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  1. lol! Eve meets Minecraft? Have you played Empyrion? They pretty much took Empyrion, put it on a single server, and broke the shit out of it.
  2. I was of this frame of mind for a while. I've been watching, and waiting for a reason to come back. However, to Mega's point, I don't trust NQ either. I'm still watching for that miracle, but after what I've seen since I've left, I don't see them pulling this one out. There are quite a few former players that called this game "a scam" when they left. I argued with them for a bit, but yeah, NQ is showing these players may have been right. Really sad.
  3. Thought about coming back, but still waiting for NQ to make a significant update, and lost all hope after they actually went through with Demeter. Do a lot of people still play this game? Or did the playerbase drop after Demeter?
  4. With all the feedback over the last couple of weeks, I can't believe NQ actually went through with this update. Still laggy, buggy and unstable to boot!
  5. Will the HQ option, in regards to taxes, be implemented in time for the Demeter release? This is the "make or break" as to whether or not I will return.
  6. I think you nailed every part of this spot on... including the stupid comment someone made to Pann.
  7. There is a big part of me that wants this game to succeed. When Demeter was announced, however, I pretty much wrote this game off. Just watched the video, and here is my feedback: 1.) LOVE the idea of the "headquarters" on each planet idea that won't be taxed. Thank you for listening to the massive feedback. The video explained a great point that there would a lot of land grabbing. While I do agree with this, If tiles pay for themselves with the auto mining, I'm not really sure how that's going to discourage or stop the land grabbing. Think that idea needs to be a little more fine tuning... but NQ is headed in a better direction there. 2.) I'm not a big fan of paying a sub to be a beta tester. There was a point in game history that game companies actually paid their beta testers, not the other way around. Sure, I understand that NQ needs money, and with all the recent news and updates, NQ looks to be screaming that they are running out of money fast. However, I'm not sure why NQ is the only beta game I've played that is charging a sub. Can someone correct me if this is a common thing in beta games? Given that the players are creating the content in this game, and a lot of people are sitting on the sidelines waiting for the devs to create something more to do in the game, I kinda think the price increase is another smack in the face to players. I get it... NQ needs money desperately. How do other small game companies pull it off with their games without charging a sub for beta games? 3.) Mistake or covering your ass, I'm just happy the airbrake change isn't being lumped into the Demeter patch! Pretty sure you would have another exodus had that been included. 4.) I do appreciate the vlog updates giving more insight and communicating these things to the players. Glad to see NQ is interested in feedback and getting closer to getting on the same page as the players.
  8. You mean they created a single shard, unstable, less in depth version of Empyrion? Pretty surprised they haven't been sued for that!
  9. Not going to re-sub just to save items in a game that is likely to die after this patch goes live. The people that think this is great because of all the salvaging are not thinking this through. Short term fun at the cost of paying players returning. Game over.
  10. Enjoy my stuff... you and the other 8 players left should have a wonderful time with it for the time the game has left. Too few players don't pay the bills at NQ. This game was on borrowed time as it was.
  11. Here's the way I see this on a basic level. The voxel changes and automated miners probably should be an update... but with just those two changes alone, the devs will likely have their hands full with bugs they didn't expect. I know THAT has never happened in this game before, but just hear me out. The taxes and airbrake changes at the same time? Not sure why NQ wants to smush that into the same patch and drive the remaining player base out. Casual players, that already have a job won't stick around, and I feel for the ship builders that just went through having to fix all of their designs due to the stacking issues. One day their ships are awesome... the next, they fall out of the sky. I know if I was a designer selling blueprints, I wouldn't stick around. How's that going to look, to the rest of the players, when major ship designers suddenly leave? NQ seems to be missing the point all around and doesn't seem to have a finger on the pulse of the players. What's currently there is a good start, but the current players, as well as former players are waiting for you (NQ) to DESIGN! Show us something. People like to build ships to "pew pew"... whether it's pvp or pve pew pew, that kind of thing kinda ties it all together. Some players may not want to go out and shoot things, but a torn up ship gives the industrialists more stuff to make and sell. More for the miners to sell to the industrialists. Show of hands... how many players out there are looking for the next Eve online? I know I'd love to see a modern version of the best features of that game in it's hay day. Anyone else want to go exploring space with your heart pounding because there is likely someone around the corner that could jump out at any second? No? How about selling your ships to those types that do? Territory warfare... Atmo pvp... avatar combat, and more! All these possible things to be working on, and NQ is thinking "Taxes". It's like you're getting ideas from American political news channels! While the game is a sandbox, and players do generate the content, the players shouldn't be responsible for ALL of the content! You (NQ) want to get players off the sidelines and start paying subs again? CREATE! Show us something new in the game. Penalties, Nerfs, Taxes... and giving them named releases? Give the players a reason to play, and THEN start gradual tweaks closer to release... like territory taxes and actual airbrake functionality. However, yes... I agree 100% with the thread title. If this goes live, the game will start a tailspin that it won't recover from.
  12. Too many quitters means no sub money and even less for the remaining PVP crowd to shoot at. No people to shoot at, remaining PVP leaves... even less sub money. Too little sub money, no game! The cash grab no longer worth it... game over.
  13. You can't really compare this game to Eve. Eve is a fully developed game that has been around for years, and at one point, was worth the sub. It's been circling the drain for a while now and only being kept alive by the infusion of Chinese players that have already killed their own server. DU is a far cry from what Eve was. I want to agree with you, but if they are relying on subs to keep this game going, then I highly doubt they will make it to release. The ship builders are likely to leave rather than do another fix to their ships. People who left but want to come back, won't if their stuff is gone due to territory taxes... as well as poor decision making by the devs. And most people on all sides will likely lose faith in NQ development and will maintain the belief that they have absolutely no idea what they are doing. Demeter will be the nail in the coffin. The only way I see this game actually making it is if NQ can find a way to sell this game to a real game company that knows what they are doing... while they still have a product to sell.
  14. For people who have been waiting to come back to this game, I think you have pretty much wrapped it up for them with the airbrakes and taxes. These are things that should be done at a later time, not mashing in a bunch of changes all at once. This many "shocker" changes at once is what led to so many leaving the game during the schematic debacle. Mining unit idea is great, as it is on the roadmap and creates something new. Work with that. Voxel change... good, and I hope it works. In theory, should reduce lag and improve performance. Those two alone should keep your devs busy for months with the bugs likely to come about. However, the taxes and airbrakes, will definitely reduce the lag as more players leave, and no way old players, like myself, will be returning. Players are going to be busy enough having to dig out their structures as it is! Having to rework or even scrap current ships due to the airbrake thing is not a way to keep players. Implementing taxes on our territories on top of all of this? Are you serious??? Please reconsider this. Add things to do rather than penalties and nerfs. Taxes on territories should be a release time "tweak", not a named patch feature.
  15. Took you long enough. Maybe in about 2 years you'll figure out what to do with the 20km tall unnecessary towers surrounding those markets too!
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