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  1. I commend your efforts, but TBH I do not know why are you even trying anymore ....
  2. So, those 2,5 lines of naught text? That is supposed to be the Newsletter from the CEO .... wow
  3. Yeah, I am all for that as well. I was more thinking of a need for shelter (for example from weather conditions), thus a place to rest and refill the energy, which in turn can be boosted by some food or drinks. And then maybe medicine as well (say after you fall down some 10m and are injured), which in turn needs ingredients to produce, and so on - just as I said, it would then all tie together nicely ...
  4. No, I have not. I clearly said that apart from partial flight mechanics the rest seems nonsensical. That is also the sole reason I was able to hold on for so long, because I enjoyed building ships (unique, nice looking ships) and flying around in space. The "partial" comes into play when as I said there are flight mechanics, but other things related to them do not make much sense (like flying into space in an open cockpit, or the fact that you cannot use voxels to build wings/ailerons with functional lift, thus forcing you to use the boring looking elements which have remained the same SINCE PRE-ALPHA).
  5. Sure, but what he is saying is that they actually are an organized lobby who DOESN'T CARE about the game. They only want to destroy stuff - so they bombard the Developers and push them to add more and more PVP features, but once the developer does this - they leave and go to the next game. So, the point is: they do not care about any other feature of the game and they do not care that by pushing their agenda they are actually destroying the game for everyone else.
  6. This comment from this lad speaks for itself I guess ...
  7. Yes, yes I get it. But I saw the Thread in the General Forum where he wrote that we should post questions which will be answered in an Q&A. In that (original thread, this one here) there was no mention of Discord or link to the "announcement" thread or anything.
  8. So, the Q&A was on Discord?? I was waiting for some video from them today because I thought that is what they will do. There is not even a HINT in the OP that this thing was going to be on the bloody Discord. Way to go NQ.
  9. Those are LONG EXPOSURE photographs, mostly made with Hubble Palette (which BTW is not how they really look like, the hubble palette uses false colors). To get faint nebulae and galaxies to be visible like in those photos you need to do long exposure photography (I usually do 4 x 4 hours) in order to gather enough light to actually be able to SEE anything. With your naked eye all you would see is BLACKNESS.
  10. Why is "Deckard" writing this in Discord and not here? ... And, btw, that is a RED HERRING what he is doing. And to answer his question: Yes, I have looked into space without light pollution - I am an astronomer and an astrophotographer. And space is dark, really really dark - in fact, mostly pitch black. He KNOWS we are not talking about having a completely black space as in: no stars and so .... but he is playing dumb, and that is, quite frankly, demeaning.
  11. And how do you make the parts which are needed to make the Mining Unit? If you are noob that means you have no factory (or do not want to build a factory) nor schematics.
  12. Wait, what?! So: I need to go to RDMS -- then I need to click on my Tab (and not on my ORG tab) And then there, inside my tab I need to setup the tag, the policy and the right. And then I need to go to the static core and "give" it this Tag?
  13. So, are you saying I need to go into RDMS then I need to click on the Player Tab on the top (and not on the ORG tab) .. and then create a Tag, a Policy and Rights inside the player TAB? Now, I suppose as an Actor I need to insert the ORG? (as in which actor needs the right to use the mining unit)
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