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  1. In terms and conditions there is a paragraph that states that you are not allowed to make Alts in order to give an unfair advantage. I would think this scenario qualifies as unfair advantage.
  2. Well Ajhkhum, you did threaten me. I don't like being threatened. Now you pay the price for your arrogant ways.
  3. Ajhkhum come to zone C1 then i will hand it over.
  4. This is the right way. As one who have never been fond of open world pvp sandbox, because i risk getting killed a lot just so that i can get from A to B or to do something fun, loosing skill points because you had a trade route would just feel like punishing the weak and the unlucky even more. Like if i have just been hired to escort someone i die due to pirates and find out i lost some xp. in the future i would only do such jobs on a secondary no-good character to take risks, make money and send it to my main character. That would be far from immersive.
  5. While i totally agree this would be cool (companies designing engines would be a thing!!!) i'm afraid that it could look very weird and be a bit hard for new players to get in to how they even build a ship. Perhaps it should be like an option so you could just use pre made components or design your own depending on your needs, deadline and skills. I am not sure how you imagined it done but i think the most effective way (and the way most it would get the best look) would be designing your engine in a minecraft kind of way and then depending on the blueprint you create different materials will be needed and the design will be somewhat the same. In space engineers i used the hell of a long time providing my ship with oxygen if a similar system was used for engines in DU i think i would never get started.
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