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    Gojo_Ryu reacted to Imperator in Terran Union Armed Forces   
    "Are you wondering why you should join us? Join us if you want to be greater than just yourself, don't read about history, make it. If you want to win glory, a place for yourself in the annals of time, we are your best choice. If you want to be the best, join us in our path to greatness, with you by our side were sure to last. If your tired of organisations that dont return your efforts, we will address that. But really, if thats not enough for you, you can join us because you simply want to work with like minded people, those who share your ambition and goals, and that's not even considering our healthy bonus packages. So, Soldier, are you in?"

    Terran Union Armed Forces are looking for individuals in several occupations ranging from fighter pilot, gun crew, ship engineer, marine, team leader and more, please don't hesitate to contact the following individuals on discord for more information:



    Imperator#2402 - Head of National Space Forces

    Zedivann#9604 - Head of Terran Union Military Intelligence

    DesertWolves#9261 - Head of National Defense Forces


    Come be a part of the largest dedicated military organization in Dual Universe!


    Note: requirements to join TUAF are citizenship with the Terran Union(TU) and approval from the Terran Union Military Intelligence director (TUMI).



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    Gojo_Ryu reacted to CyberCrunch in Orbits   
    I know constantly moving things around is usually avoided in a voxel based game, but its very immersion breaking to see that everything in the universe is just static.
    JC also talked about how they want to move the planets around the sun. But apparently in the current state of the game only the skybox is moved around and every voxel is static...
    Of course there are more important problems on the roadmap, but there should be at least some mechanics to create the illusion of movement in space! (at lease after release )
    The first precondition for this mechanic is of course to keep the server-load as minimal as possible, so I came up with some basic suggestions:
    - Rotating spheres:

    Around every planet and sun in the universe is a rotating sphere that defines 0 speed (or static voxels). So as long as you are inside a sphere everything seems static. Therefore all moons / asteroids are static inside a planet-sphere, and all planet-spheres are static inside a sun-sphere.
    If a player moves from one sphere-area to another, it's speed is mapped to the new sphere, and he is slowed down to match the 0-reference of the sphere.
    An obvious problem are the transition areas between 2 spheres, where objects are moving at very high relative speeds to one another. A solution could be that Objects are always pulled away from transition areas, so no one can park there ship in these critical areas.
    - Fixed orbit "rings":

    Everything in the universe is still static, but around every planet, or moon there are fixed rings that define where an object can "orbit".
    Ships that want to orbit around the planet can "dock" to these rings, by entering a marked area. The ship then gets teleported into the ring with 0 speed, thereby preventing crashes with objects inside the ring.
    The size of objects in the rings is limited, so they can't reach through the ring-walls.
    I think especially the 2. option would be easy to implement without breaking the rest of the universe. Probably players will find a way to abuse, or break this mechanic. But at least this would enable some sort of orbiting.
    I'm sure NQ already considered some solutions for that problem, but are working on more important topics.
    Maybe we can find a compromise that looks cool, without breaking the game.^^
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    Gojo_Ryu reacted to Ripper in What Information would cause you to up your pledge?   
    Hey guys,
    I'm very excited about DU, and fully intend to upgrade my pledge.  I've been burnt in the past, and there are a few things I'd like to see before jumping up to a higher package.  Here are some of the things I'd like to know.
    I've seen the server load, with thousands of bots roaming around.  I'd like to know more on how they were implemented.  My biggest concern is bandwidth limitations.  Sending positional data of 1000 players TO 1000 players is a LOT of bandwidth.  How was that bandwidth modeled?
    I'd like to know more about Sensors.  I believe this is integral to LUA scripting.  Are they all omni-directional, or are there hemispheres, cones, beams, and planes?  Can we limit their range so that we can isolate the area to a corridor in a ship?
    I'd like to know more about LUA scripting.  I've read the dev blog, but I'd like to see a video of linking a system element to a control element, linking an RDMS tag to the control element, and linking a control element to something like a thruster.  Then manipulating the thruster
    An entire video should be devoted to RDMS the interface, and use.
    I'd like to see more of the "shaping tools", and their use.
    What would prompt you to up your pledge?
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    Gojo_Ryu reacted to Lethys in What does the Dual Universe name mean?   
    See https://board.dualthegame.com/index.php?/topic/10110-kickstarter-ama-event-second-part/ for reference:
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    Gojo_Ryu reacted to Ripper in Scripting Range   
    Scripts and constructs will be downloaded when you reach a yet to be determined and balanced range.  It doesn't matter whether they activate via proximity or not.  They all download to your client, because they are all physically represented within the game.
    JC has indicated that some contructs may activate by proximity based upon a yet to be determined and balanced range.
    No information has been provided on sensors or ranges.
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    Gojo_Ryu reacted to Robert_Brightstar in Scripting Range   
    I've heard alot about scripts won't work unless you're online and close to the object.  What exactly is the range on these scripts?  Do they all have the same range or do they have different ranges depending on type of object / size / power used / skill level?  Is there a way to extend that range with other objects or skills?  This is very important for us small organizations who don't have too many other players to rely on.
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    Gojo_Ryu reacted to DarkTemplar in WAY TO GO NOVAQUARK!!! (thrusters & physics model)   
    I can imagine someone (me) writting the code to manage thrust incorrectly and spinning around in circles.
    I can also see this used offensively. Someone on the inside of an enemy org sneaks into the code of say one of their troop transports. Set a trigger. Most likely time after activation to dramatically change thrust inputs and screw them over. (If you can set a trigger in lua)
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    Gojo_Ryu reacted to Ripper in WAY TO GO NOVAQUARK!!! (thrusters & physics model)   
    I just wanted to compliment NovaQuark for the work they've done in the physics model.
    I just watched JCs latest DevDiary video.  It left me speechless.   It demonstrated a basic hovercraft, and each engine applying newtonian thrust to the ship.  This is EXACTLY what the community is looking for.  This type of thrust, will be a challenge for builders and scripters, but in the end, its exactly whats needed.
    I'd also like to see a demo of the same type of physics in space without gravity.
    But the video confirms that the devs are "shooting" for a newtonian physics model. 
    Here's the DevDiary:
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    Gojo_Ryu got a reaction from MinerMax555 in Is it cheating to create an org of alts?   
    In terms and conditions there is a paragraph that states that you are not allowed to make Alts in order to give an unfair advantage. I would think this scenario qualifies as unfair advantage.
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    Gojo_Ryu reacted to yamamushi in A LUA "Core Unit Emulator" Tool for New Programmers   
    First, and most importantly, this isn't an official NovaQuark project, and I don't have any idea what the interfaces in the actual game will look like, I'm basing most of this off of the LUA Dev blog and my knowledge of how C/C++ bindings are exposed to LUA. If they want me to change the name of this I'll be happy to. Secondly, I have no idea where this topic belongs so I'm posting it here in General. I think we need a programming-related subforum but that likely won't happen until Alpha at the soonest. 
    Over the Holidays I was thinking about tools I could work on now that might be of some interest to people out there. Things like a ship crew scheduling app, a wiki for programmers, a timeline site keeping track of DU events, a ship delivery scheduling utility, etc. Ultimately, however, I kept coming back to this idea, as it would help me while learning a new language for my job and it would help people who don't know much about LUA (or programming in general) start to wrap their head around what it might be like in DU (as well as help some of those AI-projects out there). 
    I came up with the idea to create a Core Unit "Emulator" as a standalone web service that people can target with LUA scripts. 
    I'll try to explain what this looks like... 
    A programmer would set up LUA on their computer, install the LUA sockets module, as well as copy a piece of code into their own projects that would bootstrap them into being able to communicate with a server over the net.
    From there, function calls into an object would act as calls to a "Core Unit", which under the hood would really just be some socket communications going on to a server doing all of the actual work. 
    From the perspective of a programmer, they get access to various details about a ship (speed, velocity, pitch, yaw, rotation, etc) that they have to adjust to meet a set of parameters (per round) after a simulation is run. So your scripts would have to account for things like losing an engine, running low on fuel, turbulence, etc. and ultimately get the ship into a given set of passing parameters within a given period of time. 
    Alternatively, I could write a standalone program that you use to run your scripts against, it doesn't particularly matter to me if it's a remote service or not. 
    How does this help new programmers? It would give the ability for people to try writing LUA in a way that resembles what LUA programming in games is actually like. 
    It won't be what Dual Universe is exactly like, none of us have the ability to write something like that because we can't know what the interfaces actually are. However, it will give you enough experience in LUA to be able to adapt what you learn very quickly. Ultimately it comes down to having a set of elements giving you information via function calls, processing that information, and being able to do things with said elements via other function calls. If you can get around that basic concept then you'll be in a much better position overall. 
    It would give people an excuse to start learning LUA now, but it won't be very "fun" or realistic, and you'd have to use it knowing that it's not like Dual Universe at all. There probably wouldn't really be graphics either, you'd be flying by sensors only... 
    I'd even love some help building it on the server side, which I'm currently doing in Golang because I have to learn it for my job. It's not super difficult to program in, but it would certainly be cool to have a helping hand on programming the actual physics side of things. I just don't want to do it all myself, although things like this tend to go that way. 
    All in all, I'd be willing to help people learn LUA along the way as well, provided you have some knowledge about computers already. You could easily take what you learn and apply it to other games that are scripted through LUA as well (WoW is one of them). 
    Who would be interested in even using something like this?
    I guess I should make a video explaining all of this, as this wall of text is probably too verbose. 
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    Gojo_Ryu reacted to Zamarus in Non Lethal Training Weapons   
    I know something like this is far from priorities but wouldn't it be great to have some kind of dummy gun? You can fire it, it make sounds and simulates the impact without hurting anyone. You could use it in training facilities built by your faction, mock battles and military drills in general. Maybe even for play like paintball if players are creative enough. 
    What do you guys think about a training gun in general? I'd like to hear everyone's reasoning for why it's good/bad/whatever. 
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    Gojo_Ryu reacted to Zamarus in Transported Goods Safety   
    It is a cool idea but that means the transporter takes all the risk and not their employer. For example i could send my goods and get the initial deposit followed by using it as insurance money when the transporter i hired gets robbed along the way. The transporter would not only have paid the deposit from his own pockets but also lost the goods and now i as employer did not really get that hurt but the transporter got royally screwed.
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    Gojo_Ryu reacted to Kurock in Transported Goods Safety   
    Did someone say "player run insurance"?
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    Gojo_Ryu reacted to Aesras in Transported Goods Safety   
    The simple fact is that there is no hardcore quest system like in normal MMO, a "quest" is formed via a contract system, for example I post a job on a local job board that I will trade 100 iron for 5 gold, you accept the job or "quest" so to speak, and then lets also say that you have to come to my location to trade the iron for gold, it is totally okay for someone to steal your iron while you are coming to my location, there is going to be no safety net for such job systems so the risk is definitely there which I think will make the game more immersive, atleast thats what I understand.
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    Gojo_Ryu reacted to Zamarus in Transported Goods Safety   
    I definetally think it would be unhealthy to have safety nets when it comes to this, if you have valuable cargo then you either transport it yourself or find someone you can trust to do it for you
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    Gojo_Ryu reacted to Shockeray in Transported Goods Safety   
    I am personally of the opinion that they should be able to be stolen and players should have to come up with their own means of managing who are reliable and trustworthy transporters.
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    Gojo_Ryu reacted to Caesares in An Apology and Explanation   
    It is I, the nefarious, evil, wicked, retarded and dastardly creator of the Intergalactic Banking Federation. Now first off, I would like to say that what I did was wrong, obviously, and that I in general should not have done it. However, I find that a lot of people did not understand why I had made this organization. I recently moved to DU from Star Citizen. The problem I had with Star Citizen was that, first off, it was not being made, and, second off, each main economy had it's own industry giant, with no hope of catching up. Many of these organizations had joined early, and where stuffed with alternate accounts that had been made before SC had decided to stop players without packages from being able to join orgs.
    Despite this, accounts that had already joined where not affected, allowing large organizations to remain in control mostly because they inflated the numbers. 
    So, then I saw DU. I instantly sold what I had in SC, and switched over. There was no way you could compete with those giants. But, looking through the organizations, I grew worried. Much of the accounts in the larger orgs (TU, Void) seemed to be fake, or at least inactive. This worried me. After already being scammed out of years of time hoping for SC, I did not want to go through the same thing with DU. 
    So, I made the IBF. I made multiple alt accounts (how I did so I will later explain). The only goal in my mind was to see that, if I pushed hard and made all the accounts so that the community would see, what would Novaquark do? 
    Also, as a note, the perpetrator of these activities where me, myself, and I. There was no one else involved.
    In the end, Novaquark shut down the organization I had made, which gives me an enormous amount of joy. In SC, the devs don't want to attack the big orgs, because they are their main customers, and they simply don't care. To see devs and moderators shutting down an org, but still allowing the accounts to be free as a kind of second chance was also uplifting, because it shows that the people at Novaquark (I hope I spelling this correctly) don't want to be strict on any one, and are free to second chances. 
    So, in the end, my mission is accomplished. You may not like or approve of my methods, and after this neither do I (I had a surprising amount of stress because of this, resulting in me typing this going on 70 hrs of no sleep), but at the end of the day it made me a staunch DU fan and believer. 
    How I Made That Alts And How To Stop Alts
    The most annoying thing about the signup system right now for an alt-maker is the recaptcha. This requires a human to do the recaptcha and puzzles it gives. (That is what would take up the majority of the ten hours I spent making alts)
    However, the other things people thought would be difficult, password, email, nickname, where not that difficult. For email I would use guerilla mail, since you can make unlimited email addresses and for usernames I simply came up with them or had a generator open. On average, it took 3 minutes to make a convincing alt, and about 2 min to make a really horrible alt.
    Now, there is a very easy way to stop this. Don't allow more than three alts per IP address (all the accounts I made, totaling 150, where made on two devices) do not allow users to have guerilla mail emails, and add more human-required brain work, such as maybe answering a code or making sense out of phrases in the email before the verification process for the accounts begins. 
    If all of this is done, the average time for one alt account could exceed 20-30 minutes.
    Also, maybe require filling out payment info, or at least residence, that way someone cannot be two people in the system.
    The Apology Part:
    I know I might have caused some pain recently. Whether annoyance, anger, or frustration, it was my fault. Please understand, I absolutely hate alts. They where what made me leave SC. I wanted to see if DU could be affected in the same way. The pain, annoyance or frustration I caused was completely my fault, and I sincerely apologize.
    Getting to know this community, and see it come together to fight my organization was very empowering and motivating. I am now certain that this game will come out, because of the people who make up it's community and the developers, who listen to that community.
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    Gojo_Ryu reacted to DarkTemplar in This has to end...   
    To add on. None of them (Bar SongOfStorm) has pledged, Which is highly sus for such a big org. None of them have profile pics, again sus. And if they are all new members, why have they gone to this one org and none of the others, considering they're all in one org only. Some of them were even made with the same naming conventions. Im not usually one to call out alt or anything like that, but I think they need to be at least checked out.
    Edit: doubled checked and there's profile pics, but really?
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    Gojo_Ryu got a reaction from Villspor in Is it cheating to create an org of alts?   
    In terms and conditions there is a paragraph that states that you are not allowed to make Alts in order to give an unfair advantage. I would think this scenario qualifies as unfair advantage.
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    Gojo_Ryu got a reaction from cnemus in Submit your Questions for our GDC Q&A with JC!   
    What happens if you log out while in a ship flown by others?
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    Gojo_Ryu got a reaction from Ajhkhum in DU Battle Royale [Forum Game]   
    Well Ajhkhum, you did threaten me. I don't like being threatened. Now you pay the price for your arrogant ways.
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    Gojo_Ryu got a reaction from Evil_Porcupine in DU Battle Royale [Forum Game]   
    Well Ajhkhum, you did threaten me. I don't like being threatened. Now you pay the price for your arrogant ways.
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    Gojo_Ryu got a reaction from Alex_Rogan in Submit your Questions for our GDC Q&A with JC!   
    How does the weapon crafting work? How customizable will it be?
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    Gojo_Ryu got a reaction from maximpact in Submit your Questions for our GDC Q&A with JC!   
    How does the weapon crafting work? How customizable will it be?
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    Gojo_Ryu got a reaction from maximpact in Submit your Questions for our GDC Q&A with JC!   
    What happens if you log out while in a ship flown by others?
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