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  1. I have firsthand experience with the initial implementation of instances in MMOs, so I understand their history very well. However, I believe there was some misunderstanding in our previous conversation. Specifically, my point was not about why instances are included in games, but rather how they should be incorporated as part of the game world. In my opinion, instances should be integrated into the game world seamlessly rather than feeling like separate, disconnected content, . For example, PvE spots could be found while exploring the open world, and players could encounter roaming fleets or NPC pirates while traveling between different areas. Additionally, hidden structures and caves on planets, asteroids, and moons could offer exciting exploration opportunities. By incorporating PvE content directly into the game world, players would feel more immersed and engaged in the overall gameplay experience. This approach would require a focus on improving the game's world building, rather than simply relying on instances as a separate game feature. If instances are necessary for server stability, it does not necessarily mean that they have to be disconnected from the game world. Even if instances are needed, they can still be integrated seamlessly into the game world. This would allow players to access instances in a way that feels natural and immersive, rather than feeling like a separate gameplay experience. By incorporating instances into the game world, players can still enjoy the benefits of both stability and seamless gameplay. I want to clarify that I never stated that Dual Universe would have all the features I mentioned quickly, nor did I suggest that they would be available soon. I love DU in its current state, but I also believe that the game needs more content and a revitalized world to achieve commercial success. There is a common joke among players that NQ will only begin adding content after the game's release, instead of focusing on the basics during development. However, if NQ continues to work hard and not give up, the only reasonable way forward is to enhance the game's world-building and add meaningful content over time. This approach could ensure the game's long-term success and player engagement. If NQ adds substantial content and revitalizes the game world, they could potentially transition to free-to-play and regain success. However, I find it disheartening to suggest that players should not expect too much from DU because NQ has not prioritized the game. It seems like a resignation or acceptance of mediocrity. Instead, I believe that players should continue to express their desire for a better game and push NQ to fulfill their promises of improving the game. With dedication and hard work, NQ could make DU a truly exceptional game, that last a long time, with a vibrant community of players.
  2. Instances are a common addition to open-world PvE content in most games, and there is a good reason for it. Instances have physical locations inside those worlds. Implementing PvE missions like this in a player-driven world does not make any sense without some requirements first. Dual Universe needs to change and evolve its world building, rather than rely on pointless PvE content that rewards players with Quanta through virtual reality. I doubt I will participate in this content more than a few times, and many others feel the same. In my player community, we are not interested in another Quanta farming mechanic. I believe that unless NQ understands the need to improve their world, Dual Universe will continue to decline. They need to take action now and provide PvE spots to explore in the open world, roaming fleets and NPC pirates, NPC haulers with guards, caves, and hidden structures on planets, asteroids, and moons to explore and earn achievements for cosmetic rewards. They should also add PvE content with direct warp beacons both inside and outside PvP zones. This should be the ultimate goal. If Dual Universe includes all of these features, they can still create instances for some fast gameplay. But we need to create an interesting world.
  3. Hey Novaquark Team, As an enthusiastic player of DU, I really have to tell you that you have a chance to turn things around and lead the game to the success road again. I've heard that you're planning new PvE content, and I'm begging you to not have it take place in instances, but rather in the open game world! From a game design perspective, there are several reasons why it makes little sense to put certain content into instances, especially in a game like DU, which focuses on an open game world: Artificial separation of player experiences: Instances can create an artificial separation of player experiences by interrupting the smooth transition between different aspects of the game. This can lead to the game feeling less coherent and less engaging, as players feel like they are switching between isolated, disconnected areas rather than playing in a cohesive world. Loss of emergence and unpredictability: One of the main advantages of an open game world is the ability to experience emergent and unpredictable events that arise from the interplay of various game mechanics and player interactions. Instances can limit this emergence and unpredictability by creating controlled, closed environments that provide less room for spontaneous encounters and interactions. Reduced social interaction: In an open world, social interactions and shared player experiences are an important aspect of the game. Instances can restrict these social elements by separating players into isolated areas where they may have fewer opportunities to meet and interact with other players. Restricted dynamics of the game world: Instances can limit the dynamics of the game world by isolating events and challenges within confined areas. This minimizes the impact of these events on the entire game world and on players who do not participate in the instance. An open world, on the other hand, allows the effects of events and challenges to spread throughout the game, creating a more dynamic and vibrant game world. Repetition and monotony: Instances can cause the game to become monotonous and repetitive, as they often rely on pre-built scenarios and predetermined sequences. In an open world, however, players have the opportunity to constantly discover new and diverse experiences resulting from the interplay of game mechanics and interactions with other players. Overall, embedding content into instances in a game like Dual Universe, which focuses on an open game world and shared player experiences, can hinder the player experience and lead to the game being less engaging, dynamic, and interesting. This could truly be a turning point for Dual Universe. The decision whether to turn things around and make the game successful or remain stuck in your current thought patterns could make all the difference. If you don't opt for an open-world solution, challenging times for Dual Universe may lie ahead. You have the opportunity to create a lively and successful gaming environment that keeps players engaged in the long run. Surlick-Zek
  4. Maybe i dont understand something... how could this benefit smaller orgs ? Its the absolute opposite... I have 4 payed accounts, and it would still make me reduce my Base and constuctions.... If this goes live in the way you planing its game over for me. Not because i want, i love the game.... it will simple stop me from playing the game.... stoping player from building and creating in a building and creating game is not a good idea.... If you want to stop orgs from building to much (95% of the world is emty already after last update) then make the limit large enough, so small orgs do not have to reduce thier builds. 100 per Player should be the minimum you should consider. Not everyone has free alfa keys to boost the personal org limits... The last updates i could follow your reasons, to make the game better. But this time is no real gameplay reason, the game gets worsed. Spliting my constructs on all accounts and handle with this rights system and reduce my buildings.... there is absolute no reason that could justify this change. Make it smart or dont touch it, it will stop player from playing. I do not want a game were i can only have industry buildings. I want to be creativ, work on large project and fill the world with life. If i build a large runway, the half of my cores are used already for one char... thats ridiculous
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