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  1. Heh i assume your are calculating in US $, 2000 per month would not be far from what a part time intern gets per month in my part of EU
  2. Once there was casual play, it was before .23 when you could logon and do what ever you wanted with out being pushed in to a second none paying job. Based on your post you focus mainly on quanta or other means to compare your self to others, that is a mindset error where you always will struggle to catch up. The casual mindset is to just logon and do what ever the f. you fancy at the moment. knowing full well some one is making billions mining that mega node or scamming the market. Long and short term goals are still very much doable, there is just no rush to be on top and in front of every one.
  3. what kind of food, personally i am trying to eat a big cake so it doesn't go bad... yep that is, must prevent it from decaying
  4. @Elitez you are the one that seems unable to handle peoples feedback if it does not align with you viewpoints. sometimes the truth hurt but it must be said, questioning peoples right to be here is bonkers and very negative.
  5. People are projecting their long term experiences with DU / NQ, you might not like them and it might sound negative, but in reality it is feedback for what people think is wrong and should not be taken personal. In NQ case that feedback has been ignored for a long time, so it has turned a sour as people again and again are being let down by NQ.
  6. isTransparent then RenderAttachedSurface so much negativity here in this threat and no trust in NQ abilities to add simple stuff, it is not like NQ has spend the last decade adding mmm... well they have added something
  7. it is even worse if you consider that there is no way DU has 100000 active users
  8. Hey NQ you started this very active thread, perhaps, oh i don't know, answer some of the questions and do that communication thing
  9. Thank you NQ, doesn't it feel better to get this off you chest. Talent points, are the reset and removed or just reset? - It is mention there is more on that later, but i failed to hear it, is it later as in another comms? How much time is there roughly until reset, days, weeks, months? The time frame will tell us how we can play, eg if there is few days left you go all out attacking everyone or other such silly stuff, but with months remaining you just chill and play normally
  10. ---ENG While i understand you frustration, you are not entitled to any monetary compensations what so ever. You joined a kickstarter game which is always a gamble, only do that if you are ready to lose. As time went on NQ has become more and more untrustworthy so if you have paid for subscriptions that is also entirely on you, no one has forced you to thrown money at NQ. Personally i bought the KS lie, but have no intention to sub in any form as DU today is not what was promised in the KS, not even close. --- FR Bien que je comprenne votre frustration, vous n'avez droit à aucune compensation monétaire. Vous avez rejoint un jeu kickstarter qui est toujours un pari, ne le faites que si vous êtes prêt à perdre. Au fil du temps, NQ est devenu de plus en plus méfiant, donc si vous avez payé des abonnements qui vous incombent entièrement, personne ne vous a forcé à jeter de l'argent sur NQ. Personnellement, j'ai acheté le mensonge du KS, mais je n'ai aucune intention de me substituer sous quelque forme que ce soit car DU aujourd'hui n'est pas ce qui a été promis dans le KS, même pas proche.
  11. sulfer melts at just above 100c and iron melt at above 1500c, yet iron has less thermal resist then sulfer, i always found it funny that something like that made it through the filter
  12. removing or turning off the "world" is not going to work in the long run, no world, no players no money. but perhaps that is the plan
  13. You cannot craft space fuel in the nano crafter
  14. How about the ability to link any number of containers to the core, and allow factories to pull from the core of the construct they are on (no link), that would reduce the massive amount of links not to mention extra containers and transfer units and so on. It would also be more in line with what EvE does so NQ should like that.
  15. Welcome to the club, we are legion, take a seat in a confy chair and look at the house burn, there is plenty and free snack and drink in the kitchen.
  16. The "catch up" is a lie, there will always be some that are in front or behind and that is perfectly fine unless you want a wipe every week? Adding to the tasty reply from a Distinct Mint, you also do not need or use all skills all the times, meaning if i have 10 skills at lvl 5 and you only having 2 skill at lvl 5, but those 2 are the once we using for X task, then we become equal.
  17. Darwinism of a sort. I always wondered if the effect has a true name, since it is not unique to DU and seen else where as well
  18. @NQ Has the idea and plan for DUs future moved so far away from the original Open world premise towards survival/management that players wanted an Open World game should reconsiders and leave DU for good?
  19. As a solo casual player ore is now severely restricted. What i can get my self is in effect limited i can get from MUs on my sanct tile and surface mining, you are not going to get far with just the junk of sanct. I think that it is often forgotton in these "discussions" that the remaining players are highly dedicated and often? have multiple accounts. It IS NOT a good representation of the average player that might only login every few days for 1 or 2 hours. 1 good think MU's brought was calibration jobs, i do not do NPC junk at all, but running jobs for other players was a way to get acceptable credits which in turn could be used for ore.
  20. Good services does not matter if the companies are a..holes, as a customer and user you should always call-out such behavior, it is called taking ownership and responsibility of where you monies go
  21. economic stability, how do you figure they can archive that with people leaving the game? the servers are not the resource, the players are the resources, NQ needs to gain and retain users badly
  22. There is no energy or power supply ingame, so it remains one of the last free places where you can build what ever the f.. you want and totally disregard the "puritans" that want to dictate how a ship should look and act.. Should there be energy management ingame, sure in the form of reactors (not linked but pooled for the entire ship) that makes fuel tanks obsolete, add solar panels, power transfers incl direct sale modules, intake container for extra energy charges, gas (sun/gas giant) intake. In essence 1 unified system that powers the entire ship and all elements, want more power add more reactors, want to optimize, remove or add better equipment. no need to add 1 million links and all fuel would become energy.
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