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  1. I have a suggestion to improve the "thank you's" for those of us who have supported the game for so long and are about to lose everything. Give us one magic dynamic construct blueprint of our choice. Being able to bust out my M-core ship to get started with would be a game changer for making me want to jump in and start over again.
  2. NQ... please don't push this one out. This feels like .23 all over again. We got used to schematics. Was anyone STILL complaining enough to really warrant this redo? You keep talking about game balance, but I'm playing on my own and doing just fine. You keep nerfing things (still ticked I had to add all those extra adjustors to my ship and junk it up). Now your going make industry need regular maintenance. I already spend the first 20-30 minutes a day playing checking mining units. I HATE THAT. This will only add to it. Either dump the schematics altogether or leave it alone. I don't speak up on the forums often, but I'm telling you... you push this one out, kiss your remaining player base goodbye.
  3. The blur that you're using when traveling in space at high speed hurts my eyes. Traveling at 20,000 km/h didn't make anything blur for US astronauts and it doesn't need to in game. The new engine effects look cheap. Almost cartoonish. I'm not opposed to some of the "fire" effects instead of the blue light, but it was a shoddy job on their design.
  4. Quick thoughts... Tone down the warp animation. That's a bit much. The atmo flight nerfs... you're killing me smalls. I have a ship with 12 Rare L Military engines and I could barely get off the ground. Used to roar right off the planet. I don't have room to add engines without making my ship look stupid. Space engine changes, I'm kind of ok with. But, you're fixing problems that we aren't complaining about (aka don't exist).
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