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  1. NQ Nunc

    I would like to submit my video of me building my Home / base.

    the video you showed only showed building ships, I want to let others see the building other things like houses / buildings in the game.

    I can also provide Still pics from the video. sampleĀ  picture Attached.

  2. Have to agree. Locked. Please don't start another thread like this. They're not helpful. Reputation, as some have noted, is meant to let people know that others in the community have posted in a way they found helpful. Reputation farming (which is what you're advocating) destroys the value of that system and makes it impossible for others to know who is genuinely helpful and who got a bunch of votes from rep farming. Ultimately it harms the entire community.
  3. Dual Universe Volunteer Forum Moderator Guidelines The following are the guidelines for the Dual Universe volunteer moderators. They are written with the moderation team in mind, but have been posted in the spirit of transparency so that all community members can see the expectations we have for our volunteers. Moderators are Anonymous Moderators are given an account with a unique user name. Moderators are not permitted to reveal their real or forum identities to anyone for any reason. That includes friends and other community members. We take this very seriously. Moderators are Impartial
  4. These are quite good. Really appreciate you sharing them with the community. I may have to slip one onto my phone as well.
  5. It does contain new footage. This was all taken at GDC last week and the footage was captured directly from JC's laptop that we had been using to demo the game at the show. So what you are seeing is JC actually going over portions of the game in real time, on a recent build, for them to record for the interview.
  6. My $8 bowl of rice made the transcript! I found much better food for more reasonable prices later in the week. Having read over the transcript I'd say it's an accurate representation of the information shared and the answers given. Well done.
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