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  1. We need talent that will limit the maximum number of industries for a character and organization. It will make sense to play with other people, not solo.
  2. We need schematics, but with different work of it. Just make the schematics storage, that can share all contains schematics in it between manufacturing elements in core, where storage placed.
  3. Yay, full wipe will be ok. But i dont want it and want it in the same time >_< And we need schematics, but in another form (like 1 for core, all factories can read it from core schematics storage)
  4. Give us API for warpdrive PLEASE! Or remove this lags when opening map. It is not enjoyable when you make trying to play, but stupid restriction arounds. WD API was removed for prevent auto warp when any ship is coming, but now we have delay for that, so please return it back. PS: We cant build big ship - because lags. We cant use atmo engines in vertical direction like adjusters - because thrust is cutted. We can make UI, but no API for some elements, like weapons, warpdrive. How creators can play this game?
  5. Thanks for a video. Few weeks to subscription pay changes, mean we must wait DEMETER a few weeks? =(
  6. After creating this topic, i joined a game. First i tested my last construction with enabled torque engines and tags Torque, it still does not work. Next construction was first monstro for testing, and WOW! It is working! On this engines power set by unit.setEngineThrust(tag, power). So, for enabling torque on fuled engines, you must set option in build mode, set custom tag(andd tag must be the exactly the same, as it in engine tags), and do relog xD
  7. I tried to use my maneuver engines as torque ones, so in build mode i enabled torque for all of them. Then i tried to set them force with command unit.setEngineCommand(taglist, acceleration, angularAcceleration, keepForceCollinearity, keepTorqueCollinearity, priority1SubTags, priority2SubTags, priority3SubTags, toleranceRatioToStopCommand) but it does not work. In the discord, i found some recommendation about setting tag 'torque', but it didnt help either. So i linked engine direct to controlunit, and setting force with command setThrust(power), still dint work . In all cases engine just pushed construct, no torque effect =( I tried to find some info about that, and it was only By NQ-Nyzaltar in this post. So what i am doing wrong? Why simple enabling torque didnt work for me?
  8. Maybe you want back element stucking? Why not, who cares physics, lol xD Maybe better remove all obstruction and allow build any shitp.
  9. How do you think, with power implementing, is wipe required?
  10. Waiting for power so long. I think a lot of chance there is will no power in future =(
  11. They must add some big alert on screen that air brakes is low.
  12. In video they said minimum calibration will be 20-50%, not less. So as i understand, you can once calibrate and it will work forever.
  13. We need atmo brakes changes, i hate this brake blocks inside ships near pilot. They said about brakes in PTS NEWS, just read them before join PTS.
  14. Because from start Alioth was planned as PvP zone, that means war and destruction. Looks like they really need to do WIPE =/
  15. My play style for last several month was - buy natron, make kergion and sell it. My income at start was 1kk per day and 5-10kk quanta in the end. I think all newbies can start like that, because on Sanctuary no taxes for territory.
  16. I agree with the most, except buying components. All new players can build nice ships from, basic element, most of them are very cheep and can be crafted in inventory. It is not casual game.
  17. 300L/hour - 50k per week. 1kk/50k = 20 quanta per L of ore. Now t1 cost 40+quanta per liter. I think 1kk per tile not too much, and they said it was placeholder . And again - no taxes on sanctuary.
  18. Yes, but it not correct working. They take left pool from tile with core, not tile where MU placed
  19. Just DU it. I know people who make money with fuel, and a voxel art, like logos and etc.
  20. As a programmer, who worked with many game engines, i have to say that game have good optimizing, as game with voxel and that world scale. I hope they will improve work of servers, and i wish them luck and good final results?
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