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  1. It sits in their inventory looking pretty, duh. Wait, you think people would actually build the blueprint they bought?
  2. And people like YOU are why this game is going to die. Don't tell other people how the game should be played or what to do in their free time. Removing gameplay options is almost never a good idea, especially when there's already so little to do in the first place. Have fun building your digital civilization with 12 people. The great thing about free markets and capitalism is nobody is required to pay for products they don't like. You and JC may not like the way people are playing the game but guess what, we're the ones paying NQ's bills. It doesn't matter why people le
  3. While I'm sure he's an absolutely brilliant AI engineer, JC is utterly incompetent at game design. With pvp as broken as it is, there were really only 3 attractions to the game: mining, industry, and building. There's a reason everyone was building their own giga factory. There's simply nothing else to do. You could mine and sell ore then buy elements or mine and build your own industry. Most everyone opted for building their own industry because it's both easier and a more efficient use of time. They noticed that markets weren't being used so instead of add
  4. The problem with this patch is it indicates that NQ fundamentally misunderstands their own game. They say they want a universe with a civilization created entirely by players. That requires.... players. When I first started playing the game and was still learning everything, I crashed my ship. I crashed many times. If I crashed close to my base, I'd respawn and run to the ship or take my little starter speeder and repair it. If I was far, I'd simply have to run far or get a ride from someone. It was annoying, sure, but my own fault for crashing and a result of the learning curve. T
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