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  1. The wiki was launched at the pre-alpha stage of DU. We were a few trying to find some information in NQ's official communications. to edit this wiki. But due to the NDA on the game, nothing more was added to the wiki and too many things were not precise enough, so we progressively abandoned it. It could deserve an update, even if several other sources are now available
  2. @vylqun I'm not sure NQ would even have to put effort on it. It will depend on how the market units will work. But with emergent gameplay plus if market units are flexible enough, it could be possible to sale shares of a company for example, or exchange copper against aluminium. Thus, automatically a market place will be created and it's buyers and selers that will use this exchange place that will automatically and indirectly setting prices on that goods.
  3. @vylqun You forget cryptocurrency IRL... even if they are going down now for most of them, they created a kind of hope for several people, and they might go up again. This kind of hope might happen in a game with emergent gameplay. I won"t be surprised to see markets on goods or even equity markets appearing, consequently, some kind of traders using that at their advantage might appear too.
  4. Hello. There is no known date for the release of the Alpha1. Game is actually in pre-alpha since end of September 2017. There is clearly a delay on when will start the alpha 1, or when game will be released. By the way, from the news and videos published by NQ, we can see the progress in DU development. You can follow the last news here: https://www.dualthegame.com/en/news/ As every voxel-based game, DU will provide a huge freedom in what we can build. As you noticed, we will have access also to a library of "elements", most of them have specific purposes (engines, fuel tank...) and some are decorative (plants...). You can have a look on the wiki (https://dualuniverse.gamepedia.com/Element) where you can find a summary of elements officially presented in videos, twitter.... We cannot discuss more the elements already implemented due to the NDA.
  5. all the major news are now on the main website: https://www.dualthegame.com/en/news/
  6. be careful of the NDA, now you have access to the pre-alpha and welcome to the tests.
  7. NovaQuark envisage d'écouter une suggestion postée par un joueur pour avoir différents climats sur les planètes à explorer, avec par exemple des tempêtes de sables ou de neige... Ce serait quelque chose qui serait peut être mis en place pour la sortie officielle du jeu (après alpha et beta).
  8. the arkship (starting area) will be a safe zone where PvP won't be possible. Because DU will be player-driven, we could in theory find lots of ways to play it without fighting even outside the safe zone. For example: Trading important info, dissuasion, hiding (space is large, very large )
  9. The devs published few tutorials in November and December, plus one devblog in November. If not already done, you should look at their youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/dualthegame
  10. it's what NQ-Nomad just said above. 1 tile's area is about 0.65 sq km so 0.25 sq miles.
  11. John

    In-Game cameras

    I won't be so affirmative about the timer, remembering few interviews, I think it's still in debate between 24 to 72 h. I thought the protection bubble was link to the core unit, so I've searched for this information to be sure if it's the tile or the core unit. And it seems it's link to the static core unit: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1949863330/dual-universe-civilization-building-sci-fi-mmorpg/posts/1694816
  12. John

    In-Game cameras

    I like this idea of camera to monitor a building (when connected to the game) or help piloting a large crew-ship. Nice to revive this post. Nevertheless, there is a problem of having cameras accessible from outside the game via an API, it will generate a huge bandwidth if everyone use tenth of cameras. And it might not be server-friendly.... If I recall well, NQ said that they are thinking to implement a kind of Offline raid protection during few hours (24-48h) to allow attacked team to respond to the attack. So do we really need to be warned when offline?
  13. Are you sure about that, since a ship falling towards a planet to fast will encounter huge damages hitting the ground. It's the reason of the existence of an emergency unit that will avoid this scenario. So, this idea of catapult or torpedo might work. But I see another limitation, each dynamic construct has to be propulsed by an engine. Here the velocity of the tropedo might be to slow (due to limited speed generated by the engine) to really provoke damages to the target.
  14. Yes to a certain extend. Planets will have different gravities, different atmosphere densites, you can put space station in orbit, reaching escape velocity will be different according to the celestial body.... but devs said very often that water mechanics is difficult in a game made of voxel, so water mechanics will be kept simple. So everything won't be perfectly matching real life physics. No import from third-party software are planned at the moment. This game will be released with few planets and this number will increase over the time by procedural generation. You will be able to create static buildings (house, industrial compounds, cities on planets, asteroids, moons...) and mobile construct (space ships, hovercraft...). Big space ships will be able to carry other smaller ships. So, basically, yes, you should be able to launch rockets that will put in orbit a space station... You can modify planets, asteroids, moons because they are all made of voxels; but it will take times (a lot of times: Now there is a visual effect when entering in atmosphere, I'm not sure that materials are heated, maybe in future. You should have a look on the official youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/dualthegame/videos and the official wiki: https://dualuniverse.gamepedia.com/Dual_Universe_Wiki for more information. The wiki collect official info from devblogs, dev's interviews.... Final release is aimed for end of 2018, with several versions of pre-alpha, alpha and beta.
  15. Remember that DU is immense. At the start we should have about 12 planets, with moons and lots of asteroids. These numbers will expand over the time. The first planet : Alioth will have ~100 km radius others will be sometime even bigger. The time to extract all resources of these planets will be long, very very long.... Maybe rare resources will be depleted "quickly" but still it should be quite long. And you can still buy these rare resources on the markets, or ask to your team mates.... Just as a reminder here a calculation from JC:
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