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  1. So true. i would pay double the price per month and make 3 alts, but the “game” is not worth my money AND definitely not my time. It excited me the first three month but then- I got literally bored. A pitty because I could have been really great.
  2. Cheers chief! I still owe you a Bavarian beer.
  3. Get rid of Artificial Speed Limits. Makes the game boring to play -without alt-accounts. It’s hours of slow boating either to mission run, either to roid running. Slow boating is no activity. Besides VR a bit. Ore distribution should me managed in regards of tiles. New players can’t find free t2+ tiles anymore. PVP should have different mechanics for hunting and defence including engine or warp disruption. But the Speer limit is a joke. DU needs more PVE content, better mission running, better looting with more interesting rewards, like skill books or skill points bonuses, etc. or discovery missions like if you explore a moon, a planet you can find something interesting. introduction of life system, like food, energy, rest - could improve skill point rate for example, if your char has a cozy environment. Like in RUST. Could make housing, interior and base building more interesting. Energy farms, food farms could be possible and interior would get a function.
  4. sadly I stopped as well - only tweaking skill queue till my 3 month subs runs out. but I will keep an eye on the game, it has so much potential to become a fantastic game. fly safe
  5. Consider to tweak speed limits to make the whole thing a bit more fast, agile and not so time consuming. For example start with 70.000 and then slow down in relation by mass and core accordingly.
  6. The core issue is not the market. the core issue is that there is no free t2+ tile anymore cutting new players like me off from solid t2+ supply. Again I don’t want it on a silver plate. i was scanning for three weeks with two scanners and there is no t2+ tile. And I am not a “casual” gamer but the effort is too high for zero progress. That begun to bother me, when I was standing in front of a lot inactive advanced and uncommon mining units. As soon a new player has established T1 supply and industry the progression to t2 is impossible. Then you only have Roid mining or missions running for cash to buy higher ore. So new players have to “work” while the landlords farm their rigs once in a while and scratch their head why no one does PVP. And the some of the “PVP round table folks” whine about that there are no targets and ask NQ to cut income options in safe zone and NQ-employees are cutting the mission from 180k to 160k, making speed limits and now we even should not drop our cargo anymore. my personal plan was to establish some solid t1 and t2 supply with tiles for almost afk ore generation, establish a little ship-element industry and have a container full of ship parts and BP’s to replace losses when I have time to “play” and step into PVP. Probably whining that there are no targets 😉 anyway, still stick to it and see what’s coming.
  7. Ok, that is a great argument- you are right. What where the proposals from the community? I was not part of alpha, beta phase. Any good links? I really like this game very much, that’s why I wrap my head around this.
  8. You are so funny. Comparing DU and Netflix to explain subscription models. But if You feel like: in that case that would be like each subscriber would own a movie or series that no one else can watch anymore as long the payment of that customer is active. Imagine how that would go? imagine WOW or EVE, no one could consume content or resources permanently in a way that it’s not available to others anymore. Each DU subscriber consumes and blocks content and resources, that is not available or accessible anymore. And that is by game design. as a new player I look at a lot blocked tiles and many are inactive. when I go to Netflix the content is not blocked by a TU from an earlier subscriber. I pay equal money, I want equal access to resources and content like the early birds. And don’t get me wrong here, I don’t want it on a silver plate, but I have no chance regardless how much effort I put in. ja I know Territory-warfare - let’s see.
  9. again, not saying you lose it all. If You wanna quit for a year, haul your stuff to the starting tile and it will be fine. Its about all the inactive ore flowers with just mining rigs on it. corrected loose / lose for Master Sethioz
  10. I understand your point, but how do one miss a sub for weeks, if one plays active? If one don’t have the few bugs a month available I would recommend not to play so much and reconsider life choices. especially when we talk about folks having alts around. i am not against alts or people owning nice tiles. i have issues with folks firing some alts, blocking valuable tiles and resources and then stop paying and playing and expecting to not have any penalties. if DU wants new players to have their way, they need to make room for them.
  11. since builder sell BP’s they can BP their stuff, move to the starting tile and the work is safe. again, it can’t be, that one don’t pay, don’t play and then whine about losing stuff in a sandbox game. if one run out of real cash, move the assets to the starting tile and go to work. inactive not paying accounts need to be cleaned up and wiped, there is no other way to have a healthy rotation regarding of ownership and tiles. active paying and playing accounts support DU and it’s improvement, not paying accounts don’t contribute to DU and therefore the nice assets must become available to those who pay the sub and still support DU.
  12. i don’t agree. You don’t pay, you don’t play you loose the tiles after 1month except your starting tile. this is a chance to clean up not active tiles, especially this t2+ tiles which would be great value to new players who had not been part of the tile rush from launch. I mean that’s nonsense, to maintain tiles with some alts and then there are no consequences for not paying anymore. I mean we would like to see DU to survive, that means you either pay or you are out and make room for new paying folks. as everybody likes to highlight it’s a sandbox, and in a sandbox things get lost. My 2 cent.
  13. I would support this. since we are forced to do slow boating a lot, calibration and harvesting would be at least a good action to do while in flight.
  14. and I like yours 😉 Especially the garden from Hell.
  15. So first of all, I watched the roundtables, and I have to adjust my standpoint a bit. It is cool stuff discussed there. But the PVP forum here is empty, no guides (or very outdated) the wording here is fish, targets etc. and all that comes from NQ is restricting cargo removal. See I don’t mind to be an opponent but I dont want to be helpless just because I don't have a PVP proposed ship. So I like the point of more defensive options. Watching YT videos, non PVP-fitted ships seem to be exactly what you say: targets or fish. And for me the point is not loosing ships, ore, elements or quanta. The problem is, for me- and that was addressed in the round table as well- time. My Risk is loosing hours of real lifetime: Tracking, Flying, Mining, Flying back. - Time. See I have BP's and a alot Spaceship elements in my containers, I can pop up new ships in Minutes and replace my loss. But it takes hours again to get back and continue where I failed. And I think here is something in common. PVP need a lot time flying arround and find targets, PVE need hours to achieve something. Everbody wants some progress ingame in trade for the real lifetime we donate, What ever You do regarding the more interessting gameplay-aspects - it is very very time consuming, in my opinion. anyway Fly safe o7
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