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  1. Hello everyone! Our new volunteer moderators are now active and will be helping us keep things running smoothly here on the forums. If you see posts from them or receive a private message about a post or other comments, please be as courteous to them as you would to a Novaquark employee (maybe a little more so since they are volunteers. ). The new volunteers are: Mod-Mercutio Mod-Meldrik Mod-Merwyn Thanks to them for stepping up and agreeing to take on this responsibility.
  2. As of today, we have fully reviewed all applications and made our decisions. Those who have been selected were given a series of test questions and we're happy to report answered them to our satisfaction. We'll announce the new moderators - in their moderator guise as their identities will remain anonymous- before the weekend.
  3. Thanks to everyone who submitted their application. We're currently reviewing them and will be sending out follow up questions and a small moderation test to initial candidates very soon. Not everyone who submitted an application will be receiving the follow-up questions. Please don't be offended if you aren't chosen for further consideration. We received a large number of very well written applications. More than we can currently accommodate as moderators. Should any of those individuals selected for follow-ups have a change of heart or otherwise not work out, we'll be going back to the original set of applicants to find new candidates. Thanks!
  4. Just wanted to pop in and remind everyone that you only have a couple more days, until Friday, December 15, 2017, at 11:59 PM US Pacific (California) time, to submit your application. We've got lots of great applicants already, but we want to make sure everyone who thinks they'd do a great job has a chance to apply. Tick-Tock!
  5. As any community grows, the need for more eyes looking out for those who aren’t participating in the spirit of the community or following our community rules grows, too. Earlier this year we began a program that called upon community members to help with this task. Unfortunately, at the time our forum wasn’t quite able to accommodate the things we had in mind and we had to suspend the program. Some upgrades and a little rethinking later and we’re now able to unveil our new Community Volunteer Moderator Program (CVMP). We are looking for three to five community members to help us with keeping an eye on the forums to make sure we continue to have one of the most helpful and inviting communities possible. This isn’t an opportunity for those who feel this is a chance to finally be recognized for your contributions because all volunteer moderators will be issued and new forum name to use only when performing their moderation duties. You also won’t be able to tell anyone you’ve been chosen. All community volunteer moderators must remain anonymous. This opportunity is for those who wish to help the Community Team maintain our high standards for an inviting, helpful, and respectful community. If you think this is something you’re interested in and you can be fair and impartial in your actions in the role of a community moderator, then you should apply. Before you do, you should know we have the following expectations and criteria: Requirements and Expectations Must have a clean community record. No warnings, infractions, etc. For at least the previous six months. No suspensions or bans. Posting history shows a helpful, constructive and respectful posting pattern. Apply the community rules in a fair and impartial manner to all members. You understand and accept that this role Is purely voluntary and carries no compensation or other consideration – financial or otherwise. Willing to be and remain anonymous. Ability to serve in this role for at least 6 months. Read and write fluent English. French, German, or Russian written fluency a very big plus. You should also be comfortable with all the things a volunteer moderator will be asked to do. A Volunteer Community Moderator will have access to tools and forum functions that will allow them to take a variety of actions. Community Volunteer Moderators Can Move threads to the correct areas. Hide threads and posts they feel are inappropriate until they can be reviewed by the Community Team. Merge multiple threads on the same topic into a single thread. Approve posts by new members (required for first-time posts). Bring urgent matters to the direct attention of the Community Team. Community Volunteer Moderators Cannot Delete any thread or post. Edit the text of any post. Suspend any account for any reason. Still with us? Ready to tell us how great you’d be at this? Excellent! We’ll need you to send us a little information so we can get to know you. Forum name Real name Country you currently live in (if in the US, please list your State) Specific days and hours you are available (please include time zone) Languages you speak/write fluently A few words explaining why you feel we should consider you for a volunteer moderator position. Please keep this to less than 200 words. Once we’ve collected your applications the Community Team, and other members of the Novaquark staff, will review your information and reach out to those we feel would be a good fit. Those individuals will then need to pass one more round of questions before being selected. If you don’t hear from us, please don’t take offense. We expect to hear from many outstanding candidates. With only a small number of slots to fill not everyone will be chosen. We'll be taking applications starting today, Thursday, December 7 until Friday, December 15, 2017, at 11:59 PM US Pacific (California) time. Please submit your application to the following email address: community at novaquark dot com. FAQS What do you look for in a moderator? We’re looking for people who have shown they are helpful, well spoken, and welcoming. We expect moderators will be discrete, honest, and always have the best interests of the community along with a healthy dose of fairness and common sense guiding their decisions. How does my backer status affect my chances of becoming a mod? Simply put; it doesn’t. Your backer status, or lack thereof for that matter, does not factor into our decision. We are looking only at post histories, past behavior, and your application and follow up questions. How long will a Community Volunteer Moderator have their position? CVMs do not have a fixed term of service; however, we will do regular checkups with them every three to six months. This is to ensure they are still able and willing to continue with the tasks assigned. Of course, we reserve the right to remove any CVM we feel is not acting in a manner consistent with our policies and the community and moderator guidelines at any time and at our sole discretion. What happens if a volunteer mod abuses their position? We have a set of rules and guidelines for our volunteers to follow. They are publicly posted and if we find a volunteer is not abiding by those rules (both the letter and the spirit behind them) then the community team may choose to remove them from their position. Serious abuse or misuse of their role may result in additional actions if deemed warranted. Can regular community members see the moderator’s rules? Yes. The rules for moderators are publicly posted here:
  6. NQ Nunc

    I would like to submit my video of me building my Home / base.

    the video you showed only showed building ships, I want to let others see the building other things like houses / buildings in the game.

    I can also provide Still pics from the video. sample  picture Attached.

  7. Have to agree. Locked. Please don't start another thread like this. They're not helpful. Reputation, as some have noted, is meant to let people know that others in the community have posted in a way they found helpful. Reputation farming (which is what you're advocating) destroys the value of that system and makes it impossible for others to know who is genuinely helpful and who got a bunch of votes from rep farming. Ultimately it harms the entire community.
  8. Hi everyone! Due to a processing error, some people were allowed to reserve more than one ticket to this event. We have had to cancell those orders to be fair to everyone. So we now have some space available again at our meet up tomorrow night. PLEASE, and this is very important, do not show up at the location without a ticket. We have a very strict cap on the number of people who can attend and while we wouldn't want to turn people away we will be forced to do so if people show up without a reservation and ticket. We hope you understand.
  9. Once we get them set up we'll introduce them under their moderation names. Let me be very clear. By anonymous we mean their existing community names and identities will not be shared, not that the accounts will be hidden accounts you don't know about. They'll have easily identifiable names they'll use when moderating. You aren't going to suddenly have an action taken against you from an stealth account that you never saw. A moderator is still a part of the community, absolutely. That's why, in part, we decided they should be anonymous. Because if they aren't then they are constantly being seen as a mod and not as a person who is, first and foremost, a player trying to have fun just like you are. As soon as you know someone is a moderator your opinion and behavior towards them changes. Whether you do it consciously or not. We didn't want them to give up their enjoyment of being part of the community just because they wanted to help make the forums a better place for everyone. We also feel, since tensions can run high, that we need to protect these people from retaliation and any kind of bullying or personal attacks because they made a moderation decision someone disagreed with. Doxxing, Swatting, and cyber bullying are real issues that many in the games industry deal with. We accept that, to a degree, as part of the job and have ways to deal with it within the company. Moderators are volunteers who are giving up their own free time, without compensation, to help make the forums a welcoming place. They should never be placed in a position where they have to worry about any of that. Some things to be clear about: Moderators only have the abilities listed in the Moderation Guidelines. Moderators have NO ability to ban or suspend forum accounts. All moderator actions are logged. In the event of a dispute or questionable action, the Novaquark community team makes the final decision. Hopefully that helps everyone understand why we chose to make the moderators anonymous.
  10. As the Dual Universe community has continued to grow, we’ve been very happy to see how cooperative and respectful everyone has been. We appreciate the welcoming nature of most members and the willingness to help and share information with each other. This is vital to a thriving, successful, community. We realize that as we continue to grow we’ll need an increasing number of eyes looking out for those who aren’t participating in the spirit of community or following our community rules. Several of you have reached out to us with offers to help us moderate the forums and we’re extremely thankful for your generous offer to help keep this community as welcoming and helpful as it is today. Obviously, we cannot say yes to everyone who has offered, but as of today we have sent invitations to some of you. If you sent in an offer to help us moderate, but did not receive a private message from us (specifically me) it doesn’t mean your offer wasn’t appreciated or that we aren’t interested in having you help us out. It means those we sent invitations to today meet needs we have at this moment, or expect to have in the near term. If you sent an offer, we still have it and we may call upon you to fill moderator roles in the future. STOP! Don’t press that message button. We aren’t currently looking for more moderators. We also have a lengthy existing list of those who have already volunteered. When the time comes to find additional moderators, we’ll let everyone know with a forum post. There are two things you should know about the new moderators. They are anonymous. They will not be using their existing forum names to moderate. They cannot tell you who they are and you shouldn’t ask. They will have unique names that will help you identify them as moderators. We expect moderators to follow our moderator guidelines. We think it’s only fair that everyone knows what we expect from them.
  11. Dual Universe Volunteer Forum Moderator Guidelines The following are the guidelines for the Dual Universe volunteer moderators. They are written with the moderation team in mind, but have been posted in the spirit of transparency so that all community members can see the expectations we have for our volunteers. Moderators are Anonymous Moderators are given an account with a unique user name. Moderators are not permitted to reveal their real or forum identities to anyone for any reason. That includes friends and other community members. We take this very seriously. Moderators are Impartial All moderation is done fairly and impartially. Moderators are expected to treat all members of the community the same. This means you may be required to moderate posts and comments from your friends, maybe even your best friend. It’s a difficult thing to be impartial when dealing with friends, but it is imperative that you treat everyone the same and show absolutely no favoritism. Moderators Always Remain Calm and Respectful As a moderator, you may become the focus of a community member’s anger or frustration. Remember: Be nice. It’s not personal. Even if they are insulting you or making outrageous accusations, be nice. You are simply the target, not the cause (probably) of their anger/frustration. Never respond in kind and never, ever respond out of anger or frustration. This only leads to an endless spiral of anger and nothing is resolved. That said, please know you are not expected to take abuse or be subjected to mistreatment from the community. Abuse of moderators will be addressed by the Community Team. Moderators are Here to Help Moderators should be as helpful as possible. Even if a question has been asked a hundred times, understand that the person asking it might be new and this is their first interaction with the community. A helpful and welcoming response can turn a curious newbie into an outstanding community member. A curt or unkind response, could turn them away from the community and the game. Always offer the best answer you can, with links if possible. Of course, after answering their question or providing links to the answer, it’s perfectly acceptable to introduce them to the search feature and suggest they check it out the next time they have a question. Moderators are Proactive When a conflict arises between community members, a good moderator will step in and try to defuse the situation. Sometimes all that’s required is a friendly reminder that we all are passionate about the game and we should respect differing viewpoints. If things get out of hand, then locking or hiding specific posts or possibly the entire thread until a Community Manager can review it is a good option. If you do this, contact a community manager immediately so we can take appropriate action. Moderators are Volunteers Not Employees We consider our Moderators valuable assets and we are deeply appreciative of the time they dedicate to making the forums a better place. However, it is imperative that moderators, and all members of the community, keep in mind that moderators are not an official Novaquark employee. Moderators should never place themselves in a situation where their comments may be construed as an official statement or position. Likewise, moderators should never post in a manner that suggests or implies they are a Novaquark employee. Doing so can create serious issues for the moderator and for us. Moderators are under NDA From time to time Moderators may be provided with information in advance of its public release. You are expected to keep this information in strict confidence and not share it until or unless otherwise instructed, in writing, by Novaquark. What can Moderators do? The following tools and abilities are available to Moderators: Able to see and read all reported posts. Access to the Moderation area and Tools Move threads between sections. Hide specific posts or entire threads. Merge threads.
  12. These are quite good. Really appreciate you sharing them with the community. I may have to slip one onto my phone as well.
  13. It does contain new footage. This was all taken at GDC last week and the footage was captured directly from JC's laptop that we had been using to demo the game at the show. So what you are seeing is JC actually going over portions of the game in real time, on a recent build, for them to record for the interview.
  14. My $8 bowl of rice made the transcript! I found much better food for more reasonable prices later in the week. Having read over the transcript I'd say it's an accurate representation of the information shared and the answers given. Well done.
  15. Thanks to everyone who came out and who joined us for the event on Facebook. We had a blast and we hope you learned some new things about Dual Universe and they made you excited for what is to come.
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