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  1. There are two kinds of subscriptions which I can think of off the top of my head. Monthly subscriptions and hourly subscriptions. The difference is as follows. Monthly subscriptions last for a duration of months after their activation and constantly count down regardless of whether or not the player is online. Hourly subscriptions pay directly for the hours a player can be online, which can be used whenever the player wishes, meaning that you are directly paying for the time you are online. The inclusion of both would be very beneficial for creating freedom in choice for purchasing time t
  2. Eh, I was thinking from a game play standpoint. The idea was to ask if people thought these things would be "fun" to use.
  3. I would be okay with a system of payment that isn't so constricted by time. I would never be willing to pay on a monthly basis. The constraint of only being able to get online for a month is suffocating. So why not replace that model with a similar one that is essentially buying hours to play the game, so that it is still a subscription, but instead of being pressured to play the game as much as possible, one could decide that the game in it's current state just doesn't suit them and would rather wait a while and save the hours they bought until a later time when the person actually wants to p
  4. The problem with ark weapons is that electrical currents caused by lightning only travel along the outside of surfaces that they touch. Basically they just don't harm ships in space, however I could see them being added as an anti-infantry weapon and for overloading energized armor. The other problem with them is the immense energy requirements, but hey it's Sci-fi so who cares. Tesla weapons are now on the list.
  5. Here are all the things I'd like to see on the battlefields of Dual Universe, whether in space or at your base. -Weapons- Cannons Lasers Missiles Mines Flak Electromagnetic Pulses (including ion cannons) Railguns Plasma Rockets Corrosive Cryo Bombs Tesla -Defenses- Solid Armor Reactive Armor Magnetic Shielding Energized Armor Deflector Shields Absorbing Shields Stealth Self Mending Armor -Mechanics- Cannons require ammo and are versatile yet slightly less powerful than more specialized weapons, coming in all shapes and sizes from automatic rifle caliber guns to large mortars Lasers re
  6. I just had an idea (probably got it from everyone else's) for ark stones that could fit nicely. As I see it ark stones are a way to protect builder's creations until said creations are able to protect themselves via security contracts or other methods. It would generally help the economy if there was an incentive to both explore and stay in a single area, promoting interaction between players at the same time as expansion. Ark stones could easily support this by being scattered around the universe and having a set charge until running out of power and deactivating. Replacing ark stones would b
  7. Arkified areas really are a double edged sword. As long as there are game mechanics that allow for "invincible areas", there will also be ways for these to be exploited by PVP, whether it be through shipments or strategic value. The alternative is no truly safe zones for people to reside in resulting in frustration of those without any form of defense. Both options cannot function together, leading to the conclusion that they have to be separated entirely while still providing benefits to each other. In order to find this compromise between the two functionalities we need to consider the
  8. Anyone get thoughts of the Flood from Halo when they read this? Because I certainly did.
  9. You can thank me for that idea To expand on what was just said I will add to it that this could make galactic E-Sports a thing WITHIN a game. Virtual reality can also serve the function of any other wacky mini game that just wouldn't make sense in the main universe. The game itself is one giant story that every player gets to take part in. The more it feels like a second life the better. I think bounty would make a great mechanic to counter people who like to be mean for no reason.
  10. And to do that the spawn hub becomes obsolete. I think the only way spawn killing can really be avoided is by avoiding the spawn killers themselves. This could be accomplished in a few ways, mine below being an example of how it might work. One way is the one I suggested, making ark ships spawn a set distance away from the central cluster of players and then allowing a community of newly joined players to pop up around that ark ship. These ships would come with onboard tutorials for the new players to start up a community and learn the game. The ship would also include information for thes
  11. That would allow just any player to disable the whole field protecting that area. Not exactly a good plan in my eyes. Still gonna go with the idea that a state of war with a "significant" faction would be the only way to temporarily remove the no pvp shield. In which case all city/basewide defenses would turn on and begin attacking the invaders. Should that city be deemed precious due to the presence of monuments then it is up to the defenders to preserve it. One thing to note about builders in this game is that they won't be making just static things to be looked at. Whether it be a home,
  12. I was thinking about a beacon system which allows players to find where civilization currently resides as well as a system for reclamation. It would be cool to come back to an abandoned city and find it overgrown with plants and weathering. Side note: If a player decided to come back to the game after 10 months of inactivity that would be hilarious to watch his reaction.
  13. I also agree. This is the way it should work.
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