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  1. Goodbye Dual Universe. I don't think devs and/or publishers are interested in keeping this game alive anymore. in early access days i was invited to try the game, they gave me 6 months gametime, but after they did a wipe, i stopped playing. about 2 years ago they gave me another 12 months gametime so i can make videos, but they're not really interested anymore. I ran out of gametime about month ago and they only gave me 1 month extension .. after trying to reach them for 3 months! what am i going to do with 1 month? i can't get anything done .. it causes me only more stress than i already have. so today i released my last video (probably) that i had ready and think i'm done now. I put all my stuff on haven, so it should be safe in case they decide to provide me more gametime, but otherwise i have no money to pay for the game, specially with cry-worthy views i get from these videos. as long as i can play for free, i don't mind making videos along the way, but game isn't worth paying for. I really like the concept, but 2 big problems for me are: 1) it's not free to play and 2) extreme lag, i get 5-15fps with L-core ships, even tho none of my hardware is under 100% load, otherwise GPU is under constant 100% load for no reason at all, even if i look at ground that has less going on than in minecraft, it still uses 100% of GPU, why? DU is honestly the worst optimized game i have ever seen, it lags SO BAD. there's 0 optimization. i rather not go into details, but anyone who knows how computers work, knows GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) renders what you see on monitor, it turns digital data into pixel-data, which is how graphics are generated. So when you're looking at BLACK page, there's very minimal amount of GPU usage, because it just has to refresh that black screen and nothing else, it doesn't have to calculate new data. This is why in most games when using ultra graphics in 4k, you will start seeing lower FPS in areas that have lot going on, GPU has to do billions of calculations per second to render that image, BUT when you're looking at GROUND, that has just basic texture data, GPU doesn't have to work much at all, but in DU your GPU is under 100% load no matter if you look at ground or not .. this is what i never understood, how can devs not fix this? in fact, one month i played only DU, about 4-8 hours a day and this made me +25eur electricity bill. that's right, cuz of that constant GPU 100% usage i had to pay 25 eur a month more for electricity! in other words, this game just isn't worth it. i've been dealing with extreme depression for over 10 years and this only causes me more stress. If NQ decides to provide me at least 12 months game time, i'm willing to check back every now and then and make some videos, but otherwise i'm done with it. it was fun and i liked building stuff and salvaging, but pay2play + extreme lag just isn't worth it. i thought they will work on optimizing the game, but ever since early access, i haven't seen a single update that addresses the extreme lag and player count keeps dropping, i think they just abandon the project when it's no longer worth upkeeping the servers. another thing i never understood, is why do they boast about the "single shard server" if it won't matter? there are many other MMO games that appear to be "one server", but actually they use multiple servers to spread the load. I KNOW WHAT THE DIFFERENCE IS, but my point is that from player's point of view, there is NO difference at all. Honestly i'm not even sure if i can bother coming back even if they give me more gametime, this lag is frustrating and causes me more stress and sometimes even headache. I can play all modern games just fine that are optimized. Such as forza horizon 5, resident evil village, expeditions: a mudrunner game, cs2 (graphics update) ..etc and i run them in 4k or 1440p with AMD's upscaler. DU doesn't even have AMD upscaler, it uses the dlss which is not even available on my GPU. on top of that, if you compare DU graphics to any of the mentioned games, then DU looks like minecraft compared to those games, yet it requires like 10x more GPU power .. WHY? anyway, just wanted to post here and say that i'm done with it (probably). as PC expert and gamer, my opinion on why DU is not popular, are the 2 reasons i mentioned 1) it's pay2play and 2) extremely poor performance with high resource usage DU could be amazing if devs would fix lag and make it either 1 time payment or free2play + microtransactions. they could sell element skins, i would have actually paid for some. PlanetSide2 is free2play and uses same mechanic, it's still alive after 12 years with over 3000 daily players because of this concept. I hope DU gets new life kicked into it, but i think chance of this happening is below 1% Here's playlist with all of my DU videos:
  2. yup i noticed this long ago, i can't believe any developer would do this .. which is why i keep repeating that DU has 0 optimization done. there's also almost no graphics settings available, no draw distance, no reflection quality .. no nothing, which makes it even worse, so that you can't even adjust anything. but i think it's necessary to repeat this over and over, because if you don't, then devs just shrug it off and hope that people will forget, it's a good thing to talk about it as much as possible, so they'd see that it's a big issue they need to fix. with graphics like this .. even GTX 680 should run this game in solid 60fps at 1080p. i once contacted support and they saying my pc is weak .. i was quite insulted by that, because i can run all the other latest games in 1440p or even 4k with 60fps. forza horizon 5 i run in 4k with AMD fidelity on quality and some options on medium or low (like shadows), rest is pretty much maxed out and my GPU is only about 40-90% use at any given time, even in races with lot of dust and other effects. in other games i can also use NIS (nvidia image scaling), but DU completely ignores that setting. they've added DLSS which is only supported by expensive RTX series cards, what use is that? but reason why i was insulted by them calling my PC weak, is because i monitor my resource usage on secondary monitor while i play, in certain areas my GPU is like 20% use and CPU is 40-60% use, yet i get 10-20fps, so how is that my PC if resources are not even being used? when flying big ships, that's exactly the case! none of my hardware is under 100% load, it just LAGS for no reason at all. or in other case, i look at empty sky or i'm underground and my GPU is 100% use .. why? literally a 10 year old computer could render a simple skybox or ground texture in 60fps 4k. honestly i'm so frustrated .. as soon as i find something else that i like playing, i'll probably stop playing DU completely. i can't stand this 10fps 0-optimization ... it's been said many times and devs don't even try to optimize this makes me sad seeing good concept go to waste.. if any of you devs read this, please put some effort into optimization.
  3. not at all. as a business, you need to understand what people want. i don't agree with what 99% of players want, but i know what they do want: 1) free to play games or very cheap stuff, because most people don't want to spend money on anything until they get a taste for what it's about that they are buying. planetside2 still runs strong after 10+ years with free2play and in-game sales. 2) players want freedom and variation, which DU offers mostly. such as ability to customize things to your liking. 3) quick action with least amount of stress - this is what DU is missing. that's why i suggested to add some kind of stress-free pvp where you can quickly jump in the queue. it could just be made accessible via VR, like daily challenges, only that you'd be using your own ship. this would be basically like a whole new game, with minimal effort. they already have "virtual environment" like the daily challenges, where you wont encounter other players. just make it like that, only for pvp. on planets and in space. imagine how cool it would be to do pvp in thades' asteroid belt! or on planet's surface. you could even have team-based attack/defence mode, where one team has to use static construct BPs to defend an entire tile from other team that attacks using dynamics. this would basically be like a whole new game with minimal effort, because all those things already exist in a game, all they need is bit of code to add a new "mode". i can guarantee that this mode would attract a lot of new players and it would become very popular.
  4. I can see very bright future for DU, but not in the current state. 1. make it free to play, but sell in-game money and skins for real money, i believe NQ would make more money using this method. this would also get much more players into game. there are already some 3rd party websites that sell in-game money, so it would be much better if NQ would just make it free to play and sell quanta themselves. more players, more sales. for example you could still have monthly subscription, but instead of playtime, it would give you bigger daily reward. it could give you quanta + random item based on the subscription tier. 2. optimize the game, DU is only game that i'm forced to playing in 1080p and i still get very poor framerates, like 25-35 is my average and that's with everything on minimum in 1080p. with L core ships i get 10fps or below .. it's cry-worthy how badly DU is optimized, or well i should say is NOT optimized at all. .. i mean its unplayable on HDD, this speaks for itself that there's no optimization done at all. 3. put more effort towards fixing annoying known bugs, such as getting stuck in your seat in populated areas when you have atmo radar attached, this is very known bug and still no fix. another issue is with ground in certain areas, where after flattening the ground, you get 1fps or below when landing there and occasionally ships sink thru the ground and blow up (like seen here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uTRPEmAugmM ) 4. quick pvp system, where you don't lose your ship nor items when you blow up. some kind of a "matchmaking" system, where you can fly into certain place and enter a pvp zone via portal, where you can fight it out for rewards. this would make it possible for players to quickly do some combat without having to stress over losing their stuff, i believe this would greatly increase number of players, lot of players want some action, but dont want to spend days on making a ship and then losing it in middle of nowhere. perhaps you could call it "virtual pvp". it should have space and atmospheric fights. for that purpose you could have virtual planets (like the ones for daily challenges, where you are not directly among other players). otherwise i think DU is amazing concept, i really like the mmo style building. i've played lot of builders, but it's just boring if you're all alone and there's no direct way of communicating with other players. for example space engineers is great and it runs much better than DU, but it's not mmo, you'd have to join a server and players are scattered all over the servers, so there's no general chat or ability for others to come see your base or buy your creations, that's why DU is much better in terms of playability.
  5. here's how bugged ground is on my tile @devs could we please get a fix? i've reported this to support at least 3 times.... this happens every time with M and L core ships, some S cores suffer from it aswell, xs core ships are fine. ::pos{0,2,38.1342,121.0806,1.9916} come try for yourself if you don't believe me, just take a ship you don't mind wrecking (M or L core)
  6. nah, i think that's perfectly fine, because it prevents market spamming. i think they should limit the 0.01 undercutters somehow, i believe some are bots. its really annoying when people or bots keep undercutting by 0.01, perhaps just remove the ability to edit your listing or add bigger fee if you want to update your order. one good way would be to add larger fee if you have less stuff to sell. for example if one player has 200 items for sale and other player has just 2 items for sale, but wants to undercut the player selling 200 items, then updating the order would cost more for the player who's selling 2 items. this would prevent some people constantly undercutting by 0.01 and ruining bigger seller prices. it would be so called 'bulk discount' when updating the prices, it should only apply to updating the prices, not when listing. i don't mind the listing fee, but i do mind having to waste lot of time on updating my orders because someone constantly undercuts by 0.01, so they should limit that instead.
  7. I agree 100%. however to get rid of those spikes and triangles, use flatten tool to dig and then smooth over the flattened ground. if you need to dig out a big area, then use flatten tool. i have a tutorial somewhere, you start from top of the area with flatten tool and work your way down, it goes much faster and it doesn't leave those spikes or triangles and you don't get "internal server error" either. but i'm SO FRUSTRATED with the ground bugs that i have on my tile, wanna see? i spent days, probably weeks on digging and flattening my ground .. just to find out it's broken! if you wanna test this yourself, take M or L core ship and come land near my base on that flattened area .. see for yourself what happens. with xs there's no issue and most S cores works fine aswell, but with m and L core things go very wrong:
  8. so you saying PCIe SSD makes game run better than SATA SSD? that literally makes 0 sense, are you saying game makes so many read/writes? i know it stutters on HDD, but you're talking about completely different thing. SSD/HDD has nothing to do with flying big ships. i'm 100% sure you have not done proper testing and you talking about stuttering that comes from non existing optimization when game makes lot of reads/writes on HDD, but SSD doesn't have this issue, so i don't see how PCIe would make any of this better. limiting game to 30fps doesn't help if you have 10fps to begin with ... and just that everyone knows it, DU is only game i have issues in. i can play all other latest games just fine in 1440p or even 4k. i can run forza horizon 5 in 4k with AMD fidelity on "quality" and i can run dying light 2 in 1440p aswell, no problems, solid 60fps without any stuttering or lag and they run off of HDD. cyberpunk 2077 is heavy on HDD, yet i'm able to play that in 1440p and from HDD. DU i'm forced to run in 1080p with lowest possible settings and i almost never reach 60fps, somewhere in middle of space, rarely, but average is 30-45fps and with big ships it's below 15fps.
  9. i know its old topic, but is there a fix for this? i get around 10-14fps with large ships aswell, it makes it near impossible to play ... @devs could you please fix this? i'm not sure how you expect people to play with 10fps. my CPU and GPU usage is below 60% aswell, so its not due CPU or GPU. there's a game called "beamng drive" that uses realistic physics and does a lot of calculations per second, since cars have actual parts. in most games car physics are completely different, but in beamng every part works individually and it requires lot of CPU power, that runs without any issues on my PC. easy fix would be to mix all wings into one when torque is disabled. anyone who don't know, torque enabled means that element acts as in real, it applies the force in the point its located at, if torque is disabled (default), then it acts as "one". for example if you put 100 wings in front and 10 in the back, then with torque disabled it won't matter, it gives generic lift to entire ship, if you put torque enabled on all wings, then your front will have 10x better lift than rear. so if torque is disabled, then it should just have "one" wing and this should fix this lag issue. hope this makes sense, thanks.
  10. i think VR is called "the block" by Metallical or something like that. if you can't find it, contact me in-game as i also have many fonts, i just haven't setup sales for fonts.
  11. I have noticed that most players are overwhelmed with all the building aspects and usually end up missing things or doing something wrong, so over time i have been making tutorials on various aspects on how to build stuff in Dual Universe. I decided to make this post to help out anyone who has questions about building, here are some of my best building video tutorials. All in 1 ship building tutorial - this tutorial shows and explains everything you need to know in order to make a proper interplanetary ship that can get you safely from A to B. this is new 2023 version, it includes everything (i hope) about elements that you need to know, this tutorial does NOT include voxels, just basics on what elements you need on ship, how many, how to place them, where to place them ..etc. Vertex precision tool 101 - quick tutorial on how to make small detailed shapes (like car headlights) Vertex precision tool and virtual 3d scaffolding tutorial - this shows you how to make art builds using VPT (vertex precision tool). Fine tuning element angles and placement - Quick tutorial that shows you how to fine-tune element angles (that cannot be achieved by using default methods) Multiple buttons circuit that opens/closes same door (without delay lines) Fully automated Factory / industry tutorial - how to setup fully automated factory. This does not include schematics container usage as it wasn't implemented yet, for schematics container, just right click on any container that is on same construct and set it as schematics container, then drop all schematics in there, instead of in the industry units. How to setup RDMS rights / tags / policies - this might be bit offtopic as it's not directly building, but thought I include it here anyways, it's very useful for those who haven't used RDMS or having issues setting up rights. i rarely visit forums, so if you want to stay up to date with my tutorials and other awesome gameplay videos, then please check my Dual Universe playlist directly. hope you find these tutorials useful.
  12. well thanks for trying, but i'm not some noob born yesterday, OBVIOUSLY i go thru all game settings before playing. that cpu render limit does absolutely nothing for me, it doesn't even give me 1 fps boost and it doesn't change anything whatsoever, there's no overload or anything. i can have it on 1 or 4, no change at all. i left it on 2, but tried with 1, 3 and 4 aswell, but my CPU is still under same load, no fps change and still getting stuck with the radar bug, that's why i asked if there's a way to turn radar off manually.
  13. hey, i know old topic, but is there a way to turn off the radar? i tried using same method by adding a hotkey to toggle, but it won't work. i think it even said something like "attempting to call a nil value toggle" in lua editor at bottom, but i could be wrong about this part. i tried on archhud and vanilla seat, radar won't toggle off. also another weird thing i noticed, is that when using vanilla seat with nothing else connected, then radar connects to "core.action", but when using another seat with more stuff connected to it, then it says "radar_1.action", what's up with that? i need this, because of this annoying bug where you're unable to leave your seat if there are lot of radar contacts and taking off my radar is NOT an option. i do this to find abandoned constructs, so taking radar off will be useless. i just want to toggle it off before leaving seat. thanks.
  14. I setup another stream for today's 23:00 UTC tour, here's the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dvKF-ywsEPM everyone who joins me, will also get a gift ^^ i will setup a dispenser with something nice inside and will give instructions on stream on where and how to find it.
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