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  1. Thanks for posting. Maybe I'll give the game another go on release.
  2. Well maybe your very fast. All I know is this. Since Demeter all I have done is set up and calibrate Mu's, collect ore, take it to market and sell it. At this point I have about 35 million ( I went down to about 5 million). I had 52 million before Demeter.
  3. You are correct. I did not read that news. Its good to see that they are attempting to repair this mechanic. I feel that the tax will still be an issue for many people, because: what are players able to do that it is so exciting they wish to pay tax for the chance to do it?
  4. I still have a couple of weeks left on my subscription but just cant force myself to log in for even one more time. I think its the tax that has ruined the game for me. Probably that and the lowish player numbers. Currently all I have time for is calibrating MU, picking up ore and delivering ore to market. I had 52 mil before demeter and now I have 32 mil. Thats a lot of boring work to not even get back to my starting point. The DU community has been great and players are very helpful. Some aspects of the game like ship and base building are really good. IMO it just nee3ds to be turned into a game. Can you have my stuff? I have made all but 2 territories into HQ. I think one of them will have a container a couple of advanced MU and a bit of ore. I might come back if the game ever gets a full release. Good luck to a great player base and to the devs. I do hope you can save the game.
  5. My 3 cents worth: This situation is extremely difficult to fix. Without a cross section penalty, in my view, the most logical design for a space fighter is a big flat sheet. As big as the core will allow. That sheet is completely covered in guns. These ships might not look good either but without armour one would fire all guns and possibly turn side on to receive fire. My point is if cross section penalties are removed ..... players will start complaining that all the fighters look like flat sheets. Why is this issue so difficult to fix? Well, lets use WW2 as an example. All of the planes, ships, tanks looked and operated in pretty much the same way. EG. all the tanks looked pretty much the same. Thats because, there is one best design. Now, yes, those designs changed over the course of the war but always in response to something. For example, larger guns and armour penetrating ammunition resulted in thicker and sloped armour. Better armour resulted in bigger guns and so on. My point is that at any one time, there is a best design. Given that in DU there are few economy/material/time constraints. Players will simply build that one best design every time.
  6. I came back because of Demeter and now I'm leaving again. I was watching Markee Dragon on youtube to see if DU was worth subscribing to again and saw that the Demeter patch was on the way. I didnt want to lose my stuff so paid a 3 month subscription and came back. I thought I would stick around if the game was good. So, My goal is to make quanta by offering a rescue/repair/boosting service and I have a space station setup for that purpose. With demeter, I find that I spend all of my available gaming time calibrating MU's, picking up the ore (from Ion and Symeon) and selling it. I have not done anything else since the initial scanning (which was boring as hell). I have unsubscribed. I have one month remaining and I think I'll keep trying to make some quanta for most of the month. I will then put my 5 best MU locations as HQ and wait until the game gets out of Alpha (could be some years). How the game makes me feel: (I may be wrong, but its how I feel) The tax system is causing me stress. Not the good stress that drives you to make accomplishments that you are subsequently proud of. The bad stress where you feel you are locked into a course of action that brings no reward and no way out.
  7. Thank you to the player who purchased my ore
  8. I just went to sell some Chromite at market 6. Best buy price is 18. I put 50K on the market for 30 which is the same as the cheapest price. I'm not expecting it to sell.
  9. Regarding atmo speed. I'm pretty sure burning up at lowish speeds is intended to prevent players moving into/through solid objects before the server has loaded them in. In other words. I would not expect the speed limit to be raised anytime soon, no matter how good you reasoning might be, because the game just cant handle it.
  10. On the outer planets you will find T2 and T3 on pretty much every scan. The current issue is that those T2 and T3 ores are not bringing in much more quanta than T1. When we consider the travel time/risk etc its not really worth it. Sanctuary is currently my most time/quanta efficient hex.
  11. As soon as a ship gets a lock on your ship the ship initiating the lock explodes. Sounds like fair play, right.
  12. This patch is the 1st time I have ever used buy now price for ore. I tried to sell garnerite for 2 weeks, constantly lowering my price to try and beat all the other players doing the same thing. Never sold any. Then, I had to pay tax. I imagine most players who need to raise funds to pay tax are simply selling ore at the buy price because They cant wait 3 months to sell at a reasonable price. The real price is only real if people are actually selling for that price. In a market where the real price is constantly dropping, its because people are not selling at the real price.
  13. Slow boating my ore back from Symeon and Ion takes a lot of time. The T3 ore I bring back (Garnerite) is currently worth 31 quanta. Just happens to be the same price as Bauxite. It really feels like I'm wasting my time.
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