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  1. Welcome and good luck. @NQ-Nyota Can I please suggest a better way of providing feedback for game inclusions/changes with a simple voting system? Example, suggestion, brief description and support button to signify how many in the community would appreciate this. It would assist in prioritising long term community goals. I know the talk is wipe atm which I just want it to be over with one way or another.
  2. Hi NQ, You want to clean up the universe and incentivise pvp? Introduce the element recyclers! Scraps elements and honeycombs to the refined mineral (at loss ofcourse). This along with salvaging will clean the place up, and make pvp more worthwhile.
  3. Anyone thought of the concept of a heat scale based on installed elements? For example few elements, and small = hard to track. Large elements like xl engines, guns etc create extra heat and increase overall heat signature of construct. Use in conjunction with cross section to encourage smart design.
  4. Hi NQ, The 1 million per week and ore amounts seemed like numbers plucked from thin air. Its better you review now than later. Can you please look at 3 things and provide info on if these concepts are doable: 1. Scalable tax based on what's on the tile. Empty/non productive constructs = minimal, miners = more, industry = even more. 2. Ore values derived from mining units. There seems to be too much ore. Any solution I think of to reduce yields creates a problem where you need to claim more tiles and put down more miners, something noone wants. There needs to be an ore sink to compensate alternatively and leave values? 3. The minigame, and animations noone likes it, its not fun, we all have many units and now hit start and escape. Please review.
  5. 1. Get some friends and build some ships, 1 for hauling and rest for pvp 2. Scan roids and discover. 3. Peeps will come, you and your friends will make more post pvp and have a hell of a time The game is what you make it, you have identified the problem you are having, now execute the solution.
  6. This type of system would address this. In addition an option to deduct from daily login ( understanding this is a temp feature although).
  7. 1 free tile per planet sounds good. Tax the rest.
  8. Try posting any feedback on the YouTube video, tell us all what happens... They wiping anything but praise. WTF I hope the feedback here is listened to. I and my 15 accounts stayed prior. This however may do me.
  9. You'd have resource hoarding larger groups. The little guys get screwed at launch.
  10. I like this, the more units on a planet, the higher the rates. But only for income producing tiles. You could probably break this down to zones like proximity to markets etc.
  11. Honest feedback. Trust me this will work. 1. Reduce taxes/maintenance costs. First territory minimal, scales thereafter as current system (individuals and org). Alternatively have this 100% linked to income producing assets such as mining units. This would prevent community driven constructs and tiles from shutting shop. Yes you can circumvent with an alt army or by all org members pitching together but in all honesty you can with most things. This can create some really emergent game play like territory theft and encourage team work at risk if trying to dodge taxes. 2 . Do NOT carry scans over to production. Doing so you will tip the scales against the little guy. Don't DU it. 3. Simply make brakes smaller if no stacking available. 4. Make tile resources infinite, or atleast renewable via some mechanic. Noone wants to be moving every x months. I see a pool value is still in, this may be a place holder UI. Can NQ please confirm? 5. While the mini game and subsequent surface spawning is a token effort, make it a large chunk of specific material related to what's being extracted instead. This can be a significant portion linked to a timer and or event, which could encourage emergent gameplay in future builds. Noone enjoys surface mining, there is a portion of population who enjoys mining chunks however. This would also satisfy industry blockages, which will likely occur. I think that's it.
  12. Glass towers next to enemy territories and trade hubs already in place:)
  13. Element destruction = More mining grind. Ive lost most of the players playing this already... I myself am so burnt out from mining ive taken a break (15 accounts, 6 subs). Just add a source of mining automation and renewable tiling, this would introduce a good sink and encourage tile and territory warfare. As it stands there is no need to ever fight for a tile as itll be mined in hours. Rest of the changes are gold.
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