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  1. Sure, but then it should be explained as such. There should be a believable lore. What I am talking about is the general lack of structural physics. Like when you mine some big chunk of ore on the surface, then you mine out everything underneath and the rest is just FLOATING there. That is stupid.
  2. The solution is at least some kind of structural physics. It is ridiculous seeing a 2km high 1-voxel "hair" even STANDING let alone holding the weight of a whole building, landing pad + 100s of tons of ships. That is just embarrassing and it destroys any immersion just seeing that. Voxels and all elements already have mass, weight and volume. So, there should be some static / structural parameters in place, i.e. if you want something to be able to stand 2km high - it must have a certain width and must be made of certain materials which can be able to support a certain weight on top of them. This whole thing is just stupid to be honest: I mean you could build such a "hairline" tower then build a whole factory on top of that and then simply delete the "tower" and voila - now you have a floating building. That is just horribly wrong. You want a structure 2km above the ground? Alright - but then you really have to build some beefy supporting structures underneath that, which will be able to support all the weight and also be stable enough to not succumb to gravity / winds, etc.
  3. I had the very first comment in this thread. And now it is not there ...
  4. Ahm ... so, I am lying? I've been here from the very first day lad, I also have many videos and a review of DU on my channel. So, I am not lying. Yes, I had 1 refiner, 1 honeycomb machine etc. -- which I explicitly point out in my review as well - because right at the beginning I had created them just to see how stupidly easy it was to create a "factory". I have never created a single part though - I have mined the first month or so and made some 180 Million Quanta, it is with this money that I had now bought ALL the necessary elements and materials to build my ship (which I started building before the patch). So, as I've written: I am "aware" of the patch and the whole thing around it, but I am basically completely untouched by it - because I am only staying on my territory and building my ship. After the patch I only went ONCE to the market to buy some more XS Lights and some more polished steel. Why is it "difficult to believe" that you do not need industry machines and a "factory" in order to build an L-Core ship? Where is the logic in that? If I want to build an L-Core Ship I do not need Industry - I just need money to go to markets and buy everything I need - which is exactly what I did. P.S.: BTW, I still have some 20 Million Q left -- so if I need one more Space Engine or whatever - I will naturally go the market and buy it.
  5. I am still building my L-Core Ship (ILLYRIA). Since I only have a little free time (max 1-2 hours per day, and not every day) it is taking weeks to complete. For this I bought all elements and materials (ca. 150 Million Q) and I have some 20 million Q left. I will keep building, and until I am finished hopefully some major additions will be coming to DU. This is why I am virtually "aware" of the whole patch 0.23 drama, but only by reading about it here - I did not notice anything ingame, since I am only staying on my territory and working on the ship. (and recording, because I will be posting a "Making of" video on my YouTube Channel when I am finally done).
  6. I suppose you do. Me too. But haven't checked yet.
  7. It seems to be mix of sorts. For example some of my containers are showing the increased volume they had with talents, while other things are not showing that - and for example my Nanopack is again at 4000 L (I had it at 6000).
  8. ah ok. Didn't even see CA before this last patch, or did not notice it.
  9. You should put "POLL" in the Thread Title, if you want people to actually take part in the poll.
  10. I also play solo, don't have "alts" (I despise the very idea, because I cannot split my personality into multiple characters - old school RPG, I am ONE character which I try to skill the best). I also played for months, mining - although as mentioned in another thread due to me working a lot and being a father, I do not have 10s of hours per day to play - at most 2-3 hours, if that. So it took months to mine a little bit here, and a little bit there - by using ONE scanner of course (where as Fox mentioned in that time you cannot do anything but wait). This way I managed to earn some 180+ million quantas which I am now using to buy stuff and build my large capital Starship. Yes, to BUY the elements I need. It should simply not be possible for me to be specialized in mining and at the same time also specialized in everything else, create factories, refineries, industry, everything .... As I mentioned in my video review: it is simply unrealistic and ridiculous that EVERYONE can build bloody FACTORIES in a matter of hours - this should never have been so - because the game is going for realism, and in reality you don't see 8 billion people on earth all running around and building bloody FACTORIES. Building a factory should be, just as in real life, an end game achievement, only possible if done by hundreds if not thousands of players together with combined efforts of multiple people specialized in different things (miners, builders, engineers, electricians). It is horrendously STUPID that you can click a few buttons on the interface, wait a bit and - voila - you just built a WHOLE DAMN FACTORY .... ugh.
  11. I never produced any elements or parts. Mainly because it's a hassle and unrealistic (I created a few of the machines in the beginning and laughed at how stupidly easy was to create factory-grade machinery by me, one person). So, what I did was: I mined for a few days. It was annoying and tedious, since there is no PVE or quests or exploration (for now), a way to earn money in a more traditional way, ... but anyway: I mined here and there and earned some 180 Million quantas. These I am spending now by going to the market and buying elements I need to build stuff, like the large Starship I am building right now. I don't have much time to play, since I work a lot and am a father of five - but the few hours per day I do enjoy building my Starship. Hopefully, until I am done building, more stuff will come to the game, i.e. more exploration, quests, etc. For those people complaining about the industry: It sounds as if the industry is the only thing you were doing in this game - maybe then, this being an mmoRPG, is not quite the right game for you?
  12. The thing is I did some Livestreams with beta keys giveaways, and now there are 6 keys being shown as "Pending" but without an email address (only one is shown with email address) so I have no idea which one is which - and there should be no keys pending because the ones I gave away have already been claimed - I am not sure now if I can click "Cancel Gift" on any of those, or since my "Ruby" product is gone how can I send a key now (the field is missing) ... what a chaos. I wouldn't want to click "Cancel Gift" on any of those after I did the giveaway LIVE on YouTube lol and the people cheered when they won and now it would be like "Oops, nope, no gift for you after all, sorry, love from NQ X)
  13. Kept changing, and now my "Ruby founder" product is gone, and only Gold and Alpha left:
  14. Actually they are utterly uninteresting, because there is no unique loot to be found on them, no "wow" factor, no sense of achievement, when all I can find is a run-of-the-mill wreck which has just normal elements which you can buy in any market. There should be some lore behind the wrecks - how about they are actually wrecks of alien origin? with unique items which cannot be found or bought anywhere, unique technology, artifacts ...
  15. This is already botched - because solo players and small orgs will automatically get discouraged because you can be damn sure you will never be able to get the rewards when large, RICH, organisations waltz in with 1000 ships, surround the planet and claim the riches for themselves, making them even richer. So, yeah, solo players and small orgs will definitely get discouraged and will not bother to even attempt to be part of this anymore.
  16. Do you have the game already (do you have a subscription)?
  17. You could watch my Livestream tonight - I will be giving away another Beta Key (I have already given away 2 keys). Maybe you are lucky and will win To get notified (*shameless advertising*) make sure to subscribe to my YT channel and activate the bell
  18. I just manually added "dual.exe" in Nvidia Control Panel. Then in the GF Experience (Alt + Z) while in game in the settings under "HUD" interface I set the FPS counter to show on the left top corner.
  19. There were times when I could have done this, 20 years ago maybe .... but boy, now? .... I would never do that for ANY game. Format my PC? Seriously? It's a sorry state of a game if you have to format the bloody PC and install everything per hand for it to work. Nah.
  20. It works ingame - just doesn't show up when I take a screenshot with Geforce Experience - but it is shown when I PRNTSCR:
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