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  1. Understandable and sounds good. Hope part 2 will be a bit more about the planned additions tho. And I really hope the communication will be kept at a better level as this makes up for a lot if something doesn't go as planned. I hope we can get more information on the stuff planned a month or 2 ahead and I doubt anyone even would have a problem if it doesn't work out or gets postponed as long there is good communication. Most have been playing mmos for years and know not everything goes as planned but getting more involved in the journey ahead would just feel better.
  2. O/ played eve on and off for 15 years or so. Would still play I guess but somewhere they lost their big vision for eve and there is just no more real big stuff they add and one big no go decision after the other... Still had lots of fun in it and it always felt like eve will one day become what star citizen or even DU try to do... Become the full Sci fi experience, well they gave up on that I guess. When they decided not to make dust part of eve and on top a console game, totally screwed up incarna just to never touch it again the magic around eve started more and more to fade...
  3. before i started playing i was hoping for a game i can build a base and a ship and go explore a galaxy with empires expanding and building up i didn't know it was 1 solar system at start and all that i kept in my memory was stargates you have to build and civilizations expanding into the universe. so i was expecting something like elite/no mans sky with a somewhat generated universe. but after all i am still pleased with what DU is atm and it's the perfect game for me and my little son due to the no combat nature atm so well exploring fell a little short in terms of what i though
  4. Sad that the mission system got pushed back but i have to say that i really like the new textures for planets...at least what i saw so far. really got to visit a few more really made the game way more immersive and i haven't been to a planed with new stones or trees. hope you will break the silence a bit more often...the last weeks have been kinda odd with a feeling of "will we here again or not". would be real sad if the game won't make it, besides the issues it's still a gem i hope i can play for the years to come.
  5. for the stuff with trees and graphics i was in the same boat when i started and therefor only logged in a little in my first 2 weeks or so and was quite dissappointed at first...performance was meh and speeding around felt like as you said...a game from the 1980's well still started building a little and said to myself...well at least build a house and see how it goes....well got more and more hooked to be honst over time as i didn't leave the grid so often with the speeder anymore it also looked ok and what really got me was building the first ship and be able to travel to othe
  6. i think it's a good idea that they keep this kind of safe zone because in the end pvp will only be good and will only happen long term if there is a reason for it, you have an option to not have to pvp 99% and it is no reason that a pve player has no where to go but into a pvp zone... let's face it - tho i personally still think darkfall, for those that know this (no safe zone, full loot pvp), was one of the best games i ever played but this no safe zone design will just never work as the big missunderstanding is: let's remove the safe zone so there is more pvp - this is just wrong
  7. i am a few weeks in now and having a a great time too so thanks for that as it's said too seldom the first 2 wweks of beta or so i hardly logged in...but then i started building stuff, figured more and more things out and now a few weeks later the game really got me hooked quite badly in a good way
  8. as i read it this was by now means just general...i mean the GM basically told you it was a issue with whatever a legate did and no exploit or anything, if he would have told you names and what not it would have been quite unprofessional if you ask me. sorry for you loss nevertheless...can understand that this is frustrating
  9. this beta aka soft launch had no more wipes planned and if they would change this later on this will just hurt the game. i think how they handle this is just about right...the basics are there, no wipes planned means those following will spend a lot more time in the game which in return gives way more data for them to fix things. after all they play it safe with only 1 solar system open and can later on just open the universe so there is more then enough to be explored by those that join later and in the end it isn't too bad if there is a well settled system with filled markets ..
  10. i guess this is the reason a lot started playing with beta me included
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