's ship designs.  I also intend on selling ships in the near future.  I guess I'm not allowed to spare any cores for a showroom, am I?
    I run a huge mining setup with multiple players and I needed to literally run my org cores to the max (200+) just to be able to handle it all.  Now all of those players and myself are going to have to invest a ton of talent points just to run shy and now I'm going to lose a percentage of my mining setup.
    This doesn't even account for the ships needed to move this ore around and factories to process it.
    These numbers ARE IN SERIOUS NEED OF RE-EVALUATION.  If I start losing stuff because of this, I am likely to simply stop playing.  I have worked too hard on building and making things to start losing large chunks of it from a rules change.
    This is such a badly thought out issue that affects me so hard that I actually took the time to actually sign in on the forum to voice my opinion on the topic.
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    i2eilly reacted to Hagbard in DEVBLOG: CONSTRUCTION SLOTS AND STACKED ELEMENTS - discussion thread   
    very short answer: not enough. sorry
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    i2eilly reacted to ZarTaen in DEVBLOG: CONSTRUCTION SLOTS AND STACKED ELEMENTS - discussion thread   
    Its a step. I dont know where yet, but a step. From what I gather, this will greatly push advantage to players with alts again though by making it all that bit more necessary if you want to have many cores. Im not particularly against it, but I would have loved a system based on active player effort instead.
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    i2eilly got a reaction from Koriandah in PvP Ship Design Issue   
    Heat from engines being linked to radar range would be a nice addition to the game.  We would also need an extended radar range over 2su for that to be become a fun hunting mechanic.  So I mean the hotter you are, the further you are seen, would make for some interesting gameplay!
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    i2eilly got a reaction from VandelayIndustries in PvP Ship Design Issue   
    Heat from engines being linked to radar range would be a nice addition to the game.  We would also need an extended radar range over 2su for that to be become a fun hunting mechanic.  So I mean the hotter you are, the further you are seen, would make for some interesting gameplay!
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    i2eilly got a reaction from Knight-Sevy in PvP Ship Design Issue   
    Heat from engines being linked to radar range would be a nice addition to the game.  We would also need an extended radar range over 2su for that to be become a fun hunting mechanic.  So I mean the hotter you are, the further you are seen, would make for some interesting gameplay!
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    i2eilly reacted to xxAmonxx in Element and honeycomb recycling when   
    Hi NQ,
    You want to clean up the universe and incentivise pvp?
    Introduce the element recyclers! Scraps elements and honeycombs to the refined mineral (at loss ofcourse). 
    This along with salvaging will clean the place up, and make pvp more worthwhile. 
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    i2eilly reacted to Kurock in DEVBLOG: TRA$H TO TREASURE - discussion thread   
    Love these changes.  These wrecks are how their low-browed terrestrial cousins should have been. And the salvaging is long overdue.

    My only suggestion is to extend the "salvagable" timer on aphelia owned tiles from two days to a week before full deletion.  Players will clean those up quickly.

    For every well meaning DarkHorizon there are twenty market spammers with horrendous advertising and lag inducing sales pitching constructs.  I am still against having Aphelia run markets at all (power to the players, players run markets, advertising run by players) but this is still a good step in the interim.
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    i2eilly reacted to Koriandah in What's the player count loking like in 2021?   
    Can confirm its so much more stable now. Now to mention, with Demeter, we have more ore than we know what to do with in the game which as I understand is counterintuitive to most people who left pre-demeter.

    But, DU being DU, it needs things to be fixed and adjusted. Ga
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    i2eilly got a reaction from enjeyy in What's the player count loking like in 2021?   
    Dual Universe has many active players, maybe not as many as early beta but it is alive for sure.  Not everyone uses this forum, so it is not a good way to see the population.  Come and jump back in and I am sure you will find a group to fit your playstyle.
    There are many big projects that have been or are near completion.  The Utopia station is a huge 300-400 core station in the safezone.  Definitely one to go check out.
    There are many racetracks now set up with cups and weekly race nights.  Ask in General and I am sure one of the racers will show you around if you are interested.
    PvP is also becoming more popular with the threat of pirates being higher than ever, fly safe out there if your showboating your goodies!
    The list goes on...there are for sure still things that need to be fixed.  But the game runs better these days than it ever has.
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    i2eilly reacted to FalloutWB in What's the player count loking like in 2021?   
    Thought about coming back, but still waiting for NQ to make a significant update, and lost all hope after they actually went through with Demeter.  Do a lot of people still play this game?  Or did the playerbase drop after Demeter?
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    i2eilly reacted to NQ-Wanderer in PANACEA UPDATE ADDED TO ROADMAP   
    The Dual Universe roadmap has been expanded with the Panacea update, which is currently in production and brings with it a plethora of new features, tools, and improvements that will be particularly interesting for builders, scavengers, and Lua aficionados.
    A follow-up to the changes introduced in the Selene and Demeter updates, the Vertex Precision Tool will provide a powerful, intuitive way to fine-tune your builds. Particularly for those who are new to voxelmancy, this tool will be invaluable. Watch this video to get a taste of what it can do.
    The introduction of shipwrecks in space will open a variety of lucrative opportunities for players who seek them out. Sell them as-is, salvage them for parts, create missions for other players to bring you the ship or its parts, or simply fetch a handsome price by selling the location information.
    Other new features and improvements include: 
    Camera Lua API: get access to information about the in-game camera Talents UI improvements: a more efficient way to view Talents RDMS UI polish: a cleaner interface for the management of RDMS  
    To reduce clutter and keep Alioth beautiful, we are implementing inactive constructs requisitioning, an automated system for the abandonment of constructs owned by unsubscribed players and organizations to aid in keeping overcrowded public market areas clear.
    Organization construct ownership (construct slots): a new way of assigning available construct limits to organizations. Disabling element stacking or overlapping: the final step in preventing the element stacking exploit.  
    Choosing the name for this update, Panacea, the goddess of remedy, is a reference to our renewed dedication to taking player feedback into greater consideration.
    In reflecting on the aftermath of the Demeter release, we recognized that we fell short in this area. We read your feedback but did not make the adjustments we could and should have. We pledge to be better about working hand-in-hand with the community by implementing a plan to increase two-way communication and making some important tweaks and balancing to the game that will address some of the pain points as much as we’re able.
    As a first step, beginning January 12th, we will postpone the next territory upkeep pay period for two weeks. This will allow the Design team time to revisit the tax rate, which many community members said was too steep. The purpose and functions of the upkeep system go beyond limiting “landgrabbing” and are more complex than they may appear on the surface. Many factors and interdependencies need to be taken into consideration.
    A series of devblogs will be published soon to reveal more information about the Panacea update. Additionally, we will be sharing a new roadmap soon. We hope that you’ll like what you see, and we encourage you to share your constructive feedback about our ideas as you read each article. 
    Let’s chat! 
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    i2eilly reacted to Sabretooth in New Player Trade Station Open to the Public   
    I cannot agree with you here.
    Like ALL STATIONS are build so the gravity pulls you. I have mine set up so you have the best view. I dont use planet gravity for this and never thought that way.
    My space station is kind of cube. But since you can flip space cores, you can land of the sides too! So my base has 5 sides that are flipped and can be landed or walked on. (Thades best views video on YouTube, in the last 20 seconds or so the entire base is in sight so you can get an idea of what I mean)  
    Maybe you base is flat but mine is not. 
    You can VR to Meranda Xirsea Store and check the base out yourself and experience how transition between flipped cores are done. Walking down the stairs to another flipped core requires looking down or youll be pushed into space.
    Also not adding a small downward thruster to solve your irritation, but choose to be stubborn and complain  (which has taken up more time and energy already than just adding a almost none visible thruster) to me is a strange decision.
    If you could add 4x4 for almost no costs or room, why dont you do that?
    Try to relax and look at these pics (s & xs core) and try to spot the downward thrusters. (MEX or Meranda Xirsea on DU creators)
    And I think you will admit that something this small should not be a problem for any ship builder. Rebuilding a multicore space station is!
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    i2eilly reacted to Zychov in PVP Sucks   
    PvP in DU is a complicated topic that has to be split into smaller chunks if we want to discuss it properly. I don't want to discuss it for too long because I have the feeling that no one from NQ reads that anyway. But in case I'm wrong I'll just add my minimized Feedback for them here.
    Basic principles of combat mechanics in DU It's not an arcade type of the gameplay, instead we have a slow paced tactical approach where a cold blood and wise decisions are much more valuable then players skill and reflexes. You can like it or not but I love it. In my opinion this is something that positively distinguishes DU from other games  (just my personal preference here). Much of the combat is focused on handling your ship. Building mode and repairs during combat, venting shields, patching the hull, refilling the rocket taks and so on. This is also fantastic for me. Unfortunately after introducing shields, allowing remote controller and makeing honeycomb weaker this part of the gameplay almost dissapeared. I think that this could be brought back by better balancing stuff. Quality of the delivery It's so bad that I don't know where to start. Very poor balance, memory leaks, ship acceleration related to game session time, No RPS mechanics, the ship stopping still while the player switch view and so for, and so on... Combat Depth It is very shallow right now in terms of interesting combat mechanics. Lacks stuff like aiming at something specific, systems countering systems, electronic warfare etc. ...fortunately it is partially saved by the ship building mechanics that allows players to create a bit different strategies based on their designs. However poor balance and no RPS makes this part quite flat as well. Meaningful PvP For me Meaningful PvP means giving players a good reason to have it in game. In my opinion DU delivers it really well. This whole asteroid thing really do the job here.  I would like to see more missions in space that are well paid and not boring as package carring that gives players high reward but take place in the pvp zone. Railguns Why the hell you can putt only 3 railguns when you max your skills ?!   (I'm gonna add this to all my posts Carthage style ) To sum up. For me it's one of the best space PvP i ever played even though it's delivered in quality so bad thatyou coul write a book about it. Personally I would never change the basic principles here, just elaborate and polish until it shines.
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    i2eilly reacted to Walter in PVP Sucks   
    Did any of you try out DU PvP with friends on a not staged fight? One can repeat what one hears from others like a parrot or try it out. DU PvP can be real fun if you are introduced to it by knowing people. Here is an example of something else than an L core in DU PvP XD
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    i2eilly reacted to Megabosslord in Why I'm Leaving DU...   
    ...after >10,000 views on YouTube, and many hundreds of hrs building:
    Death Star
    Roulette Table & Poker Machine
    Spinning Radar
    Hologram Projector
    Stuff Like This
    Giant Floating Island
    ...and a store with 50+ more DRM-free BPs.
    It's NOT the constant bugs. This is a beta. They're a small studio running on fumes. It's no surprise having to fill in a dozen bug reports after every release: https://imgur.com/a/y4sPbpE
    It's NOT the constant nerfs - losing our factories, HTML/SVGs, megas/scans, terraforming, LUA randomly deprecated, ship designs ganked by new element mechanics... also to be expected in a beta (even if it is soul-destroying.)
    It's NOT having all my suggestions ignored - even the most basic QoL improvements which 50 other people also asked for since day 1, and still today: https://www.reddit.com/r/DualUniverse/comments/pu9eoc/watch_my_spirit_broken_in_real_time/

    Sorry Xerrass. NQ just don't listen.
    It's NOT the lack of vision or inspiration. JC's 'emergent gameplay' pitch was awesome bait. Now we're all being shoe-horned into a vanilla same-as-every-other-game meta, but maybe that's the price of doing business. If it means more players, also fine.
    It's NOT the community. The community were awesome - although many good people have also left.
    No, I loved this game - despite everything. Eyes wide open.
    The issue is trust.
    As a beta, the only point of investing time is if you trust the studio to respect your effort.
    NQ have crossed from flaky to deceitful: showering us with platitudes while stealth-patching and quietly reversing stated plans.
    If we can't trust them to respect our efforts, and we can't trust anything they say - any declaration now is potentially the opposite of what will happen. Every back-flip is attributed to some last-minute complaint from someone, but it's never clear who, or how many, or what the forum was to be heard, and how long discussion was open-then-closed-then-opened-again.
    And because of the ham-fisted way they've handled letting players who quit long ago just leave their garbage laying around forever, tying up resources without paying a sub, there are absolutely no consequences to just walking away - which probably the dumbest design decision in the history of a game.
    TL/DR: NQ caught lying. Again. No pre-nup.
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    A wipe for the moment brings nothing to the game in its current state.

    We don't even have PvP in play to actually use our wealth.
    Bad people who cheated are rich but have no impact whatsoever.
    Those who have already quit playing want to wipe but we don't really know why. She won't play post wipe anymore.
    New players will not be coming as the current gameplay is WORSE than when the game was launched in Beta.
    Well established players always will be.
    We'll just have to start over with what we have already done. The difference for the game is that we wouldn't waste time building pretty things the first 6 months.
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    Yeah, nice. But i dont want an advantage over other players, i want my stuff, cause i spend time to get and build it. Its not everything about competition, there are a few people who just want to enjoy nice and beautiful things. 
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