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    sHuRuLuNi got a reaction from Hazaatan in Unable to create blueprint of ship   
    So ... any news on this? I too cannot create BP of my ship (despite positive message), and have worked over a month on my ship ...
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    sHuRuLuNi reacted to Mamba_Lev in Unable to create blueprint of ship   
    I get a positive message but no blueprint in my inventory, i have tried removing all parts with LUA scripts, refreshing construct rights, releasing construct DRM protection and adding it again.
    I am able to create blueprints of other ships without problems, is there a solution that doesn't involve me deleting everything and starting again, i've spent quite a bit of time on this ship.
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    sHuRuLuNi reacted to Hazaatan in Any fix for Blueprints yet??   
    Unable to make a blueprint form my ship.  It says the blueprint was created but never shows up in inventory.  Anyone hear anything on this yet?
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    sHuRuLuNi reacted to merihim in @NQ - Alioth is growing hair   
    wait...what? ^^
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    sHuRuLuNi reacted to Lethys in @NQ - Alioth is growing hair   
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    sHuRuLuNi got a reaction from Sigtyr in @NQ - Alioth is growing hair   
    The solution is at least some kind of structural physics.

    It is ridiculous seeing a 2km high 1-voxel "hair" even STANDING let alone holding the weight of a whole building, landing pad + 100s of tons of ships.
    That is just embarrassing and it destroys any immersion just seeing that.
    Voxels and all elements already have mass, weight and volume. So, there should be some static / structural parameters in place, i.e. if you want something to be able to stand 2km high - it must have a certain width and must be made of certain materials which can be able to support a certain weight on top of them.
    This whole thing is just stupid to be honest: I mean you could build such a "hairline" tower then build a whole factory on top of that and then simply delete the "tower" and voila - now you have a floating building. That is just horribly wrong.
    You want a structure 2km above the ground? Alright - but then you really have to build some beefy supporting structures underneath that, which will be able to support all the weight and also be stable enough to not succumb to gravity / winds, etc.
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    sHuRuLuNi reacted to Maxim Kammerer in whats wrong & how to fix   
    Currently there are just two ways to make money in DU:
    1. by getting the daily 150 kℎ
    2. by mining and selling ore to bots
    All other ways to 'make money' just mean that other players make money for you. If they stop doing it, because they are bored to death, you will need to do it yourself. Than you have even less time to do everything you want to do because you are mining all day long.
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    sHuRuLuNi reacted to DawnSigma in Question for the Devs   
    Hi! New-ish player here with a question for the Devs. I wasn't sure where to post this exactly so, I figured I would drop it here and hopefully, they will see it. Anyway, as a female gamer, this is the first time I have played a Voxel type game and so far, I am fairly impressed. That being said, when I look at what is being projected for the future of DU, I am a little concerned about the game loop. This is my understanding of what DU will be in the future. Mine, build, make ships, fight other players constantly to hold on to that which I have built. Repeat. So far, no mention of NPCs, no real exploration, or jobs outside of always having to be prepared for war. I am not asking that anything necessarily be changed, I would just like to know if there are any plans in the works for non pvp players like me. Will I actually have a place in this game?
    Again, this is a question for the Devs, not player speculation. 
    Also, please do not just tell me to stay on Sanctuary. That is just demeaning and dismissive.
    Thank you!
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    sHuRuLuNi reacted to Daphne Jones in @NQ - Alioth is growing hair   
    Since the 0.23 nerf of AGG, everyone is putting up a 1000m tower to build a landing platform for their AGG ships. It's getting damned hard to fly at low altitude on Alioth because of all of the single voxel wide spikes that render right in front of you and kill you ship.
    I have a solution... let the AGG work all the way to ground.
    There really isn't any conceivable justification (in lore) for AGG magically not working under 1000m above an arbitrary reference altitude. How does the AGG know that it's OK to land on Thades and Feli but it insists on hovering above all other planets?
    Considering that AGG can land on those two planets, I doubt there's any compelling game design reason for this restriction either... it just makes the planet hairy - which JC said he didn't want.
    Please let AGG fly to the ground so I don't have to move my 1100m long runway up to 1200m altitude to have clear access to it. 
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    sHuRuLuNi got a reaction from mghtyred in Physical Rewards?   
    ^ What he said
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    sHuRuLuNi got a reaction from U114145 in Continue playing or quit the game (after 0.23)   
    You should put "POLL" in the Thread Title, if you want people to actually take part in the poll.
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    sHuRuLuNi reacted to GraXXoR in Gameplay gone? What´s left to do?   
    ↑ Proof that in this world, there is always a subset of people who remain largely unaffected by or even oblivious to seismic shifts in politics and the environment.
    This is why this thread is interesting to me,  because it speaks of the “I” rather than starting off with the ephemeral “we” or even worse blanket statements like “TeH ComMunItY” when it’s often actually more of a personal anecdote.
    This game is clearly complex and spoke to a wide range of players.  I really hope these changes don’t turn half of them off entirely. 
    im still kinda hopeful, but am watching from the sidelines for the time being.  
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    sHuRuLuNi reacted to realMod in benchmark option / Ingame FPS Counter? NVIDIA GeForce Experience support   
    now it works for me. I had to add the proper dual.exe to NVIDIA
    \ProgramData\Dual Universe\Game\Bin\Dual.exe
    Thank you
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    sHuRuLuNi reacted to JoeKing in Gameplay gone? What´s left to do?   
    what’s wrong with you people..? theres loads left to do: press ‘W’ and the left mouse button for 2 hours, admire your post-industrial landscape blighted by defunct machines, or live dangerously with the unending thrill of daring not to lift off the planets surface incase you're stranded in the a-hole of nowhere with a 2su 400kmph joyride back on your campactible to the nearest market to not buy a replacement core or scrap. 
    For a racey change, why not spend 3 hours flying each way to a planet with some ore so you can crash upon return and lose it..?
    Or why not while away the hours between your government hand-outs to browse the markets and imagine what your grand kids can buy, assuming of course you dont die of boredom before you procreate.
    now shut up and get back to that rich, rich vein of worthless quartz you think you might find....
    W click W click W click W click W click W click W click W click....... ooh wait, plateau...left or right...oh god, the thrill.... lets go left...W click W click W click & hold, cant get through, click everywhere...W click W click W click W click W click W click W click W click... directional scanner says -12, -56 degrees...W click W click /w click /w click W click W click W click W click W click W click, click and hold....cant get through....
    OMG, better stop, too excited....ill never sleep tonight. Total adrenaline.....
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    sHuRuLuNi got a reaction from Alpinesun in How Can I Create In This New Crappy Industry Punishment?   
    I also play solo, don't have "alts" (I despise the very idea, because I cannot split my personality into multiple characters - old school RPG, I am ONE character which I try to skill the best).
    I also played for months, mining - although as mentioned in another thread due to me working a lot and being a father, I do not have 10s of hours per day to play - at most 2-3 hours, if that.
    So it took months to mine a little bit here, and a little bit there - by using ONE scanner of course (where as Fox mentioned in that time you cannot do anything but wait). This way I managed to earn some 180+ million quantas which I am now using to buy stuff and build my large capital Starship. Yes, to BUY the elements I need. It should simply not be possible for me to be specialized in mining and at the same time also specialized in everything else, create factories, refineries, industry, everything ....

    As I mentioned in my video review: it is simply unrealistic and ridiculous that EVERYONE can build bloody FACTORIES in a matter of hours - this should never have been so - because the game is going for realism, and in reality you don't see 8 billion people on earth all running around and building bloody FACTORIES.
    Building a factory should be, just as in real life, an end game achievement, only possible if done by hundreds if not thousands of players together with combined efforts of multiple people specialized in different things (miners, builders, engineers, electricians).
    It is horrendously STUPID that you can click a few buttons on the interface, wait a bit and - voila - you just built a WHOLE DAMN FACTORY .... ugh.
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    sHuRuLuNi reacted to Arctic_fox in How Can I Create In This New Crappy Industry Punishment?   
    Ok you obviously have ZERO idea what you are talking about here or have never done our "lulz free money bois!!" mining. That or your a damn troll.
    First have you ever tried to mine without ANY skills? It blows undead whale after 50 bean chili and left to rot on a beach in florida sans a wipe ass. Its hediously slow without skills. Second without the container link skill you cant even REACH most nodes and need to run back up to link to unload over and over and over 3 to 4k at a gods damn time. Without any skills it can can take LITERALLY hours to fill even ONE container.
    Next you know how much a scanner costs? before the patch around 2-4 million per plus a core for each set. Ontop of that you needed to have a ship that could fit them. 9 scanners takes up around 15% of a +50% 10 container stack. And not only do you need this ship you need to pay fuel, scrap, warp cells or literal HOURS of flight time PER LOAD as well as risking loseing it during slowboats. A single trip off planet can cost as much as 20 million to and from with warpcells even WITH an AGG or as much as 16 hours if you slowboat. A good miner transport ship costs also costs around 60-120 million often even more. Even as a fully decked out miner/dredger with a meganode it can take 6 to 12 hours to fill my monster ontop of THAT. WITHOUT skills it can take litteral DAYS to do so.
    And this is entirely disregarding the time to scan, "oh durr you r have alts" is not a valid complaint either. A lot of us dont have multiple PCs or PCs that can handle multiple instances of DU at the same time. This means even using the core drop trick it can take a long ass time where i cant do ANYTHING else to find nodes. Sure some have mining alts but they are the exception NOT the majority. Same as you factory guys will have many alts so you can run tons of industry skills at once. Hell i play on a damn laptop out of a truck. It would literally explode if i tried to multibox.
    Addtionally the skills to make mining BAREABLE took me over a month and nearly two to get my dredger unlocked as well as my terriforming skills. I then had to go through and unlock most of my piloting skills so my ship doesnt eat me out of house and home in fuel costs even WITH an AGG which is about as reliable as the word of your average politician and ends up breaking stuff on my ship on a fairly regular basis. Ontop of needing over a month to get the skills up so i didnt need an even BIGGER hauler.
    Lastly our nerfs were announced. and we just got a bunch this patch same as you. Our ships now wear out, element destruction is a thing now. Fuel+cells are now a fortune to buy or build up to. Our ships are going to slowly accumulate damage due to glitches, hard landings, stuff loading in late, lag and a million other things meaning we need to replace parts. This is not even counting that AGGs are getting nerfbatted by power. We are losing our container link range and they are planning to put your precious ore out in the pirate infested zone on astroids in the next patch or two. Meaning we are likely going to lose MANY of our now hediously expensive ships fully and all at once.
    and guess what i am ALSO a single boxer using no exploits and i STILL do fine upto and including designing my own 100 mil quanta ship. To me it sounds like your just trying to stir the pot.
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    sHuRuLuNi reacted to Penwith in Day 3 Player - This Patch that has Just Landed   
    Or just buy the core from someone else who made the investment, saving you a lot of money by doing so.
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    sHuRuLuNi reacted to Penwith in Day 3 Player - This Patch that has Just Landed   
    you receive 100k, per day, in cash.
    So, you have a steady income, merely by logging on.
    If you do play with a group, then pool resources, do not duplicate schematics, at least at the start, and work cooperatively, at least with industry. You'll not only be more efficient, but productive.
    The talent cost for learning the initial tiers for each industry are quite low, actually much lower than I'd expected, especially for L and XL assemblers.
    This game is meant, by design, to be a long-term game, not something that you reach the end game in a couple of months.
    Good luck!
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    sHuRuLuNi reacted to Penwith in Near Future Needs   
    I am not hoping, I am suggesting.
    And neither am I pissing on someone else and calling it rain.
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    sHuRuLuNi reacted to Penwith in Near Future Needs   
    While I am not a naysayer regarding 0.23, and I heartily agree with the changes, overall...
    The more sensible posts of opposition have made a point that I happen to agree with, more opportunities for players to feel a sense of wonder and/or success and progression are needed ASAP, as opposed to a few months from now.
    My words should not be taken as being regarding only the acquisition of wealth, although for many players that is their primary near-term concern. Instead, my position is that a player just joining the game with a beta subscription has very little to do that is exciting. There's much in the intention of possible futures, but this game is competing for a finite amount of time to be spent on gaming in the midst of a highly competitive industry.
    Therefore, the primary concern, in my view, is adding content in the immediate future, that causes a player to WANT to return to the game, beyond the "minecraft in space" experience. Of course, squashing game-breaking bugs is critically important and should be a priority, but the lack of apparent opportunity, whether true or not, causes potential new players, and also new players to think twice about playing this game.
    There is tremendous promise within DU, even though we do not all agree as to the method that such promise should or is to be realized, I think most mature players will agree that they clearly see the potential, and even accept that the development process requires time to bring forth its fruit.
    However, this game's appeal and potential market of customers is not only to a select group of people, but a wider audience who come into a game with certain expectations, 1) it will be fun, and 2) it will be worth the financial and time investment.
    Obviously, this game is not meant for players to hit "end game" access to T5 products within a matter of weeks or even months, but more like a year or more. And I am completely fine with this.
    On the other hand, beyond building ground facilities, space facilities, or ships, there's not much else except mining and what strained efforts at pvp/piracy there are. True, wrecks and the ship event brought to us, but honestly, these appeal to a fraction of the players and not everyone even had an opportunity to participate in the most recent event. If we cannot do it, it really does not exist for us, at least in the short-term.
    Admittedly, the industry change has slowed down progression and certain opportunities (such as affording a good space hauler or fast courier ship) even more, and overall I am totally fine with this. Yet,  what else is there for a player to do upon logging in? Yes, they can seek to make money or build. Both of which are worthy goals and have more than one option available.
    What is there to keep a new player interested in returning? Or an old salt, for that matter?
    Exploration is what originally drew me to this game. The ability to name new planets/moons has a certain appeal to me. And while we are not there yet, I do hope that such is in the future of DU.  But...
    What about now or next month or three months from now?
    A mission system was mentioned, most recently in the stream on Monday, but also previously. Terrific! That will be something to pursuit when it arrives. What can be done before that blessed day?
    Some have asked for PVE, presumably NPC pirates or maybe dangerous fauna or even flora. Of course, these will take development and resources, which in turn require an investment of money and time in their creation. These also have some interest for me.
    So, what about before the end of this calendar year? Can the mission system, at least an early form of it, make it into the game for us to test out and mess around with over the Christmas holiday season? I teach school, so that works for me, but many people tend to have extra time during this part of the year (in the year of covid), unless they are in sales (poor sods).
    If the mission system cannot see an introduction, how about a special mining/relay event, kind of an "intercept Santa's helpers" event where players mine out special ores, which then must be transhipped to a location on another planet, warp being disabled for ships carrying this ore), with the winning team getting a prize, and all participants receiving various rewards depending on their participation level? Even pvp players could get involved, trying to capture the ores for themselves, to deliver to the appropriate location. Maybe we can all get a special schematic, or do a short mission to receive it as a reward, for industry to make special and specific event containers to hold this special event ore. 
    How about planting research stations, or facilities, as part of the wrecks feature, which have a few lower tier (t2-t3) schematics and perhaps a chance at a higher tier ones (t4-t5)?
    Perhaps a ship building contest were we all receive a package of ship parts (all the same) and the goal is to make the 1) fastest ship, 2) best designed (aesthetically), or 3) most  indestructable, or something along those lines?
    A final thought, maybe players are given special holiday season tokens, which are awarded each day they log in, between now and 10 January (or whenever), which can be saved or spent on various decorative elements (made special for the even) or ship parts that have a unique skin.
    These are just things I thought of while typing this post.
    I am positive that others have thoughts of they own towards easy (relatively) to create and mange events or content that will help keep players in a positive mood, in spite of all the negativity being proclaimed by those most bent out of shape over the recent changes.
    I do invite anyone else with other content suggestions, for near-term, and are easy to manage/create, to share here, too.
    We don't always have to agree or even get along, but I believe that most all of us here would like this game to be the most fun and entertaining version of itself that it can be. Also, can we please just save our demands for a wipe or a return to pre-patch for other threads, among those that already exist, for example?
    Regardless of whether or not you think these ideas are worthy of consideration, at least give the credence to the spirit in which I have delivered them.
    Dread killer of chickens,  Scourge of raccoons, and Devourer of pecan pie.
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    sHuRuLuNi reacted to Kruzer in EVENT - TOTAL PARTICIPATION - PVP - END OF THE WORLD   
    Somewhat symptomatic of the state of the game and the  PvP combat mechanics that a post touting an in game combat event has to use a picture from a different game/franchise.   
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    sHuRuLuNi got a reaction from Emptiness in Let's talk DU events   
    This is already botched - because solo players and small orgs will automatically get discouraged because you can be damn sure you will never be able to get the rewards when large, RICH, organisations waltz in with 1000 ships, surround the planet and claim the riches for themselves, making them even richer.
    So, yeah, solo players and small orgs will definitely get discouraged and will not bother to even attempt to be part of this anymore.
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    sHuRuLuNi reacted to Astrodisiac in In-Game Event: Search For The GO_D ST__   
    Cool another event just for large orgs. They will shut everyone else out of event. Just like Thorium.
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    sHuRuLuNi reacted to Mordgier in Let's talk DU events   
    It'S jUsT LiKe ReAdY PlAyEr OnE!!11!1!
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    sHuRuLuNi got a reaction from Supermega in Let's talk DU events   
    This is already botched - because solo players and small orgs will automatically get discouraged because you can be damn sure you will never be able to get the rewards when large, RICH, organisations waltz in with 1000 ships, surround the planet and claim the riches for themselves, making them even richer.
    So, yeah, solo players and small orgs will definitely get discouraged and will not bother to even attempt to be part of this anymore.
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