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  2. Can you tell me which dev diary exactly? thanks.
  3. I know it's a bit of topic, but it's still closely related but what about resource attributes? I would really like to have many attributes for a given ore in order to affect the attributes of the things you will craft using them. This adds so much depth to both scanning/mining and crafting. Also for the economy given the fact that for instance two guns of the same model will have different firing speed and power. This way you are not only looking for a resource but also for the best breed of this resource.
  4. What about resource density which would affect the efficiency of extraction?
  5. Well, lucky me, I'm french like the devs, so they will figure out what I wanted to say, but yes, attributes are more suitable.
  6. That's exactly the point. You have better guns (more power, speed, precision), better armors (lighter, more resistant for different damage types (gun, contact, etc.), lasting longer). For buildings this could make them tougher/weaker based on what you used. For me it's a critical point that will make this game a RPG and not a Minecraft like game. As a programming developer myself, I'm aware it's not an easy thing to realize, but it add such depth to the game, when you look for an item, there're tones of them of the same type, say a given type of gun, but each of them having different s
  7. Up! There's no CM that can give a thought about this? Thanks
  8. I was thinking about the non-infinite resource extraction, that's right that mining is taking out a real volume of matter. But I'm afraid this does not scale with the rest of the game, seems unbalanced to me, otherwise let's assume that most of the playing will be miners. I don't know what kind of players will play, miners, crafters, PvP, PvE. I realize it's not WoW, but it's not minecraft either, I hope. To setup a real economy as this scale, we better have factories and extractors, otherwise most of the people will craft and the need to buy will be not as high as if there were more
  9. What I've enjoyed the most and I think made the game so much fun is the ability to have criteria on every resource type. Depending on them you can craft average/good/great items, which makes mining a very important task, so territory control. The crafted items (gun, turret for instance) would have many criteria which value will be computed from the resource's ones (and maybe also the crafting skills). Doing so makes the game so much fun/competitive on the crafting side and the efficiency of a given organization depends not only on its size and cheer production level, but also on the q
  10. Will it be possible to craft some ressource extractors item (maybe different types for differents resource types) of different size (depending on crafting skills and resource used to craft them) which would affect the extraction speed and storage size to extract resouce automatically? With the delegation system it could be owned/used by a player, many or organization.
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