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  1. As a Ruby founder your voice and story matters a huge amount. How they have treated the founders over the past 6 years is a reflection of what will happen in the next 6 years to come. Hopefully we all still play and DU is a success!
  2. Bump, NQ needs to see this at the top of the forums everyday.
  3. I am seeing players stop playing now as they do not know if there is a wipe coming or not. The lack of communication in my opinion is insulting to the time we spent testing the Beta for them. I have made so many tickets and help fix so many issues over the past 2 years as I am sure many of you have too. We at least deserve honesty and to be apart of the discussion of resetting the server and to what extent it is reset.
  4. This has always been an issue, I have reported many times. The more elements or even the more weight you carry on a ship the lower the FPS you will get
  5. Yes that is them all on that page
  6. Not with how the current development has been, a lot of the original features that I and yourself backed for are not on the roadmap anymore. TW doesn't even get mentioned these days. I wouldn't trust that any promised or features stated in another crowdfunding campaign would actually be completed. But saying that, I run paid accounts also as I want to support NQ and would consider buying some cosmetic skins for weapons, containers engines etc if they wanted to do that one day!
  7. Would it ever be viable for us to be able to choose our own weapon statistics and then be able to create our own custom weapons. For example, my organisation Serenity wants to make a new unique railgun for hunting the pesky pirates ? We could choose from a pool how much range, damage and tracking etc it has and then once confirmed it becomes a unique element in the game we can craft. We could just get a schematic for it to build and trade with others, this adds a huge amount of variety and not too much work for NQ as we willl make your weapons for you You would just need to balance the pool based on the numbers you currently use for the weapons now. If anyone else has ideas like this I would love to hear them!
  8. The hauling does make PvP affordable though, so we could use something that makes a good amount of quanta. Maybe these alien cores could fill that part and then hauling wouldn't be so lucrative. But I also agree, I want to play DU, not sit at my screen watching an SU counter go down!
  9. It is a start for sure, we have been needing more than L cores using Precision damn lasers for such a long time. We will have to wait and see what the dev blogs contain as the moment it is all just a lot of speculation. I have been seeing some variation in PvP ships lately which is good, this update will for sure mix it all up again now! So can only lead to be better PvP for us all. As for the hauling that is the same kind of issue of precision weapons, why do/use anything else when nothing else can compete
  10. Exactly, it is already boring going afk for extended periods of time. Adding more time to that just kills one part of the game to make another more fun. I agree we need more diversity in PvP, but not sure locking core speeds will really do much. It will really only affect ships that run away. Most ships I fight want to fight, so we are normally below 10,000kmph until one starts to flee the fight. Maybe pirating haulers is different as most the fight is chasing the hauler at top speeds. Haulers are always dead regardless unless the PvP pilot makes some huge mistake, a 2-3g Hauler isn't getting away from a 15-19g PvP ship.
  11. I am really hoping these speed changes are during combat lock only as it doesn't make sense to limit top speed by core size. Crates of sand could end up taking 8hours plus to complete? That really doesn't sound fun at all
  12. Yeah they was all out scavenging or calibrating miners. The Utopia discord server is alive and well so the Utopians are active, albeit not as many as they were 10 months ago:( My station sees around 12 players at the weekends, so it gets busy (for DU), I class that as a win with the current active player base ? I saw two new players in the help channel last night and went to go give them small Squire XS ships. They was flying the ugly ass dragonfly! The really issue is the new players don't stick around at all, I see them one day and then they never seem to return. This is something NQ really needs to work on. There is a lot to learn before you can have any freedom in DU, one of the new players said he learned more from me in the 30 mins together than he did 3 days playing DU and doing the tutorials. This really shouldn't be the case
  13. Heat from engines being linked to radar range would be a nice addition to the game. We would also need an extended radar range over 2su for that to be become a fun hunting mechanic. So I mean the hotter you are, the further you are seen, would make for some interesting gameplay!
  14. I would love the ability to scrap some old voxels back into pure form! Also the ability to stack PVP damaged elements and scrap them into pures too!
  15. If this is the case, you should remove XL core and weapon referencing from the gunner modules as they show we can sort between XL - XS cores and XL -XS weapons. It doesn't make sense to have this in the game if there is no intention of adding XL cores and XL weapons.
  16. Hahah just seen the date! This post was on the first page and I was on my mobile so I didn't see it!
  17. Dual Universe has many active players, maybe not as many as early beta but it is alive for sure. Not everyone uses this forum, so it is not a good way to see the population. Come and jump back in and I am sure you will find a group to fit your playstyle. There are many big projects that have been or are near completion. The Utopia station is a huge 300-400 core station in the safezone. Definitely one to go check out. There are many racetracks now set up with cups and weekly race nights. Ask in General and I am sure one of the racers will show you around if you are interested. PvP is also becoming more popular with the threat of pirates being higher than ever, fly safe out there if your showboating your goodies! The list goes on...there are for sure still things that need to be fixed. But the game runs better these days than it ever has.
  18. Another point on this issue is that it makes lv 5 placement for rails pointless, you don't need level 5 railgun placement skills to actually get the max amount of guns (3 Railguns). This problem is also present with S and M weapon variations. Training level 5 S laser for example (placement) is pointless as you don't get any extra weapon placements after level 4.
  19. I have had this a few times, restarting my PC would fix it for about 1 hour.
  20. That as not even directed at you...I was rendering to another comment made.
  21. Talking to you is pointless. I understand a wipe is needed, I was clearly stated NQ could of at anytime made changes to prevent one. Do you even play anymore? What is your in game name?
  22. They always said no wipe unless absolutely necessary, plenty players have quoted their exact statement - it has been pinned in the Discord server since the start of Beta. I feel like every new video they are grooming us for a wipe as they casually keep saying they are talking about a wipe internally. First Q&A video for Demter it was a full wipe, now they are saying partial wipe. They are saying this to gauge our reaction and test what kind of wipe they can get away with. They are saying we need an economy reset but at any moment they could have reduced the mission quanta amounts but they just left everyone running missions. This is all just my opinion but they have let this all happen even when we told them on this forum day 1 after missions where released they would break the game.
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