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  1. Maybe i dont understand something... how could this benefit smaller orgs ? Its the absolute opposite... I have 4 payed accounts, and it would still make me reduce my Base and constuctions.... If this goes live in the way you planing its game over for me. Not because i want, i love the game.... it will simple stop me from playing the game.... stoping player from building and creating in a building and creating game is not a good idea.... If you want to stop orgs from building to much (95% of the world is emty already after last update) then make the limit large enough, so small orgs do not have to reduce thier builds. 100 per Player should be the minimum you should consider. Not everyone has free alfa keys to boost the personal org limits... The last updates i could follow your reasons, to make the game better. But this time is no real gameplay reason, the game gets worsed. Spliting my constructs on all accounts and handle with this rights system and reduce my buildings.... there is absolute no reason that could justify this change. Make it smart or dont touch it, it will stop player from playing. I do not want a game were i can only have industry buildings. I want to be creativ, work on large project and fill the world with life. If i build a large runway, the half of my cores are used already for one char... thats ridiculous
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