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    FrozenFace got a reaction from huschhusch in Space music   
    Here you can post your favorite space music.

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    FrozenFace reacted to Falstaf in New trailer and it looks great!   
    Hello everyone, 
    Ign just posted a new trailer for DU. I admit being biased but I think it looks great. 
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    FrozenFace reacted to Lethys in Supporter Packs cost less?   
    then just wait until it's released. If you can't afford it - tough luck but you can't change that fact.
    Get a job. Stop smoking. Stop drinking. Don't eat at MCD every week. Stop going out for 3 months and BOOM - you can buy into beta
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    FrozenFace reacted to NQ-Nyzaltar in Pre-Alpha FAQ and Rules   
    Hi everyone,
    Many of you have asked for more information and clarification about the Pre-Alpha.
    To make things a bit easier for everyone we’ve compiled our answers into a this FAQ. 
    Who will have access to the Pre-Alpha?
    All backers with a Gold Founder status (or above), the members of the ATV group,  a small vetted “Friends & Family” group, and the Novaquark staff.
    When exactly will the Pre-Alpha be accessible?
    The first session of the Pre-Alpha will take place Saturday 30th of September:
    - from 3.00 pm to 12.00pm (Midnight) CEST (Paris Time). 
    - from 9.00 am to 6.00pm EST (NYC Time).
    - from 6.00 am to 3.00pm PST (Los Angeles Time).
    We will also have a “trial run” on Saturday September 23rd for the ATV group. This will enable us to run some tests with a smaller (100 players, all under NDA) group of real players before scaling up our efforts for the Pre-Alpha one week later.

    The Trial Run (ATV group ONLY)  will take place Saturday, September 23rd:
    - from 3.00 pm to 12.00pm (Midnight) CEST (Paris Time). 
    - from 9.00 am to 6.00pm EST (NYC Time).
    - from 6.00 am to 3.00pm PST. (Los Angeles Time).
    Additional Pre-Alpha times and dates will depend on the results of these initial sessions. Between these sessions , the development team will improve the game according to the feedback and bug reports submitted during the last session. We will try to give access on a regular basis going forward, but please understand we are looking at these as tests and we do not intend to have the server available on a 24/7 basis yet.
    How will I know when and where to download the Pre-Alpha Client?
    If you are among those who have access to the Pre-Alpha,  we will send an email to the address linked to your Dual Universe account. Instructions for downloading the client will be provided. You will need to be logged into your Dual Universe account to download the Pre-Alpha client. Before you can download the client you will need to agree to and accept the EULA and NDA (which may be part of the EULA). Please note: Downloading and using the client means you have explicitly accepted the EULA and NDA. 
    Can I tell people I am in the Pre-Alpha?
    Unlike many NDAs, you won’t have to “hide” the fact that you are part of the Pre-Alpha Tester group. The reason is simple: it will already be publicly displayed on the forum and the Community Portal because of your Backer status (Gold and above) or the ATV membership mention. 
    Can I share screenshots and videos from the Pre-Alpha?
    Pre-Alpha testers can make screenshots and videos, with two conditions:
    No screenshots or videos may be posted prior to the NDA drop. This means you can make and save videos and screenshots for sharing, but may not post them until Novaquark officially announces the NDA has been dropped. While sharing screenshots and videos with people outside the Pre-Alpha test group is strictly forbidden, we also strongly discourage any sharing between Pre-Alpha testers during the NDA: unless you are 100% sure that those with whom you share screenshots and videos are trustworthy, don't share anything. The reason: if a leak occurs, you will be held responsible for it.  
    All videos and screenshots must retain the “Pre-Alpha” watermark. This is to make it clear to anyone viewing your content that these assets were created using a very early, non-final version of the game.  This is important as we do not want Pre-Alpha footage and images to be confused with later Alpha, Beta, and Release versions of the game.  Imagine someone coming across Pre-Alpha footage several years from now and making decisions based on what they are seeing because they think it’s final, representative footage, and not test footage. Obviously, we want to avoid this kind of confusion. 
      Failure to respect these conditions may be interpreted by Novaquark as an intent to damage the reputation of the game and the company (with any and all consequences that may follow), depending of the situation. 
    If you feel you have captured footage or images that have a very positive value (like tutorials) and should be shared before the NDA is dropped, you can contact a member of the Novaquark staff by submitting a request on the upcoming Customer Support portal or by sending a private message on the forum to one of the CMs: Nomad, Nunc or Nyzaltar). We will then submit the footage or the screenshots for approval to the upper management. However, if the answer is negative, please respect it.
    What about the NDA regarding discussions of the Pre-Alpha?
    Any and all discussions of the Pre-Alpha must take place in the Pre-Alpha area of the forums. This area will be available only to those members of the community who are taking part in the Pre-Alpha. Everything posted in this section will be under NDA. To help people recognize when they are reading or replying to a topic in a section under NDA, the background color will be different from the public forum sections.
    As we know the forum is not always the best way to discuss, especially in real time, we are currently in discussion to let the community have a Discord server dedicated to the Pre-Alpha. Moderators of this Discord will work closely with Novaquark staff to ensure that only Pre-Alpha testers will have access to it. Of course, the NDA will apply also on this Discord channel.
    How will bug reporting work?
    While the dedicated Pre-Alpha forum section will be the place to give feedback on the Pre-Alpha and discuss with other Pre-Alpha testers, we also plan to open a Customer Support portal where all Pre-Alpha testers will be able to report any bugs or technical difficulties they encounter in-game or to while launching the game. To be able to see the existing topics, post new ones or reply to some, you will need to log in on this portal with your Dual Universe account that has access to the Pre-Alpha. As long as the NDA is in effect, no discussion there should be made public.
    What about the NDA and adding content to the Community Wiki?
    No information related to the Pre-Alpha can be added to the Wiki until the NDA is lifted.  You may prepare texts and assets offline and hold on to them until the NDA is lifted, but absolutely nothing should be posted to the Wiki until such time. The reasons are obvious: this would be one massive leak and some of this information will likely change during the Pre-Alpha. 
    What happens if I violates these, or any other provisions, of the NDA?
    Violating the NDA will mean your immediate expulsion from the Pre-Alpha and you will be banned from the Alpha and Closed Beta tests. There may be additional consequences depending on the severity and nature of the violation.
    What are the specs required to play Dual Universe in Pre-Alpha?
    Please keep in mind that the following configuration is based on the fact that a Pre-Alpha or Alpha version of a game is not fully optimized. These may mean the specs stated here higher than may be required at launch. These specs only apply to the Pre-Alpha and should be considered as being subject to change as the game approaches a final Release version.
    CPU: Intel i5  (i7 may yield better results)
    RAM: 16 GB minimum
    Graphic Card: nVidia GTX 960 (or Radeon equivalent) with at least 2GB RAM.
    HDD: 40GB required for installation and Cache (a SSD Hard Drive may improve performance)
    Operating System: Windows 7, 8 or 10.
    Best Regards,
    The Novaquark Team.
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    FrozenFace got a reaction from Sir_Rat in A Massive Project   
    We need Station of Braavos!
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    FrozenFace reacted to AUTO6PL in Construct copyrights   
    I don't know by IMO it should be locked to prevent stealing ship projects. If not, someone could buy interesting project, add one voxel and create his own blueprint to sell it as his own project. It would be unfair.
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    FrozenFace reacted to NanoDot in Construct copyrights   
    If I buy a ship blueprint copy from another player and build that ship, what are the copyright protections going to be ?
    Can I customize the ship I built from the BPC ? Can I add voxels and swap out elements, for instance ?
    And once I've modified that construct, am I now the new "creator" of the modified construct ?
    Can I now create a new master blueprint and start selling BPC's of my "improved design" ? I'd certainly hope not...
    Or is a construct "locked" against voxel or element changes by the new owner ?
    Lua scripts should probably be exempted from construct locks, but changing those shouldn't give you the option of creating a new blueprint of the construct itself.
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    FrozenFace reacted to SimonVolcanov in Newest DevDiary   
    Hope I'm the first one! 
    This months DevDiary includes info on the (Pre-) Alpha, a view at the game menu, a glimpse at the inventory system, redesign of the cockpit widgets and several things about building and scripting!
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    FrozenFace reacted to Sharknoon in Bug reporting once pre-alpha starts?   
    At gamescom NQ said, they will try to implement a bug reporting feature in DU. In the lastest Dev Diary you can see a button for that at the bottom right of the main menu. So I think they will get it in DU until the pre-alpha starts. But they also said, if they can't make it to that date, they will make a dedicated forum thread for bug reporting.
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    FrozenFace reacted to GunDeva in PIRATES!   
    Hello let me introduce my self! No puns intended! =) 
    I think profits will be great for weapons smith like my self because people and organizations will need the weapons to keep themselves safe! There will probably be average weapons on the market for people or organizations that my not have the skills or art to make them, but I am planning to make special orders that will be blueprinted and only sold for that organization's or person's own exclusive use.
    As of being a pirate I thought about it but I will not be doing any fighting because : I'm more of the lover type than fighter type!  =) 

    If you have questions I maybe able to point you in the right direction but some of the larger pirate groups have all ready ben named. There are smaller organizations out there if that's what your looking for but you will probably need to send there leaders a message to set up a contract! So keep in mind if the larger orgs or too pricey there are smaller and cheaper orgs out there you just need to contact them.   =)
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    FrozenFace reacted to Zamarus in PIRATES!   
    Depends on whose trade routes gets plundered :^)
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    FrozenFace reacted to Lethys in PIRATES!   
    Give this man a medal
    To a pirate, everyone is a victim.....or bling loot
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    FrozenFace reacted to NQ-Nomad in Pre-Alpha available for Gold Founder backers and above and ATV members on September 30th   
    Hi guys, 
    Live from Gamescom 2017 in Germany, we wanted to announce some news you have been anticipating for a long time now: Pre-Alpha will be accessible to Gold Founder backers and above and the ATV members on September 30th. We just announced the news via a Press Release that will soon be uploaded on the dedicated section of our website. 
    You probably noticed that we're calling this first public access "Pre-Alpha" and not "Alpha", as originally intended. Why? Because we are not quite ready yet to switch the game into Alpha, but we still wanted to honor our commitment to our backers. 
    This first public glimpse of the game won't feature a proper game loop as we originally wanted but, after postponing the release a few months ago, we felt like a new delay was not appropriate. We think any additional delays, even though the game is not in the true Alpha state we had anticipated, would not be in keeping with the spirit of our commitments to our community and backers. 

    We decided it would be better to give you access to the game at an even earlier state than to delay again. That it would be better to give you a look at where we are, rather than wait again for where we had hoped to be at this stage. We promised to be transparent and open and we think this decision is the best way to keep that pledge. 
    We're still actively working on a number of items that must be completed before we can truly call the game "Alpha" and bring you a better gaming experience. As with any pre-release software please keep in mind that the game is still in development and that the Pre-Alpha version, while as stable as possible at this stage, will still have a number of bugs, glitches, and unexpected issues. 

    Again, the game should be stable (as are the versions we are showing at Gamescom and next month at PAX West), and playable, but this version is very early and we ask you set your expectations accordingly. That said, we feel this is your game as well as ours and that your early feedback is necessary and vital to help drive our development in the right direction. 
    What does it change for you? Not much. All Gold backers and above prior September 7th (as previously announced) will have access to this Pre-Alpha and future Alpha 1. New backers pledging after September 7th will get access to Alpha 2 at a later stage. 
    The Pre-Alpha will not be accessible 24/7. Instead we will be announcing times and dates that the single-shard server will be available for testing. We’ll make sure to give you plenty of advance notice of uptimes so you can plan your play times and testing with friends and other players. 
    Because we are shifting from an Alpha to a Pre-Alpha test we may decide to ask all participants to sign an NDA and agree not to share information, screenshots or stream the game until the proper Alpha release. While we said there would be a high chance of not having any NDA for the Alpha, this Pre-Alpha is something else and we don’t feel it would be appropriate for streamers and viewers to judge Dual Universe based on this extremely early version. Once the game reaches a true Alpha stage the NDA will be lifted as we originally stated.

    However, to allow you to share your crazy stuff with us and the community, we’re currently considering creating a dedicated section of the forums for Pre-Alpha testers to share feedback, post images and videos, and other related materials. It will be the only authorized place to do that to keep it as private as possible at the beginning. Please know we aren’t doing this to hide any of issues we expect in Pre-Alpha, but to help us better focus the feedback and reaction from those who are actively participating in the tests to help us reach our true Alpha goal more quickly. 
    We know it's not ideal and that breaking the NDA will be very tempting but we wanted to give you access to the game on September 30th to keep our promise and decided to trust you guys, like you trust us everyday. 
    On a side note, as we're currently attending Gamescom, we won't be able to be as reactive as we usually try to be, so thank you for your patience and understanding. Nyzaltar and I will try to answer your questions whenever possible. 
    Thank you for your amazing support! We already have amazing help propositions from some of you to help us improve the game once it’s live and that matters a lot to us. 
    So this is it. See you soon in Dual Universe!
    The Novaquark Team
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    FrozenFace reacted to ATMLVE in July 2017 Devdiary   
    The July 2017 devdiary is here! Huge focus on Lua for this one. Some crazy cool stuff has been shown! I think the biggest overall announcement is that it has been shown we can add in our own images now onto screen elements. Edit: appears someone already posted it in the Arkship pub. With all these forum updates you think there'd be a delete button 
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    FrozenFace reacted to NQ-Nyzaltar in Community Portal Rules   
    Hi everyone,
    Just a short message here to emphasis/remind the fact that using fake accounts on a big scale to inflate artificially the size (hence the visibility) of an Organization, especially when the Organization founder(s) is/are aware of this and let it go (or is a part of the problem), this can lead to the Organization deletion. This won't prevent the involved people to recreate their organization, but if this abuse (use of fake accounts) is done by the same person(s) again, the sanction will escalate.
    Best Regards
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    FrozenFace got a reaction from SpeakerfortheDead in Hey Everyone!   
    Welcome to our universe 
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    FrozenFace reacted to NQ-Nyzaltar in Obscured Stretch Goal Guessing   
    Hi everyone!
    To end (sadly) this mystery, the obscured stretch goal was something we planned to have before deciding to stop the stretch goals at the bounty system.
    The reason behind this decision: we want to avoid the feature creep trap, which generally delays a lot the official release of crowdfunded games.
    That doesn't mean we are going to cancel the obscured stretch goal. It's just it won't be implemented for the Official release, and it will just be part of one of the free expansions we will work on after the Official Release. We have a lot of unrevealed stretch goals in the pipeline so you can expect, if all goes well, many expansions in the coming years after the Official Release!  
    Sidenote: the obscured stretch goal is going to disappear with the updated picture of the stretch goals (coming today) on the Crowdfunding Portal.
    Best Regards,
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    FrozenFace reacted to NQ-Nyzaltar in Devblog - Organizations: Purpose & Management   
    (Posted Friday 31th of March 2017 on the DevBlog)   
      Hi everyone!  
    Today we are going to talk about the organizations in a more detailed way!
    As usual, keep in mind this is how the organizations are planned to be implemented for the official release of Dual Universe, not for the Alpha. As it is still work in progress, some mechanics might change based on community feedback and/or for technical reasons.  
    For the Alpha (currently planned for September), we will most likely have a basic version similar to what we currently have on the Community Portal*. Veteran MMORPG players will undoubtedly be familiar with the basic concepts of guilds and clans from other games so some of this information might feel like a review to you. However, we wanted to give a complete overview of Organizations so that even players new to Massively Multiplayer games would understand what Organizations are, the benefits of joining one, and why you might choose to create one. If you have friends who like building games but haven’t ventured into MMORPGs yet, then they might be interested in this Blog post.  
    (*we are talking here of the current version on the Community Portal + an update scheduled to add a Super-Legate rank and many changes for Members and Legates rights)
    What exactly is an Organization in Dual Universe?  
    It’s a Moral Entity able to:
    - accumulate “Quanta” (the in-game currency)
    - own Assets (Items and Constructs)
    - gather Player Characters under the same flag for a common goal.
    - create a hierarchy, with ranks and roles for all Player Characters gathered in it.
    - be a member of another Organization, just like a Player Character.
    What are the purpose and benefits of an Organization?  
    - It enables players to accomplish greater goals than what a player could do alone: 
    The ability to pool resources and in-game currency will help a lot.
    - It consolidates the continuity of a long-term project:
    Players can enter and leave an organization without heavily impacting long-term projects supported by the group.
    - It gives a political dimension to the game:
    Rights & Duties can be transferred from one Player to another, and Powers are decided by the Legates through a vote (if the Organization is a democratic one).
    - It legitimizes conflicts between several group of Players: This will enable members of different Organizations to fight between themselves and kill each other, without being the target of reprisal mechanics (like bounty hunting) if a war has been declared between the said Organizations.
    RDMS (Rights & Duties Management System) in an Organization:  
    - Different actions can be done on each Asset: each possible action is defined as a Power.
    - Access to a Power on an Asset is given by a Tag.
    - Each Power has a list of Tags associated to it.
    - Each Player Character has a “wallet” of Tags.
    Here is a quick example illustrating the system:  
    Here we have an Asset having 3 Powers: Use, Sell and Edit. The Organization is composed of 3 Player Characters: Alice, Bob and Warren.
    In this situation:
    - Only Bob can edit the Asset.
    - Only Warren can sell the Asset.
    - All three can use the Asset:
    1) Alice can use the Asset through the Tag “alice”
    2) Bob can use the Asset through the Tag “bob” and “squad1”
    3) Warren can use the Asset through the Tag “squad2”
    But that’s not all: you will be able to create more complex administration rights by creating a hierarchy between Tags!  
    Let’s say “stock_management” is the parent Tag of “ammo_management” and “raw_materials_management”. If a player has the Tag “stock_management” in his wallet of Tags, he will be able to use or manage any of the Organization’s Assets having the Tag “ammo_management” or “raw_materials_management” depending on which powers are associated with those tags.  
    The Rights and Duties Management System is also used to create the Functions. A Function will contain various Tags defining an assignment. Let’s say that Warren gets the Function “President” in the Organization “MyOrg”. Now his Tag Wallet in “MyOrg” looks like as follow:  
    As the President, Warren will have the ability to declare war to another Organization. A Treasurer will manage the Organization bank account , a Gunman will be able to use some (or even all) weapons and military Elements to defend the Organization, etc. Of course, we will provide standard, ready-to-use Functions such as President, Treasurer, Miner, Industrialist, Gunman, and Military Officer to save time and allow players to quickly get their Organization operational.  
    Acting in your name or in the name of an Organization:  
    A Player Character can be a member of several Organizations.
    Therefore knowing whether they are acting on their own behalf or on behalf of an Organization (and which one) is very important. We call “Role” the state where a Player Character represents an Organisation (or just himself). By default, a Player Character has at least the Role where he can represent himself. Under each role, the Player Character has a Tag Wallet. When a Player Character is accepted into an Organization, the Player Character automatically gets an additional Role where he can represent the Organization. While under the Role representing the Organization, all the actions can affect the Organization. For example:  
    - Receive Quanta on behalf of the Organization: Quanta are transferred to the Organization - Craft an Element: the Element is owned by the Organization (not the Player) as a result.
    - Harvesting resources: The resources are owned by the Organization (not the Player) as a result.
    Example: After declaring a war that displeased most of the members in “MyOrg” (which has a democratic system), Warren has been demoted from his function of President and kicked out (Warren, what have you done? You should have consulted your guildmates before doing that!). He has now joined a new organization, “Corpo1”, as a miner and has just discovered he can act in the name of “Corpo1” or act just for himself. In the windows where he could choose his active Role for the time being, it will look a bit like this:
    However, keep in mind this is a simplified view of the Tags: as it will probably become quite common to have the same name for a Tag in different Organizations, the Tags will be “scoped” to avoid conflicts. Let’s say Warren is accepted again in “MyOrg” and gets the Tag “miner”, just like in “Corpo1”. To avoid conflicts, the Tags will be scoped as follow:  
    Political Action (Vote) in an Organization:  
    Only Legates will be able to vote.
    Votes could be used for administrative decisions like:
    - Accepting a new Member in the Organization
    - Excluding a Member from the Organization.
    - Giving a Function to a Member
    - Changing of the Vote rules
    Of course, the list of administrative decisions above is far from exhaustive. A Legate can also give his/her ability to vote to a representative (another Legate)
    Above, the Organization “MyOrg” has 5 Legates: Kim, Bob, Alice, John, Steve. John and Steve give their right to vote to Alice. Alice now counts as 3 votes. However, she will be absent for the next vote so she delegates her right to vote to Kim. Bob also gives his right to vote to Kim as he trusts her completely. In the end Kim will have all the votes so she will be able to make important decisions for the Organization without involving the other Legates. Big responsibility for Kim!  
    We hope this has given you a better grasp of how an Organization will work in Dual Universe. Not all related game mechanics have been explained as it’s still currently in development, so there will be probably a second part later. As always we can’t wait to read your feedback of what we’ve discussed so far!
    The Novaquark team  
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    FrozenFace reacted to ATMLVE in The February 28th Q&A with JC   
    I have “transcribed” the Q&A from the video of the conference that was held on February 28th. This is not a direct transcription; I have cut out general conversation, anything that was repeated, and just put in an overall format change to make the discussion that occurred more appropriate for reading. The idea was to isolate information. It was often difficult to hear exactly what was being said, so this was further reason not to quote the conference verbatim. I have not added anything that was not said (there were times when I was tempted to add in some of the things I know about the game, but I didn’t!). If you feel that anything is left out, or that something should be changed, then please let me know!
    Something else that I have added in is ‘extra info’. This is stuff which was not directly asked about, but which came up in discussion and I thought appropriate to add.
    This documentation begins around the 30 minute mark of the video (which can currently be found on their Facebook page), when the Q&A started.
    How in depth will the mechanics of refining resources and creating alloys be?
    There will be some pretty deep recipe networks, which will make building complex or high-end elements quite complicated, to the point where the specializations required will be so varied that some of the components will most likely have to be purchased from the market. There will be different alloys which can be created by combining different resources and materials, which can be used to create interesting materials and properties. Alloys may be something that the player can research, to allow for them to find new ways of combining different resources to achieve different properties.
    Can you transport hover vehicles inside of larger ships; in other words, transport small ships inside of larger ships?
    Definitely yes, this is the whole architecture of the game. The technology of the servers are all made for that, so yes.
    How is in-game currency generated? Do you do missions, sell stuff, buy orders?
    It is unlikely there will be missions, but this is not completely ruled out. They may be added later, but the main source will be from NPCs/bots on the market, where you can spend your money or sell your stuff. One of the issues with bots however is that they have to be designed such that they do not disrupt the economy; the economy is intended to be shaped by players. The intent is that market bots will amplify or emulate transactions that are occurring between players.
    Will market bots be permanent, or will they come and go away after a while?
    The idea is that, if there is a lot of activity by players, they should go away, but this is not final. They may be used later in the game's life to make changes to the amount of money in circulation to regulate the economy. The main thing is that the amount of money in the game should be proportional to the number of players, as well as the type of activity taking place and the amount of the respective activity.
    Extra Info:
    The name of the currency in the game will be quanta. Quanta, the plural of quantum, is a unit of energy; since the currency will sort of be the “energy” of a lot of the game, the name quanta is appropriate.
    Does having things in your inventory increase your mass, and does that influence construct physics?
    Definitely yes. If a player has a lot of things in their inventory, and they step into a ship, they might push the ship down. A ship with lots of containers may fly well with no cargo, but if the containers are filled up then the ship may not be able to fly anymore.
    Will there be chat systems? Global, regional, planetary?
    There will be some sort of local regional chat. However, regional is not easily defined in the game; for example, a planet could have hundreds of thousands of people on it, so regional is not something that is precisely defined yet. But there needs to be something at least that allows players to talk to other nearby players.
    Will there be such a thing as ship linking; will there be docking ports?
    Small ships docking inside of larger ships is definitely a planned feature. However, docking two ships of the same size together gets a little bit more messy. With that feature, large layers and chains of ships could be created. At this point, which player is controlling the physics?
    How will construct repair work?  Will there be repair units, or will it all have to be done by hand?
    It will always be possible to repair by hand, but there will be repair units that will be able to restore a ship back to what it initially was before it was damaged, provided the unit has the required resources, energy, and time. The repair unit will know what the construct it is a part of is supposed to look like, and it will have the capability of restoring a construct back to that original image if the construct is damaged.
    How does the production of ships from blueprints work? Is it an instantaneous process, does it happen after a specific time, part by part?
    It is not going to be instantaneous, it is going to take time. It will take resources and energy, and probably if it is significant then it will need to be defended in some way, unless it’s happening in the safe zone. The required time will be proportional to the size of what is being built, so mass producing battle cruisers is not something that will be able to be done overnight.
    What happens to a flying ship when I destroy its engine in space? Does it just come to a stop or does it continue at the last known speed?
    Engines are physical. So if there are two engines, one on each side of a ship, and one of the engines is destroyed, then the ship is going to spin. The core idea is that engines are physical, so if they are destroyed then that can impact how the ship moves. There is a very good chance that, given that there is no friction in space, a ship will continue to move if its engines are shut off. However, if a player were to be in a moving ship, log off, and come back three weeks later, they would find themselves in the middle of nowhere; this is not desirable.
    Will there be cloaking?
    There will be cloaking. It will probably not be around at release, but it is one of the features that seems obvious for a game like Dual Universe. This is desirable for a player than may want to log off for a while; they can cloak and lock a ship to keep it safe.
    What methods will be available to detect constructs, and to avoid being detected?
    There needs to be a way to detect others in the game. There will be ways to scan for players, whether on or below ground; and similarly there will be something like a distortion field that allows you to be hidden from sensors. But, there should never be a totally foolproof way to hide without some weakness. It will also be possible to put trackers on ships, and a corresponding countermeasure to that.
    Extra info:
    The nanoformer will be able to 3D print basic and fundamental parts and components for the player to use.
    Ships can be stolen and reverse engineered; Lua scripts can be read by those who steal a ship with a script on it.
    How are scripts shared between players; a script runs client side, but is it shared with players?
    Scripts are always running on the players machine, but the text of the script is synchronized, so everybody can see it. So if there are different control units with different scripts in them, one player can start one of them and another can start the other script, and they will run in parallel. Similarly, whatever the scripts do is synchronized by the server for all players. Scripts are run on the clients computer, but several players can be simultaneously running and using different scripts which are all made by a single player (and thus running on that players computer), and all players can see the effects of the scripts. One exception is that you cannot have two players controlling the same element at the same time.
    Can scripts be hacked?
    Hacking will be a skill within the game which will allow a player to bypass RDMS systems. It will require time, and is a planned feature, but may not be present at release.
    Extra Info:
    Locations are something that can be itemized; as an example, the coordinates of a vein of ore within a planet can be “itemized” whereby it can be sold on the market.
    Reputation will be a mechanic within the game, but exactly how it will work is not completely finalized.
    Will armors for players be modular (i.e. heavy armor chestpiece type-A with legpiece type- B ), or are we looking forward to a single-piece type of armor, and in an extent, will weapons be a part of an armor or are they separate customizable entities?
    Armor will be separate; that is for sure. It is likely, certainly at release and at least for a while, that player armor mechanics will remain simplified, but the concept has potential to expand.
    Can a solo player fly a warship with many weapons, or does each weapon need a player?
    There needs to be a player for every weapon; that is the requirement. This is for several reasons, one being that the game is an MMO intended to have players working together, another that it doesn’t make sense for one person to single-handedly control a huge warship.
    Have you considered how you are going to do the updates?
    There will be expansions every ~6-12 months. Updates with new features will come out at regular intervals.
    If you claim two territories next to each other, do they fuse together as one big one?
    There will be ways to link territory units. Players will also have the option of having lots of little territory units, or one big territory unit that links everything. This gives the option of having one large easily defended tile which covers a huge area, or lots of distributed and less easily defendable tiles which only allow access to the local territory. One mechanic which may be present is that a claimed territory tile cannot be attacked if it is surrounded by other claimed territory tiles, provided they all have the same owner.
    Will players ever need food?
    The question of food is linked to survival gameplay. There probably will not be survival gameplay at the beginning, because it requires so much work to be functional, but it is something that has the potential to be added later.
    Extra Info:
    A bowl of rice is 8 dollars in San Francisco.
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    FrozenFace reacted to NQ-Nyzaltar in Dual Universe at GDC 2017 & Meet Up!   
    Hi everyone!
    We have some good news to announce today:
    Dual Universe will be present at the GDC 2017 in San Francisco!
    JC Baillie, CEO and Founder of Novaquark will be there with a recent pre-alpha build of the game, from February 28 to March 3. 
    But that's not all:
    We are glad to present you NQ-Nunc, our partner in the US who has organized a MeetUp with backers and fans on Tuesday, February 28 in San Francisco! While having worked with us for several months in the shadows now, he will be there with JC to meet all of you and answer your questions. Be aware that the number of places is limited and the selection will be based on a "first come, first served". The Meet Up will be outside the GDC area so you won't need any GDC badge to attend.
    Best regards,
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    FrozenFace reacted to Zamarus in Non Lethal Training Weapons   
    I know something like this is far from priorities but wouldn't it be great to have some kind of dummy gun? You can fire it, it make sounds and simulates the impact without hurting anyone. You could use it in training facilities built by your faction, mock battles and military drills in general. Maybe even for play like paintball if players are creative enough. 
    What do you guys think about a training gun in general? I'd like to hear everyone's reasoning for why it's good/bad/whatever. 
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    FrozenFace reacted to Lord_Void in Building Atlantis   
    I would love to see this built
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    FrozenFace reacted to CaptainPep in Building Atlantis   
    Would it be possible to build the city-ship Atlantis from Stargate atlantis? The thing would require a sufficiently powerful engine and a powerful force field which I am not sure are possible. Any ideas?
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    FrozenFace reacted to ForlornFoe in Who else cant wait till the alpha release!   
    Welcome aboard, hopefully your interest keeps up for a couple of months more until we get to even test the game. 
    Seems like you made this topic in slightly wrong subforum, the Arkship Pub is the preferred meet & greet place. But that is an honest mistake and even easier to make when excited.
    Ask away if there is a need, thought I bet most questions already have an answer if you have the patience to look for them. Dual Universe FAQ/Sources and DU wiki are excellent starting points. 
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    FrozenFace reacted to Lethys in Who else cant wait till the alpha release!   
    I don't want to destroy your dreams about playing but this won't be like "early access". Most likely you will only be able to do certain things, no progress is made because of wipes and servers are only up for 2-3 days a week.
    Nonetheless: good to see a new face and welcome to the community
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