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Bit of a problem with element mass


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Hey folks!

I brought this up with the community folks in beta but it appears that things never got moved up the food chain.

Anyway. we have a problem with the mass of elements, and it looks a little something like this:

A square light XS has a mass of... 70kg. That is three times the weight of the boiler that's currently idle, but will provide your central heating. And it's about the size of a human hand. Meanwhile, the Long Light L, something twice as wide and sixteen times as long, weighs in at a very similar 79KG.

I think all elements could do with a look at their mass, as it's not just lights - the Window L comes in at 379KG (about ten times the weight of a real window of similar size), while the Hatch S clicks in at a smidge over 98KG.



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1 hour ago, Vazqez said:

Or they don't want to look at physics and mathematics tables.

Correct.  They are using weight to punish players for using objects that are resource intense for rendering as CptLoRes stated.

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6 hours ago, sHuRuLuNi said:

just changed the one in my office, the standard E27 light bulb - had to call my daughter to help me lift the damn thing, and then use titanium wires instead of copper to hold it.

Because each light bulb has an independent thermonuclear reactor. That's why it weighs so much.

Nevertheless, I will give you a better example which even I cannot explain.
From 100 kilograms of raw materials, I make 120 kilograms of products.
I'm better than Solomon because he can't pour from an empty cup.

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Well if I had to make a guess, I'd say the mass of each element depends on it's crafting recipe. Like, sure, it's completely unrealistic when compared to the real world, but would make a bit of sense.


In any case, it could be nice if mass was a bit closer to real life. Maybe we would see better designed ships flying around...

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