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  1. I hope we'll finally get them. I resent another ticket today. The one from 3w ago had no answer.
  2. Hi everyone. Any new about the backers physical rewards ? I'm still waiting for my t-shirt.
  3. The only thing I actually still expect from NQ is that they send me my t-shirt.
  4. Hi We pretty much all were hyped about the Dual Universe game concept but most of us actually abandonned the game. What went wrong ? IMO, the very fundamental gameplay bricks were very frustrating. voxelmancy is counter-intuitive and crafting a ship is hard. having smooth surfaces, a canopy and a functionnal ship is so hard, most players chose to travel space with a space brick. missions were also very frustrating (long, repetitive). the flight model is awesome but doing the same mission again and again is lame. As is mining. having to endure this grind every day to pay taxes is another frustration. I think industry wasn't a great idea. interaction between real time and in-game time is frustrating. scan mining was a good idea on the paper but all tiles should behave the same. there shouldn't be T1, T2 or T3 ore.
  5. It'd be nice if we were able to plant trees or to fill pools with water. Or even to grow seeds ! I don't know if the wood is a ressource right now (I suppose, I've seen parquet floor and furnitures) but I definitely want to be able to get some voxels without digging and mining !
  6. There definitely has to be a way to paint vehicles to at least identify physically two different vehicles. A radio signal or vehicle ID would allow someone to identify a vehicle even more accurately
  7. Intellectual property isn't magic, you don't have an automatic infinite right on all you create. Just have a look there : https://www.trolls.cz/collections/sci-fi-miniatures Trolls Under The Bridge has no contract with Games Workshop and are 100% on their right on selling 40k inspired miniatures. They just can't name them "Space Marines" or "Sisters of Battle" because it's copyrighted. There aren't patents on each GW miniature lol. Just don't think about your fears or your common sense and think about right. It's obvious for everyone who studied intellectual property.
  8. Don't panic about IP. At worst you'd have to remove your mentions to copyrighted terms on your forum page. As we saw for 6mm miniature independant producers, GW never succeeded to get a copyright on designs. But yeah mentionning "Space Marine" or "Robout Guilliman", having GW's Imperial Eagle on your forum thread or things like that can expose you. Building an Aquila Lander or a Thunderhawk in game is 100% safe. You don't realize how expensive is to put on a trial ahah
  9. discordauth:nJF4r3pMBWMNjRBx9tDtWmyKFhOI8vBDfcsZ25tokho=

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