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  1. So this would be like on the server just in your own confined and limited space?
  2. Though i would thoroughly enjoy a single player creative mode until Alpha, ill have to disagree with your original statement. BUT, if there was such a thing, i think it should be very limited (small area to go around in) and no progress being transferred out of that mode. Otherwise the impact on the game would be too against what NQ has talked about wanting.
  3. ISUK co. is now recruiting. We are a trade company that involves trade, transportation, and entertainment. All of this on-board each of our unique ships (wait til you see them). For a better explanation of what we do, what we have to offer, and what the positions include, here is a link: https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/isuk-co#tab-description (it is not a long read) The positions we are recruiting for: Convoy Director Ship Captain First Mate Cargo Manager Cantina Operator Trade Merchant Crew members (explanation of each position in the description in the above link) There is something for everyone here. Contact me here @Quaken or on Discord @Quaken#8476 if you are interested in any of these positions, or just have questions. We are Based in the Terran Union and have relations with the The Cinderfall Syndicate, The Empire, The Solar Empire, The Galactic Commonwealth, and Khatt Mining Co.
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