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  1. I have seen so many video games make this fatal mistake. There will always be solo players and small group players. In fact , solo and small group players are the dominate player base of most games. The Mega corp large group player base is typically the minority simply due to real life constraints. Most players aren't willing to go all in and join a major corp because the simply do not have that much time to invest in the game on a regular basis. I highly suggest you develop this game for all play styles otherwise they will play something else. I recommend implementing alliances for the "lil guys" and expanding player roles drastically medic, various support roles defense support roles, shields, fueling barges, ammo barges. with each of these roles have a skill tree. There should be a fighter pilot skill tree there should be a transport skill tree there should be a trade skill tree the more the better. I think doing everything it takes to to get to another planet should be more rewarding than it is. It takes a fair amount of effort to leave the atmosphere and even more effort to make to another planet. Those accomplishments should be more rewarding establishing another base on another planet should be more rewarding. That's just a couple of things off the top of my head. I really like the potential of this game but there is more to be done. turning single player / small group players away from your game is dangerous you risk ruining your game. Ohh and the skill point rewards are shit knocking off 5 mins off a 2 day skill is moot.
  2. shipwreck recovery and crashing in craters and or valleys, moving ships around at your base. 50m is not much distance. Wrecked ships are often 50+ meters in the air and you have to resort to terraforming in order to reach the ship. I understand your need to address the problem in question but the maneuver tool barely works as it is.
  3. The changes seem a bit excessive for the maneuver tool, only being able to lift the ship slightly will not cut it in some of the harsher terrain with peaks and valleys etc. Wreck recovery will suffer from these maneuver tool changes. It often takes more than the tool limit height to recover wrecks. With these changes I assume it will be even more difficult. The coming back to the game from a disconnect while flying change seems like a really bad idea to me. I don't have a current modern PC this game does not load up in a timely fashion for me. This will result in "X" amount of faith flying until the game actually loads up. Probably not a huge problem for someone with the latest hardware but for me that will be difficult.
  4. Of course they are going to have to do something about the ore being depleted. Mining is like %60 of this game. So far I absolutely love this game but I'm pretty sure that opinion will change when I can't find any ore to mine. I don't think they should be taking this so lightly. Games have died for less.
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