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  1. 100% agree there should only be players that are actively playing providing feedback. These forums are negative enough without old players coming in now and again to have a poke at the development team.
  2. Yeah apart from getting some t3+ ore...do you even play the game?
  3. If the scans are to be wiped now, will they also be wiped at launch?
  4. Yeah I wouldn't mind being able to access indy machines etc in VR, it just doesn't make sense that we can't use machinery or mine in VR but can still pick up and drop off packages in VR.
  5. Players are setting up VR locations at the mission pick up and drop off locations. They will then just log their alt and VR to either pick up or drop their packages. they only ever need the pilot on the mission running ship. They should just stop mission packages being able to be collected via VR as a starting point, there is still many other changes that are need to fix missions though as alts can then just be placed on a the ship. It will be hard to fix the issue and still allow organisations to run missions in a legitimate way.
  6. I came to the PTS to test auto mining for you and can only use 1 charge then have to wait 3.5 + hours to use another? This doesn't seem a good way to test the autominers, we could have started with the max amount. I also messed up the calibration so now I can't activate any other auto miners.
  7. They asked us our opinion in the update video so I made that poll to show them our opinion....Seems they just ignored us
  8. Yeah I agree, but would be nice during BETA to able to change talents as they change our playstyles. It has happend a few times now and those PVP talents for Lv5 take 23 days each
  9. +1 For PVP talents. You have changed so much over the past few months with regards to PVP. For example the statistics of voxels and the weapons statistics . Giving us a PVP point reset would really help out as some of us wasted a lot time training talents geared towards the old PVP voxel and weapon statistics.
  10. Yes but in the DevBlog video they did say 'that it is something they could consider'. I did not randomly think of this, it is also a direct quote from NQ. That is why I created this topic to discuss it and also so NQ can see the playerbase's opinion on the matter.
  11. As stated in the video showcasing the Demeter update a talent point reset or some kind of reimbursement may be on the table for us. Some players may never mine again due to auto mining and some of the talents like scanning range really don't have a place in the game after Demeter. They stated that if enough players wanted this it may happen, then they would consider it. I for one am for a talent refund, what do you all think?
  12. Currently ships with more than 3 gunner seats with experience large amounts of misses due to server timeouts. This is why the Meta is what it is also. Big ships just don't work. I made a ship with 7 gunner seats and 1 pilot, I could never hit anything. This is also stated on the patch notes as a known issue.
  13. Hi Everyone I just wanted to check in here and wish the Developers all the very best in any challenges that they will inevitably face over the course of the game production. I would also like to introduce myself to the community. So hello everyone, I'm a 28 years old male from the UK, I have only just recently discovered Dual Universe and can not wait to see the diversity of the creations everyone brings to the game. I will be a very active player within the game and personally can not wait to play. I'm sure a lot of people have already grouped up but if any new players with out an organisation/clan/guild/potato are looking to be part of an active community just message myself for more details.
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