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  1. I had changed it, worked without a problem.
  2. What is the empty thread supposed to be?
  3. Wow .,.. this Thread has completely derailed. I think it should be closed ...
  4. I play this game since the very beginning and I had many occurrences when I would have needed both /fetch and /unstuck functions. One example being when I went to a District, but it did not load. So I landed and re-logged (so that the District would be visible again) but after relogging I found myself, ship and all INSIDE the District building underground. There was no way to get out - either me or the ship. Another one is when because if lag my ship kept sliding and not stopping until I fell in a 2km deep crevasse and I had to contact Support to teleport my ship out. BTW, th
  5. This was the case yesterday when I went to help a player (repair his ship). He gave me the coordinates, which I followed and when I came there, the marker was 200 meters below ground, so I thought "WTH" - is his ship below ground? It turns out no - the ship was some 200m to the side - just the marker gets borked.
  6. The three dots at the right corner of the post box (with links for report, share ...)
  7. Connect with Coil. Use XRP for real time revenue. This way we only pay when we play, precicely down to a second. The connection is basically one code line. Although I am a Ruby Founder, I would still gladly pay you extra revenue while playing. (I already use Coil and hold XRP).
  8. Another lad and me already helped him do this. Repaired the ship etc.
  9. Because most of the players have 1 or 2 constructs?
  10. 11/10. Would use as dessert.
  11. Welcome. If you need a spaceship blueprint I can gift you one of mine (visit my YouTube Channel to see the ships). Bear in mind that if you get the L-Core blueprints, you will have to buy the elements and materials which cost 100+ Million Q though
  12. MAKE SPACE DARK AGAIN. (If I wanted an unrealistic colorful, bright, cartoonish space I would have continued playing NMS)
  13. Contrary to that, my DU livestream I did yesterday (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lTbSKKT5AKo) echoes your feelings exactly. I have also said that many times in many other streams. As far as I am concerned they should do a complete wipe, overhaul - just save the game. Also: If they would offer cosmetics as a revenue stream, I really would want a fluid skin for my ship like what happened here with my ship on the stream (through light rays). That skin is a beast
  14. Well, at least the Forum got updated - so, something is happening ... it has a whole new Fresh Layout for me (I use the light / default view).
  15. The point is I backed it because of those points among other things. That is why I am a Ruby Founder. I cannot "unback" it now, and am not commenting on what the current state is.
  16. From DU Kickstarter when I backed it:
  17. I am sure as you say it is much different than DU, but what I was saying is I don't really care about any of those things in a Space Game. For me a "space game" could be summarized from the Star Trek Intro "Space ... the final frontier ...", "boldly go where no one has gone before ...", "seek out new life and new civilizations ..."
  18. Still not for me, because I cannot play as a robot (cannot identify with it) ... also it does not seem to have much emphasis on exploration, which is always No.1 on my Space Games List.
  19. How come you don't have the "Ruby Founder" Forum Title? Thought it appears automatically.
  20. I don't care about the competitor because I don't like being a robot. Don't know exactly why, maybe because I cannot identify with a "thing" - mind you, I don't have a problem playing an alien, Orc, beast, Elf or what have you, but robot - no .... But that's just me.
  21. He means to maximize the Nanopack capacity so you can put the container in.
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