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  1. Don't you DARE. Kill Evil first, at least. I saved your lives, you owe me.
  2. Just as the earth crumbles you hear something shouted on the coms: "REVENGE!"
  3. Who would want to be more than a man? Everyone is free to choose their last words, and I choose defiance.
  4. Wow, things went out of hand pretty quickly. I'm sorry, big boy. Now, bring it on, kittens! I will teach you one last lesson. Give me glory, give me blood, give me war. Lets make sure that whoever sees this finds a story to tell for eternity. Come on, cowards. You won by treason, you won by lies: come to get your prize.
  5. I would tottally said that. So...die suckers!
  6. yeah, so? you'll need a bit more of stabbing to go down, so even better for me!
  7. Well, he made it to the end...his end.
  8. I said...I would hunt you to the end of the Earth, fucker! PS: I'm RPing, no offence meant.
  9. By the way, WHEN I kill the kid, I expect you guys to stand outside of it, we want to keep the victims as low as possible, right?
  10. Hey, kid! I'm sure you can hear me somehow if you can send that shit. You better be really, REALLY convincing WHEN I find you. Because I will.
  11. There was a freaking HOT SPRING IN E1?! Damn it, so that awkward night was not needed? I would have been soooo nice to know that.
  12. Goju_Ryu, Hand that Rocket Fuel over me and walk away form the Space Jet and you won't be hurt, I promise.
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