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  1. aaaah that was why i had tons of iron in seperate containers. to add weight. thanks
  2. not really, this is what happens when workers are ignored repeatly, NQ could have the good coders but if you keep ignoring them you get a meeeh product. and a huge employee rotation. personally i think the NQ work etich is "meeeeh good enough for now, it sort of work i fix it later" which would explain the errors we see
  3. are the other planets also re balanced, i am thinking on returning. but i want to play a fun game and not to chores. right now DU is to much work and no fun
  4. we do not think you are angry or ranting all the time, we KNOW
  5. perfect you can do what ever you want in what ever manner, shape or form you want. freeform openworld, yes please
  6. i had this error on my sanct tile, NQ could not solve it so i essentially had a tile with no surface rocks from beta start to 0.24 what did solve it was quitting the game around 0.24 and coming back now... weeeee....
  7. schematics turned the game from an open building game in tot a mining grind fest survival simulator, which for me is just a big no. So patch .23, combined with all the other errors and DU apparent meeeeh good enough attitude was the nail in my coffin
  8. @Eternal you fail to understand the nature off open world games. Most do, don't worry. EvE has tons of content, it is just created by players. but it only works for players that do not require fixed rails to lead them from point A to B. You should try an embrace the open world, make your own content and ideas. You want pvp, just attack someone. You want a reason, they have two legs and looked at you funny. eve has no economy... ROLF 2 sec google search > https://www.eveonline.com/news/view/monthly-economic-report-may-2021
  9. Support for Windows 7 ended on January 14, 2020. so no company is going to support that, even less so a company that struggles as much as NQ does
  10. you can get your account reset, but why would you ever do that. With skill being earned over time, they are the most valuable assets you have, it would be crazy to wipe them out.
  11. That was 20 years ago. You left out the bits where the judge was found to be biased and Sun's ceo seemed a bit too cheer full. And i must assume you agree with Sun since your liked that article, Sun Bought by Oracle in 2009. Oracle a company notorious for crazy as f. law suits and mafia like licensing schemes I think this should have ended here:
  12. You know you can change the compile settings and add libs right? But for a monopoly to exist MS should have block other compilers and libs. Does MS block other compiles or libs, no they do not ? It is not a monopoly that linux failed to make unified desktop frame work across all distro's btw that is the strengh of Apple OS's as well, unified and controlled frame work
  13. non of that is monopolies. - dot net is just an issues not matter where you find it. - There are quite a lot of compiles for linux, MS does not dictate what you use - Why would MS make a linux version of directx, linux have had 20 years to make a unified gfx package, not a MS problem - why do you use vs redistributes if you make linux apps ?
  14. IE from 2013, do you have something newer or better? You should be happy with the new edge that is using chromium You are free to install any browser on windows, they do not lock that. that monopoly was broken around 2000
  15. The apple environment is even more evil then MS and Google combined, but even they are not a monopoly. Draconian ass hat's sure, but not a monopoly.
  16. There is no monopoly on OS's. doesn't matter if we like the most used OS or not. you are free to run what ever OS you want
  17. The government should not dictate what OS private persons and corporations use period . That is just an amazingly bad idea. The goverment can fund opensource if they like Goverment run schools should be OS agnostic. but you pdf example is good, that is the level most normal users are on. Acquiring a PDF read is to hard, so how do you think they will handle windows
  18. Yes, maybe not for reasons that are fair in your eyes, but yes. Users do not want to spend 1 single second learning some "cool" new OS, they want something that works, that is easy and preferably the same as at work. That is windows. There is no fix, If linux wanted to be a desktop, they could have united 20 years ago and made a single unified system, instead now we have a new fork every week and apps dieng left and right as the private developers leave their project. Few corporations are going to put money in to something that is so unstable and unpredictable.
  19. @GraXXoR you could move your mac's to windows and save the free mac license
  20. We need "Dramatic Exit" doors in real life, it would be hilarious
  21. Changing direction and re-evaluation your heading can be a daunting task, but continue on a path to doom isn't better. Some times you have to stop what your doing, evaluation your situation and take that stinky hard choice. Hell, unless your code is mess and inconsistent as f. it might not be that bad once you get started
  22. you could try and launch the game as admin, back when i played NQ messed up the files some how once in a while and launching the game just once as admin would fix it.
  23. They already use behavioral psychology, in this case it's just called Game Theory. well or fail to. But it doesn't really matter the case of DU as the foundation is broken. Minecraft, at the time MS bough them was a rock solid foundation of epic proportions, but even that can be broken really fast by a bunch of psychologies and marketing employees trying to squeeze the lemon just a weee bit more
  24. try use the nanocrafter it's slow as f... Bottom line, NQ does not want creative free form PVE/PVP. They have set down their rules and taking away the ball, which is fine. I tried they new fun game, it did not feel fun for me, cannot even be bother to login for the daily bonus. bye DU the idea was fun while it lasted.
  25. My suggested solution is to stop looking at skill points, you will get there eventually in the mean time play the game and have fun. Do focused sprints if required but other wise just fill your que with what ever you think you need. In regards to future players, yes old players will have more diversity, but they can only do 1 thing at a time, meaning if i focus piloting a new player would be able to over take me in industry and so on. At the end of the day skill points is a way for game makers to get you invested in their game, it a mind game to hook you in, dont play
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