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  1. I saw it as a deliberate tactic to reduce the number of mega factories. After thinking about it, I dont know what advantage there would be in doing that.
  2. The impression I got from interviews was that who owned the tile next to you was not important (so long as they are not the attacker). The idea being that being in the centre of a city is a pretty safe place and it would be a huge undertaking to take a city. However living on the fringes is less secure.
  3. Agreed. We would burn too many potential players. Its better to wait until the game completes it alpha phase (currently called beta)
  4. I have noticed that some youtubers have icons on screen for ships etc. Seems to be enabled by having radar. I have radar but cant work out how to get icons to show up. Would be great to avoid hitting stuff on Alioth and avoiding PvP fighters in space. Can anybody help please.
  5. Thanks ...... but ..... I'm going to assume you never built a space station within a planets gravity. I built 1.2SU from Alioth. We can come to a complete stop but gravity will just pull the ship down as soon as you get out to place the core
  6. I recently built my 1st space station. I didn't know anyway of keeping my ship stationary whilst placing the core. Nobody on support was able to tell me either. So, I logged out to get my ship to stay still. Is there currently another way?
  7. I have to agree with many posts I have read here that say. You really should not be implementing these changes when the game crashes as often as it does and has far more serious bugs and mechanics that need attention first.
  8. Interesting discussion. Regarding the OP's post: I'm still enjoying the game but can understand the way you feel. My general feeling is that the game is still in an Alpha state. Since there is apparently not going to be any server wipe it means that the mistakes made will take a long time to iron out. My only issue is ....... do I want to keep paying a monthly fee whilst waiting for the game to develop.
  9. Thanks for the reply. That sounded like a cool project. Hopefully mine issue will auto correct at some point
  10. Hi There, fellow ship building interested person I have recently completed a couple of space stations and have built a space only cargo ship to travel between them. To save weight, fuel and expense I have not fitted any ground engines (no verticle boosters). Its better IMO because the booster make it harder to land on a station and for take off I can just slide off the station landing pad. Anyway I had what I thought was a brilliant idea. My ship has 4 legs, to forward and 2 rear. The rear of the ship is much higher off the ground than the front. I decided to shorten the rear legs so that the engine will be angled down a little. This in theory will allow smoother take off from the pad when the ship is fully loaded. However, after shortening the legs by 2 voxels (tried 1 initially) the ship refuses to rest on the rear legs. They just sit with 2 voxels of air (space) underneath. Its as if they were still there. Even if I tilt the ship back with the tool or get in and use adjustors to push the rear down the ship just acts as if the legs were still there. Anybody encountered this before, is there a solution?
  11. I have not read every reply so forgive me if this has been mentioned. I tried to think of the simplest solution possible (and one that hopefully wont require too much programming) Warp Beacon: Instead of coming out at a specific location its a general location. So you emerge at random anywhere within a 200km diameter. Building in that space is not possible (for immersion we can say that warp beacons emit an anti gravity pulse that pushes stations away). Anyway, so far, I have found Alioth to be the most dangerous place in DU. All of the random crap just floating around. I mean containers at 1000m just floating there and random blocks from constructs or towers that players have tried to remove.
  12. Thanks. I'm getting better at it. I also try and enter over a body of water in case I stuff up
  13. My small core had 4 large atmo and 3 large space engines. Getting into space (from Alioth) with a full large container was really easy. Landing on Alioth with a full load was much more difficult (totalled my ship 3 times).
  14. Thank you to Haunty above for the contribution. I have completed my space station so can now answer some of the questions myself in the hopes it assists others. CORE: Yes, we need a space core and yes the core effects gravity direction. My suggestion for your 1st station is to ensure the arrow is above the core and that the core is above the planet so that the gravity of the planet matches the gravity of core. So, then if we build the landing platform between outer space and the planet gravity will assist landing. So, gravity will pull us down onto the landing pad. What happens to my ship whilst I'm building or placing the core: A kind soul in support chat told me to log out and back in again so my ship would remain stationary. Then I placed the core whilst standing on my ship. Once the core is placed, we can go into build mode so we can move around the build area freely. My ship stayed in place whilst I built and when I was half done I just used the move tool to place the ship. Its hard to believe that the Devs planned for us to log out to get the ship to remain stationary. Somebody in chat said maybe the remote control or emergency control could be used for this purpose (if you want full immersion). ORBIT: So, the core and therefore the station does not orbit the planet (you dont even need to place them anywhere near a planet). Space Stations are stationary objects. A Space Core behaves just like a Static Core. I'm telling you this because I originally thought they had to be orbiting a body. PREPERATION: Make sure you take a Space Core with you (obviously) and its a good idea if you carry enough materials to build a basic landing pad. I just used my personal transport (no container) and my suit had enough room for a small core and honeycombe for landing pad.
  15. a thousand words is worth a picture
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