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  1. I have not played since January. Got an email just now regarding a new code of conduct. 1) Exploiting the game through any game error or bug that gives an unintended advantage. I'm on board with this one (above). 2) Promoting or sharing information regarding exploits, cheating programs, or other activities intended to give players an unfair advantage. This one, I don't like. I never exploit and the only way I ever know one exists is by youtubers or forum posters telling me about it. In many cases this allows me to develop strategies to avoid the glitchers and not be their victim. As the saying goes "sunlight is the best disinfectant". I'm sure its not intended but in most games it seems to be the case that glitches go unchecked and the few people who know about them quietly wreck the game for others over a long period of time. However, it seems that when a prominent youtuber exposes the glitch ........ suddenly the glitch gets fixed and the game developer tells us it had nothing to do with the publicity. I sure this is not an attempt to silence criticism but it may be the result.
  2. My subscription runs out on the 24th (2 days). I was making my living buying and selling schematics to different markets/planets. I wont be extending my subscription. I plan to check back in 12 months and see if the game has reached a beta state. If so I'll give it another go at that time. Good luck everybody.
  3. Ah, I see. I thought if you blocked it with advertisements then they would have to make a ruling on all advertisements but alas I was wrong
  4. I have not bothered with Pvp. I would like to but I'm waiting for some sort of warfare. Which at the current rate of progress seems years away.
  5. I guess you could force the issue by completely blocking the entrances to the markets with "advertisements"
  6. not to me. Maybe because I have unsubscribed? Runs out on the 24th I think.
  7. Hi NQ. I bet its a bit of work to put these events together. Maybe, when you launch an event, you could let the players know. I was looking through the forum to see if I could find the latest patch notes (which I could not) and I came across a post about an event which launched a few days ago. I'm sure you put a message in game when you launched it (like you apparently did last time). However, I'm in bed at 3am. Could you please make it so such messages appear when we log in. I feel sure that you would like the other half of your player base to know when you have launched an event. I bet there are currently many players who still don't know its even on.
  8. If governments around the world would cooperate (never going to happen). We could have a network of solar panels around the world all connected on a grid. Almost free power 24/7
  9. I agree with Graxxor. The game is still in an alpha state. If we are paying for this (which I am) we should be getting big feature adding patches at least every month to try and get the game to resemble a beta product. However it seems that NQ have other hurdles to jump 1st in that the content that's here has major stability and other issues. They really are in a bind.
  10. Its an MMO. I like seeing lots of players at market. I also like to see ships coming and going. The only issue is all the stuff people leave there long term. Lots of good suggestions around. Ships left for more than 7 days could be impounded at some specific location (one of the planets poles). A fee is payable to retrieve the ship.
  11. I just sold some refined nickel that I have had sitting in the market since 0.23 So, maybe try refining some ore and see what price you can get
  12. Amazing. This is one of the most well behaved a respectful game forums I have ever seen. We must have been playing different games.
  13. Mine used to always stop whilst offline. I have not used it offline for a couple of months now so might have changed.
  14. Thanks. All that time playing ED and I never noticed a system closer than 3 LY. I like your explanation of why the didnt do it.
  15. not flying them is a limitation. I may have missed your point, but not, the point.
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