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  1. a) With shields, wouldn't that lead to voxel-less ships again? (I'd say shield bleed would be necessary for this suggestion to be implemented) I don't really have an opinion on the other things. While I do agree that cross-section is a detriment to creativity, perhaps it should still be a factor except much less important than now (instead of being removed outright). Good post, keen to read the other comments.
  2. Yeah I was referring to the ability to run a PB or go into build mode
  3. Great Devblog! One Question: How will the game check if the construct on the Aphelia tile has been interacted with? Is the requirement for the owner to get into their seat and move it or is the requirement to remove it from the tile and then put it back in? The only issue I see with the first method I mentioned is that people can just VR in and build mode or simply get into the seat of the construct to "update" the abandonment timer, which in my opinion bypasses the system that will be introduced.
  4. Those are bot orders mate, nobody shops at moon markets
  5. Can confirm its so much more stable now. Now to mention, with Demeter, we have more ore than we know what to do with in the game which as I understand is counterintuitive to most people who left pre-demeter. But, DU being DU, it needs things to be fixed and adjusted. Ga
  6. Yes because Orgs can outcompete a solo player in pretty much every section apart from creative things such as ship building and voxelwork. This game is based on civilization building and players organizing together. You can of course play solo but it will be hard - which I see you already experienced. Your criticism is just "game hard when alone" and half the things you mention are new player mistakes such as going into pvp space without shields/radar or a clue what a pipe is. C ya
  7. There's always missions and the people who run them with 10+ alts who will need chonky ships. Additionally, transport of ore between planets on a basis that is around monthly or so still requires some big bois but in general, due to the current fuel prices, huge haulers aren't exactly obsolete just less important in my opinion.
  8. I think the main reason behind the unintentional stacking was that when people made their ships, they placed them AGAINST other elements (blue magnet thing showed up). However, the hitboxes weren't set up properly by NQ or they were buggy, which resulted in people unintentionally stacking their elements 0.1 or 0.05 blocks into the other block (as opposed to the default 0.5 block move with arrrow-keys). It was a big and NQ fixed it. The fact that some ships have the red of them is a side-effect of that fix. What would you rather they do? Allow stacking for all ships build before yesterday? Case-by-case basis? Allow a 'little' stacking? How much is "a little"? Yes it may be their fault but at the same time, what is your alternative solution to the problem? I think this is just one of those updates people need to suck up, just like the upcoming brake changes. So many ships will be made obsolete with the brake changes as have been made obsolete now... As a ship builder, I don't mind. As long as I can't accidentally stack elements again, its a good update.
  9. I would like to highlight an inherent issue with Asteroids right now, where a large chuck of the player base seems to think that because Asteroids spawn only once a week, if they aren't around during the spawn time there is no point to visit said Asteroids. This mainly applies to SZ roids. I suggest a dynamic Asteroid spawning cycle, instead of 42 Asteroids every week, we can have 7 Asteroids spawn throughout a day. Not only would this make players feel that there is constantly a supply of fresh space ore to be mined in the SZ, it would also secure Asteroids as a proper alternative to Mining Units. The real question is if that is feasible on a technical level... Otherwise, very exited for the new update (and the fact that NQ is replying to us in the forums)!
  10. I had some free time on a flight But hopefully they stick to their promise to communicate with us and we might even get a reply 0_0 Perhaps I'm optimistic because I really engage in the best part of the game - the building, and not the really other tedious stuff like Industry or Mining,,,
  11. I support the banning of stacked elements and in general welcome the change, I think it will be good for the game in the long run. Out of all the ships I built since joining DU during the first week of Beta, only one had some issues with element clipping which I was able to quickly fix. That's a 1/15 ratio or so, which is great imo. I think it had something to do with the fact that when placing elements against each other they can be moved in increments less than 0.5 blocks, which is the default. As my tip I'd say always place elements on voxels first, then move them into place with arrow keys. Hopefully we get a tidying-up of the element hitboxes in the future.
  12. EDIT: Added: - Blueprint Preview- Blueprint Alignment- Core Alignment
  13. In general making the planets more unique is always welcome. I'm surprized we don't even have a Gas giant in the game which is kinda sad. But yeah, different colour atmospheres are cool and should be a thing by now.
  14. Vertex Editor - mmm delicious Element Stacking Disabling - Finally UI Polish is always welcome (M Screen rework is needed though) I hope the shipwrecks will include some goodies in them other than just the elements and voxels they are made from. Ideally they can have some random schematics inside so there's a way to get those other than quanta, with the more expensive ones being rarer of course. Lastly, lets hope that this update means NQ is gonna talk to us more, on Discord and Forums instead of just devblogs.
  15. You say you got 3 alts plus your main so thats like what, 80 MUs? And if you calibrate them and do the harvesting then yeah, you're a full time miner not a builder at that point. I got 4 MUs for the 1 tile so sell the T1 ore. I calibrate once every like 4 days and then just build the rest of the time, not bothering to harvest the ore. You gotta decrease your MU count or just stop mining if you want to build full time, I dont know why anyone would put themselves through that
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