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  1. If I remember right this last post thing goes on for almost a year by now. The original creator of the post should put an end to this x)
  2. In the End I will be the winner !! Have a nice day guys.
  3. Im old in 25 years !! So I have to post stuff here nearly my entire life.
  4. Hey guys, I think a Novaquark staff member should decide when the game is over and who the winner is. What do you think ?
  5. discordauth:Vk2kiE1BaFyEPDLDCbgU5ti34s4p4W4ufzkiFocv65s=

  6. Of course you say you are the winner But the game is who posts the "last" post. So I guess we have to wait until the forum gets closed x)
  7. Just posting ^^ one day we will know the winner
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