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    sHuRuLuNi reacted to laicheeeee in Resource and Crafting Revamp   
    Resource Revamp
    Let’s give the resources stats. The same 4 type of stats for all the resources. Where you go look for a node (small or large), doesn’t matter, the resource will have 4 randomly generated stats each with a value ranging from 1-1000
    For example
    Heat Resistance: 894
    Cold Resistance: 390
    Strength: 434
    Decay Resistance : 900
    Why would this be good?
    1)      Small nodes become useful as players may find better stats on resources on small nodes.
    2)      The stats of the resource would determine the end result of the crafting.
    3)      Trading with resources will be exciting. Humans like collecting stuff 😊 which will keep them in the game.
    Crafting Revamp
    The issue with how crafting is designed is that pretty much everyone creates the same thing. If 10 players decide to manufacture Space Engine XL-s, then what we will be seeing over time is that they will start undercutting each other prices to a point where someone will sell the item for a loss.
    The solution is that we need to introduce some variety.
    What I am proposing is to introduce real crafting. It would be an extra step between when you buy the schematic and when you would put that schematic into the factories.
    How would it work?
    Let’s roll the dice. Let’s use the dice come up with an element’s stat just like in the old days.
    You would have a crafting window where you could boost a specific stat on an element.
    There would be 2 stages during crafting.
    where you assemble the item for the first time, 
    You open the crafting window. You drag and drop the resources / sub-components you need to an item and you initiate crafting by hitting “Build”. This is the point where you would have a roll for the “Build”
    Failure would look like this (see the below screenshot). You can only put two points on Thrust, 3 on hit points, etc) If you do a failure build, you cannot enhance the item by more than 30% (1 box / 10% ). Which basically means you only get 3 boxes.

    Good would mean you have 5 boxes (max 50%)
    Great would mean you have 8 boxes (max 80%)
    Amazing would mean you have 9 boxes (max 90%)
    Extraordinary would mean you have 10 boxes (max 100%)
    The number of available white (empty) boxes and the default blue boxes would be determined by the quality of the resources/subcomponents that you use
    Each item will have different resource requirement. For example what resource might be good for space engines may be bad for warp cells.
    For example for space engines.
    Thrust takes Heat Resistance 50%, Cold Resistance 25%, Decay Resistance 25%
    Hitpoints takes 50% strength, 50% heat resistance
    Warmup takes Heat Resistance 100%
    This picture below would be for an extraordinary build with good resources. If you use bad resources, there would be fewer blue boxes and more white.

    What are the blue boxes? The blue boxes represent how good/bad resources or subcomponents you used, then you will start placing your points from that point. In the above example Thrust starts from 40% so if you put one point, it may go up or down depending on the "enhance" roll (explained in the next paragraph)
    The next phase is the
    Enhancement phase.
    This when you actually start putting points on the stat you want.
    The process is simple. Depending on how many points you have, you start placing points. You can either do it point by point, or you can place all your points at once. Rolling the dice point after point could potentially give better endresults than using up all your points and roll the dice once. You can fill as many white boxes as you want, then you hit “Enhance” This would roll the dice once, and it would give you one of the following results
    Fail, Good, Great, Amazing, Extraordinary
    If you only put 1 point (fill only one white box), then this is how the bar would go up
    Fail = The bar would actually go down. You initially started from 40%, but since you failed you would go down to 30%, at the same time the number of white boxes on all stats would go down as well.
    Good = The bar would go up by an extra 10%
    Great = the bar would go up by an extra 20%
    Amazing = the bar would go up by an extra 25% points
    Extraordinary = the bar would go up by an extra 30%..which means 3 white boxes would be filled to blue even though you just selected white box.
    What determines how many points you could place of these white boxes?
    Talents: we would come up with a new talent tree where if you could acquire maximum 10 points
    Location: You could acquire +1 additional points depending which planet you are on. For example on Jago you could get 1-1 extra point on space engine assembly/enhancemenet.This would be good because crafters would actually need to fly to different planets to create schematics. This would boost the traffic and eventually would boost PvP
    What would drive the rolls?
    There are numerous ways you could do that. What I would do is the following
    Talents: we would come up with a new talent tree where if you could increase the chances for both assembly/enhancements. It can be the same talen tree as above, but I would come up with a new one.
    Location: You could get an additional chance on both depending on which planet you are on.
    I would also introduce consumables to increase the chance some extra percentage points. But let’s not go that deep down yet. once you have all the talents and if you are on the right planet you have the following chances
    5% fail rate
    95% good
    50% great,
    20% amazing
    5% extraordinary
    Once you placed all the points, you have three options
    ·         Cancel
    ·         Create the item
    ·         Create the Schematic
    Decorations and consumables could have a build/enhance on the quantity.
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    sHuRuLuNi reacted to NQ-Nyzaltar in Dual Universe QA Team is recruiting!   
    Dear Noveans,
    We are glad to inform you that several QA jobs have just opened at Novaquark. As having a deep knowledge of the game is a big plus and some of our devoted players may be interested in breaking into the video game industry, we wanted to announce it here first before posting outside the community. 
    This is a permanent, full-time, remote position. 
    Create test plans and test cases for assigned areas of the game based on production expectations containing accurate verification points, including edge case test scenarios and potential knock-on issues over other areas that could be impacted by specific integrations. Execute test, document results, and measure impact. Report on the user experience and test results, escalating when necessary. Analyze information provided by the Development and Production teams and identify risk areas. Partner with Development, providing solid communication and collaboration. Ensure all test tool data is high quality and updated daily. Document and maintain all necessary testware. Participate in test closure activities; i.e. testware evaluation, knowledge transfer. Always champion the customer experience.  
    Able to develop and foster strong working relationships with development partners, customers, support teams, and management. Excellent verbal and written communication skills, including accurate and timely reporting. Excellent organization and time management skills. Passion for software quality and a keen eye for detail. Able to analyze and interpret data/workflows, recognize critical issues, and raise concerns. Previous experience with issue tracking databases (JIRA, Hansoft, DevTrack, Mantis etc.) Good troubleshooting skills. Fluent in English (written and spoken).
    Gray-box and white-box testing experience. Certified ISTQB advanced test analyst or equivalent. Experience with application lifecycle and test case management tools. Previous quality assurance experience with an online title, preferably a MMO.  
    Qualified applicants should send their resumes to jobs@novaquark.com. 

    The Novaquark Team.
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    sHuRuLuNi reacted to DuskLight in No NPCs = No Game; A question for the Devs   
    Is NQ planning on adding NPCs to DU?
    I'm not here to debate. My friends and I just want a clear answer, in order to decide whether or not we want to keep supporting this game. We no longer want to support a game that's promising 100% player driven world. We fell for it before with other games which promised the exact same thing, and frankly, we're certain that it'll never work. So again, is NQ planning on adding NPCs. 
    Note: I'm NOT saying that NQ shouldn't stay true to their original vision, I am just saying that if they are, I personally don't want to give them my money. 
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    sHuRuLuNi reacted to UnscriptedVert in How to claim a water tile?   
    Cool video, and thanks for showing that you CAN launch out of the water with your ship. 😀
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    sHuRuLuNi got a reaction from realMod in How to claim a water tile?   
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    sHuRuLuNi got a reaction from UnscriptedVert in How to claim a water tile?   
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    sHuRuLuNi reacted to Vasten in I cant help wonder if some of my lag is due to "mining"   
    Yeah.. charge for time usage then see how much worse people scream about lag haha
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    sHuRuLuNi got a reaction from CoyoteNZ in OUTSTADING FAILURE   
    Another lad and me already helped him do this. Repaired the ship etc.
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    sHuRuLuNi reacted to WooTiPanTz in 0.24 Phase One - Discussion Thread   
    Since this thread was started by NQ staff I for one would appreciate it if ONE of them would respond to what is in here. Let us know you ARE reading it. You started this post and now it is 4 pages long. Is it getting through to the NEW management? Please do chime in for us players. This is the post for the LAST not so great update. What are your response NQ?
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    sHuRuLuNi got a reaction from WooTiPanTz in 0.24 Phase One - Discussion Thread   
    (If I wanted an unrealistic colorful, bright, cartoonish space I would have continued playing NMS)
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    sHuRuLuNi reacted to Gottchar in [fresh from the future] a review of patch .25, july 2021   
    Alright, let’s talk about the positives first.
    -fixed linked container range after VR. That is quite sweet, I like it, but you are no linked to the second last container you linked to. They hotfixed the infinite range on that after 30 minutes, but the new situation is as annoying as the old one.
    -Notifications now correctly show size of the item sold or bought. Again, really nice, but the item name is now missing. Instead of "sell order of 2 uncommon space engine" it now says "sell order of 2 XL" (at market market)
    -"A possible crash when using fireworks in the northwest corner of a space station close to feli while still on the first step of the long tutorial has been fixed". About bloody time.
    Now to the bad stuff.
    -While the extension to the extension of the parking space at market 6 may solve the parking issue. I think maybe we need a more long term solution.
    -The introduction of LUA controllable speakers really did not help the market 6 situation. Especially since the client still loads all sound files, even if you turn the sound off.
    -the idea of warpgates to create chokepoints but also shortcuts for long distance travel is awesome. Sadly in the first hours players were able to build space station directly in/at the gates within the safebubble. Why is there a safebubble anyway?
    -There was yet another ninja patch and now nickel is the strongest for pvp. After every patch we have to check the stats for honeycomb.

    For anybody who missed it, here the transcript for the MC interview, the video is currently down.

    user: So most of the industry talents don’t work, the other trees also have talents that do nothing or the opposite. When will those get fixed, what is so hard about fixing them?
    MC: Great question. As DU is a consistent single shard universe with a player driven economy, we think that only a low amount of users actually do industry with massive factories while most other users dive deep into all the other content the game has to offer.
    user: So about that other content, some players are complaining that besides mining and selling to bots or ship building and spamming advertisement there is not really that much to do.
    MC: Yes, i fully understand your question. So we constipated Dual universe as a consistent single shard universe with a player driven economy and deep industry mechanics. The world is yours to take and make your own.
    user: Also, given that the new player experience gets worse and worse, with the broken tutorials and and only free tiles 40 kilometers from the next market, it seems the influx of new players has stopped. Do you see this as an issue that needs fixing?
    MC: The interesting thing for new players to discover in DU is that we actually made this game as a consistent single shard universe with a player driven economy. As such, the new players are a business opportunity for the existing players.
    user: The other players and I, especially I, especially right now, often don’t feel understood. Do you think the new ticket based feedback system, with positive feedback pushed to the front via "triage system in times of increased activity" can give you the information you need about what the community is thinking?
    MC: Oh yes, you are right, I totally agree. We listen to the players, this is important as our game, like our economy, is player driven in our consistent single shard universe. The world is yours to take and make your own in Dual Universe, a consistent single shard universe with a player driven economy.
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    sHuRuLuNi reacted to NQ-Naerais in A letter to our players   
    Dear Noveans,
    We would like to address the recent speculations that have arisen in our community, and openly disclose some changes that are happening at Novaquark.
    First and foremost, Novaquark continues to be supported by its long term investors to allow it to launch Dual Universe in line with its original vision. It also puts us in a position to attract experienced talent to complement the team that’s already in place so that we can continue to improve the game.
    Next week, we will share with you what we think our priorities should be for Dual Universe and how we hope to approach the development of the game with improved processes going forward.
    An important change to note is that Jean-Christophe, the founder of Novaquark, has transitioned from the day-to-day management of the team to better focus on his position as a board member. Over the years since the creation of Novaquark, JC designed and set the standards for the structural and conceptual foundation of the game, and he feels now that a solid base is there for him to move forward as a strategic advisor. The recent changes in the administrative presidency of the company only reflect the transition of JC to his new role. We’re excited to have the team he has built deliver on his vision for the game.
    Rest assured that Novaquark’s future is in good hands, and there is a strong partnership between our long-term investors and our team. We believe that the future is bright for the game and for the company, and we cannot wait to tell you where we want to take Dual Universe.
    With our warmest regards,
    The Novaquark team
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    sHuRuLuNi got a reaction from DystopianSnowman in Where is everyone?   
    I am sure as you say it is much different than DU, but what I was saying is I don't really care about any of those things in a Space Game. For me a "space game" could be summarized from the Star Trek Intro "Space ... the final frontier ...", "boldly go where no one has gone before ...", "seek out new life and new civilizations ..."  
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    sHuRuLuNi reacted to NQ-Nomad in Beta 1 Release Notes. Last updated on April, 21st   
    Hi Noveans, 
    A small patch has just been pushed on the Live Server to bring the following changes: 
    Bug Fixes
    Fixed missing world reflections on shiny surfaces [GUI] Fixed being unable to edit Lua parameters. [GUI] Fixed recurring wallet input reset issue. [GUI] Fixed Market order update popup to correct an issue where it was previously displaying wrong values taxes and wrong quantity. [GUI] Fixed long Construct title issue on Repair Units. [GUI] Fixed the lower portion of the barter UI background that was transparent. [Building] Fixed the inconsistency of the cone shape compared to other similar voxel shapes like the cylinder. Cone shape should now behave exactly as the cylinder does. [Elements] Issue causing electronics industries to displace slightly has been fixed in the past but it unnecessarily stayed in the changelog  
    Known Issue
    New: [Wallet] Sending quanta does not update the current balance display in the wallet window  
    DU is now in 0.24.4 version. We continue the hard work to improve the game. Thanks for your support!
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    sHuRuLuNi reacted to NQ-Nomad in Beta 1 Release Notes. Last updated on April, 21st   
    Hello Noveans, 
    A big update is available today. DU is now in 0.24.3 version and it's packed with many improvements and fixes (and more are on the way for future updates as well): 
    New Features
    New launcher One of the first things you’ll notice when you log in is that we’ve begun to revamp the launcher for now, changes are mostly to improve information about the game and for cosmetic purposes. Over the course of future updates, we intend to improve how it operates to bring more fluidity and speed. This will take a while, but we hope you’ll like what you’re seeing so far. 
    Not a feature per se, but we greatly improved lots of visual assets in the game.  New kinds of plants and trees to improve diversity New kinds of rocks New ground textures Underwater look and visibility improvements  New voxel tools and improvements:  Smooth erosion (by default: Area smooth tool + Alt key) Cone shape (by default: E key. This is an addition to the existing shape cycle) Negative paste function (by default: Alt key with a copied/cut shape) Remove with Line tool function ((by default: Alt key when using the Line tool) Organizations Wallet Organizations now have a proper wallet and can own quanta. The Edit Wallet right enables players to manage the wallet of an organization. Wallets can be managed in a dedicated interface. Here they can : Send money to any other player or organization. Consult their wallet log that lists all the operations that happened to their wallet. Package function You can now select several items in a container and create a package by selecting 'Create package' with a right-click. You can assign a name to that package and all selected items will now be bundled as a new single item. You can revert the operation by right-clicking on the package item and using the 'Unpack package' option. After that, the package will be opened and suppressed and the items will go back into their original container, although they will not be in the exact same spots where they were previously. This will be a component in the upcoming Mission system feature that will be released in a future 0.24 update, but it may be useful now to help to organize a container (whether you have OCD or not).
    Challenges Introduction of a prototype of "challenges" which are repeatable activities with a potential reward (only available in English for now). The first challenge, “Delivery Challenge”, is available and can be accessed using the new “Challenges” tab on the VR Surrogate Station menu. Metal canopies We’ve introduced a new type of metal canopy for more customization in shipbuilding. These are:  Canopy Metal corner S Canopy Metal corner M Canopy Metal corner L Canopy Metal flat S Canopy Metal flat M Canopy Metal flat L Canopy Metal tilted S Canopy Metal tilted M Canopy Metal tilted L Canopy Metal triangle S Canopy Metal triangle M Canopy Metal triangle L Implemented short in-game survey Your opinion matters. From time to time, you’ll have an opportunity to fill out a short in-game survey via a dedicated interface so you can simply and directly provide a rating to the game and what interests you. Thanks in advance for your feedback so we can improve Dual Universe!

    Windows certificate is now up-to-date and prevents the display of an ominous warning message when installing the game. Tutorials can now be accessed via VR Surrogate Station Menu. Performance optimizations with screen units. [PvP] Optimized gunner seat performance when displaying lots of targets. New implementation of in-world marks (Toggled with V and configured with Alt+V) that fixes some drawbacks and improves performance. [Lighting revamp] The game should be brighter and less gray. It should be prettier at night and more playable as well. Added a persistent notification and bookmark for player deaths. [GUI] Removal of fixed heights from dynamic content windows. [GUI] Various icon improvements. [GUI] Various interface polishes. [Lua] Added a confirmation dialog when closing the Lua Editor with unsaved changes. All number fields now have thousands of separators: 1000000000 (1 000 000 000). [Market] Added a median filter to ignore extremely high or low prices for instant orders. [Market] Search text now instantly updates the item type filter list. [Market] Added market selection dropdowns in market and player orders. [Market] Added toggle button to display more buy/sell orders. [Market] Market names now have standard formatting across all planets. [Market] Alioth Markets on Districts 6 and 7 now have more landing pads to reduce clutter. Ships have been redistributed along with the new landing pads.   Other Markets markets on Alioth and Sanctuary will receive more landing pads in the future. Gunner seat interface polish. [Chat] Now allows a player to ignore other players in the chat, hiding their messages and making them unable to communicate with them. [GUI] Ensure a minimum scrollbar cursor height for market & inventory scrollbar.  

    Gameplay Balancing/Changes
    [Character] Players can now use the X key by default to toggle jetpack on and off in deep space and in artificial gravity (while away from a planet/moon). [RDMS] Added a right to allow jetpack use on a construct with artificial gravity. [Industry] All advanced and above parts now correctly require the appropriately advanced industry to produce - basic industry can no longer produce advanced pipes or exotic optics. Destroying a core unit in a crash now kills all passengers. Players in cockpits are protected from nearby explosions.  

    Crash Fixes
    Fixed a crash when closing Barter in certain scenarios. Fixed a crash during loading. Fixed a crash when receiving crafting notification with too large Nitron quantity  

    Bug Fixes
    Smoothed omni light shadows, fixing the omni shadows bug where they appear as a noise. Fixed shadows banding at shallow angles. The helper (H) will not show a random material anymore when used on marks. Fixed some internal server errors when doing removal operations while building. [GUI] Fixed checkbox on report abuse button prompt. [Antibury] Character antibury (Return to the surface) is now active in Build mode. Fixed a bug where containers connected to hubs did not check for data items that led to item loss when removed. Fixed an exploit about fuel related to construct compactification. [Map] Map selection no longer requires a planet to be selected. Fixed a bug where entering a tutorial would show the wrong planet or would spawn the player at an incorrect location.  [Market] Fixed a bug where scroll position returned to the top when backing out of any specific entry while searching the market. Fixed a bug where Construction Tutorial was blocked due to Internal Server Error when deploying the Static Core Unit. Fixed disappearance of natural caves. Fixed a bug where Aphelia's voice sometimes skipped a line without user input. Fixed Aphelia's text that did not appear in the Tutorial chat window. Fixed players sent to space after closing the game during a loading screen after quitting a tutorial. [PvP] Fixed Identified Target values overlapping. Fixed a bug where loading percent started high and went backward when teleporting between districts. Fixed an exploit with free mass transportation. Fixed Gunnery tutorial approach X triggers that were not working. [GUI] Fixed behavior of spaces between letters/words when naming a construct in the deploy construct panel. [GUI] Fixed the number input in the dispenser claim limit menu. [GUI] Fixed a bug where the text field jittered when clicking to scroll the entry field for an Organization news post. Fixed a bug where certain constructs with too many mesh vertices blocked loading screens. Fixed an exploit regarding hover engines. Fixed erroneous multiple-item transfer error popup from market containers. Fixed misleading naming "Invitation" on Organization home page. Fixed newly-created/modified actor/tags/policies that were not able to be searched using search box on the RDMS panel. Added clear max length on manifest and bloc validation if manifest too long. Added a label to specify the max length for vote descriptions. Container automatic claim mode change is registered on the UI side to correctly update the save button state after a change. Use a standard thousand separator for numbers in achievement. (Standard for DU is space as thousand separators). Added a confirmation modal on bookmark deletion. Autoscroll to the newly created chat tab that forces the selection. (Should autoscroll in case of the newly created chat tab in barter with the other player). Shortest names are now prioritized in player’s searches. Fixed a saving issue with fireworks unit configuration. [Building] Fixed offset when entering precise mode with keyboard for some shapes. Fixed the progress bar that was not correctly at 0% progression in pending state (maintain x) industry unit. Fixed save disabled state button for the auto claim in the industry panel. Minor CSS fix on the industry panel. Fixed exit tutorial button being interactable while not visible. Fixed some XS lights not having a light shaft [Lua] Toolbar, consumable bar, and minimap are not hidden anymore when the player opens the Lua editor  
    Known Issues
    Please be advised that we are aware of a situation where some players have experienced issues with constructs having disparities between Build mode and Non-Build mode honeycomb meshes. After investigation, we were able to identify and resolve the issue. However, we are unable to restore the damage done to currently affected constructs. Should you find a new occurrence that was not present before this patch, please notify us via a Support ticket immediately. We’re sorry for the inconvenience. With this release, you may notice that there are materials (textures) that have a different look or they might appear less shiny (or shinier). This is due to changes that were made to correctly standardize the materials to bring more consistency and coherence for those material types. Metals should look and behave like metals. We’ve also dialed down the glossiness so that it’s not as aggressive. Due to these adjustments, some players may find that textures they’ve used may appear ‘broken’ (though technically they aren’t) or they are no longer aesthetically pleasing. You may want to spend some time reworking areas of your constructs where this is an issue. This being said, we, unfortunately, noticed at the last minute that some issues are noticeable in various cases. We’ll fix this ASAP!  Numerous French and German localization issues have already been spotted. A random rendering crash may occur under some conditions due to low GPU/driver resources. Disabling Volumetric Clouds in Graphic settings may help. Voxel crashes may occur due to low disk/memory. [Industries] Talents that impact ingredients of schematic products are not displayed client-side, but the schematic updates with the server schematic when starting. [Industries] Some inconsistencies in schematics and tiered elements. [Screens] Transparent screens display as solid white when loading in close proximity. [Screens] High-frequency text updates on screens, cause text to not display or flash. [Elements] In certain situations, elements unload at high speeds. [Elements] Issue causing electronics industries to displace slightly. [Crash] Triggering a detection zone after maneuvering the construct it is attached to leads to a crash. Primary Container loses link after moving it far enough away from where it was originally linked In the new launcher, drop-down menus overlap in some situations  
    The team continues the hard work, thanks for your support! 
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    sHuRuLuNi got a reaction from GraXXoR in Everything wrong with Dual Universe (Or maybe Dual the Boredom of a usual games)   
    Anything else to vent off, while you're at it? What's your take on Global Warming?

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    sHuRuLuNi reacted to IvanGrozniy in .   
    Every time I look on the ground now with this patch, I get severe fps drops... Typically it's the reverse in like... every other game.
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    sHuRuLuNi reacted to Derpzila in .   
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    sHuRuLuNi got a reaction from kirito in Why should i play this game?   
    Well, there are some of us who do play solo. Should we be forced to join an organization? The game is about rebuilding civilization. Take a look around, at the current civilization -- is everyone part of some organization? No.

    Look, as a simple example: Let's say we could fish in this game. I would build a nice cabin near my Twin Lakes, then I would go out, relax and fish. Then some of the fish I would use to make food for myself, while maybe some I would go to a market and sell.
    Now, someone who does not want to fish, or does not know how, but likes fish for dinner, would buy a few fish from me.
    And that would be nice.

    THEN YOU WALZ UP with your ORGANIZATION, BOMB the bloody fish from the air, kill a million fish with one stroke and overwhelm the market.

    See what happened now? Why the hell would I fish anymore, when you with your organizations flood everything with millions of products. There is no more specializations, different skills and tasks different people would do and thus CREATE A CIVILIZATION.

    The whole game is turning into a GIANT INDUSTRIALIZED CLUSTERF*CK where there is no place for actual roleplaying, skills and specializations per individuum.

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    sHuRuLuNi got a reaction from kirito in Why should i play this game?   
    He is mostly right though, at least for now ... there is nothing to do, just dig
    The only way to earn money, so that you could, say, build cool stuff, is to mine. So that's apparently what everyone is doing. There are endless ships and container clusterf*cks parked on every market, so much rubbish parked there, I cannot even enter the bloody market often because of all the Ad displays and "Join us!!! We are the best!11!111" panels everywhere.

    Carrot on the stick. Still missing.
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    sHuRuLuNi reacted to Daphne Jones in When will we get xl cores?   
    roflmao. XL cores? rofl.
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    sHuRuLuNi got a reaction from Cal Rouvenor in RE: The future of DU   
    Cocaine is bad for your health, son.
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    sHuRuLuNi reacted to FrigoPorco in GAME NEEDS PVE - Plain and Simple   
    This game needs PVE. Empyrion has PVE, and the PVE rocks. SC has PVE, and its the backbone of the game. Even Space Engineers, has PVE. PVE...is the backbone of ALL MMORPGs. This is pretty simple. PUT PVE IN! Pirates, monsters, bugs, aliens!!! Because this game otherwise, is a BUILDING GAME...nothing more. PVP does not exist, at all. Mining is boring. 
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    sHuRuLuNi reacted to Distinct Mint in Question for players before buying   
    Given the way you have written your post, I would say: please don't join this game.
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