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  1. Hey, i am always gettings this error when trying to update the game: Could not complete the update: game. I already reinstalled, cleared all left over data in like cache, appdata etc...running it as admin but still doesn't work just retried a few times and got a whole 0,2kb of 6gb ^^ worked fine most of the alpha/beta but got this isses like a few patches ago but was not really playing with the wipe thing going on. using win 11. any idea how to fix this? thx
  2. kk thx now i got it, thanks to both of you
  3. thx for the info. so do i undersstand this correctly from the link you posted that when i got a blueprint of a vessel i made during beta i will need a copy to produce it after release?
  4. Hey, so most of the rewards listed in the packs are quite clear. what i don't understand is what these shematic copies rewards are? anyone got a clue what this means? thx
  5. Not being able to come up with a decision in this timefrime really sends out a let's be confident in they know what to do vibe 🤔
  6. Right now... check forums for wipe info. End. Before... been playing with my son. Loop was basically set up a cell/ship component factory and keep it running so we can visit every planet and build something there. When some resources went low we first traveled the planets to refill and later is was more asteroids mining. When there was nothing to mine we built ships in hope for more exploration stuff coming.
  7. that's why i said finished enough and not finished...no need to educate me on how mmos work
  8. tbh atm i am really DUig and would like to play but not going to invest any time before the decision is made. If you touch my skillpoints, constructs or blueprints it's going to be a never very likely. items/money is the thing i might overlook tho i would still find it quite shady after all this time as nothing severe happened. i personally bought in super early before you charged a sub for the beta but if i imagine a lot of PPL payed per month to play the beta...*shrug* i still think even mentioning and thinking of this wipe thing did you more harm than it solved even long term - you will need word of mouth and growth over time as i doubt DU release will be something like 100000000000000000 ppl showing up just because you launched. DU did really progress lately - finally but it is still far from being were most of the players out there will want a game to be to beleive it is finished enough for their time
  9. problem you have: you basically made ppl pay a sub to play beta, so the last thing you should do is remove their skillpoints, the rest is a maybe if you really have too but again, don't touch skillpoints. overall i think if you just do a full wipe it will not only make a lot of your current player base leave but also mouth of word will carry over to new players that you are not reliable in what you say. after all it was said there is no more wipe planned if nothing game breaking happens (which didn't) and even if so it would be very likely only partial so ppl invested a lot more time as they would otherwise - if you now break your word i am quite confident this will not cause big applause among your players. spitting on time invested is always the worst you can do. surely i sounds appealing to wipe in hope to get a massive influx of new players but i doubt this will work this way with a quite niche game that DU is and you should more rely on your veterans to spread the word and take the "release hype" on top. don't make mistakes like many other games did that tried to reach for "the magic new player" that won't come no matter what you change or do and stick to your loyal fan base first or you might lose on both ends. i personally stopped playing when this wipe discussion appeared and didn't log on since...waiting what you decide to see what i will do with it.
  10. well they said in the past they won't wipe if not forced to by unsolvable issues or something like this. i guess this was good enough for a lot to put a lot of hours in the game - i guess a lot will never look back if all is wiped and this includes players that build a lot in the past years and have stopped playing for now waiting for additions that appeal to them. another reason was also that basically the game was meant as a civ building game too and that a universe filled with outposts/starbases and what not offering a foundation for new players to join into is better as a empty universe. a lot of the stuff that is there will never be rebuild and there is a lot of cool stuff around. i'd say if the wipe after all the info that was given they will kill off a good junk of their long following and dedicated player base - mind you that this will not only be those that are playing now. so far i think NQ knows this and therefore is very sensible with wiping (see scan results, which in this case was the right call still :P) and i very much doubt they will do a full wipe on release. i for one am attached to the game for the stuff i built, if i would have to start over by now i doubt i would bother and would just move on.
  11. When I read about Demeter I trashed most of my scans as I didn't even think not wiping them was an option to think of... Afterwards I watched the vblog and was like omg really how can they not wipe...good they listened and changed their mind as I think such a change to mining would be ruined if all old scans would work. But dare you wipe at release after all this time of saying you won't ?
  12. need a 3rd option...taxes are fine but 1st tile on a planet should be excluded and cost should scale with how many tiles you own.
  13. Understandable and sounds good. Hope part 2 will be a bit more about the planned additions tho. And I really hope the communication will be kept at a better level as this makes up for a lot if something doesn't go as planned. I hope we can get more information on the stuff planned a month or 2 ahead and I doubt anyone even would have a problem if it doesn't work out or gets postponed as long there is good communication. Most have been playing mmos for years and know not everything goes as planned but getting more involved in the journey ahead would just feel better.
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