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  1. Fundamental changes: 1. Asteroids. 2. Schematics. 3. Planetary mining.
  2. Improved graphics are good, but not urgent, in my opinion. Two problems need to be resolved before release: 1. Elements destruction, including static cores, to fix economics. 2. Territorial wars. I don't mean atmo pvp or any pvp. I mean tile capture.
  3. I would like to discuss the near future of DU. It's no secret to either the players or the developers (as I see it) that DU will fail immediately upon release with the current mechanics. As it stands now, it's a mining and production simulator with pretty weak economics. It's so sad to see this great idea go to hell. What is DU now? It's a construction, manufacturing, and peaceful flight simulator. What is the current course? To make a combat flight simulator and maybe a shooter. Who plays this game? Most of us are pretty close to nerds (sorry if that hurts your feelings). I am interested in playing DU even in excel. Do graphics make a significant difference to me? Probably not. Who will the developers attract? Looks like shooter players who definitely don't like excel. What will they find here? Obviously, nothing. That means anger and, of course, nasty posts everywhere. I don't see how ping and pendings can be reduced to an acceptable 30-60ms. Thus, pvp as we know it from Fortnite and similar games is hardly possible in the near future on a single server. NPCs are also unlikely to be possible due to the architecture of the game. But I love this game, I want to play this game, I don't want this game to die. How can this situation be improved? I'm already playing this game. Sure, I'm waiting for additional content, but do I really need an atmo combat simulator here? No. It makes it impossible to live on the planet. Do I need a PvP area in space everywhere? No. It suppresses the idea of peaceful gameplay for construction and production. Do I really need PvP? Yes, I do. However, if you remember, I am a nerd, I'll be more than happy to fight you in excel. I think we can leave the space as it is. It works more or less acceptably. Of course, it needs to be improved, but at this stage it's more or less fine. The focus should be on the economy and the planets. I believe we can realise territory wars without shooting. There are a lot of strategy games that don't require a good ping and reaction. I want to be able to occupy any tile I like if my corporation is strong enough. My territorial and border integrity should play an important role in the mechanics of territorial wars. So my proposal is a flight simulation in space and a solid strategy game without the rush of the surface. Should we ignore reality and just hope for a happy future? Or should we perhaps change course and help the game survive? What do you think?
  4. SvarogZ

    Ore weight

    It is no secret that quite often we transport ore from another planet in order to refine it at the plant to pure. In some cases, transporting ore is more advantageous in terms of mass. For the following ores, we can see the correct behaviour when the ore is heavier than pure: Silicon, Calcium, Sodium, Lithium, Sulfur, Fluorine, Gold, Titanium, Vanadium. Of course, we can talk about the numbers, but in general, the behaviour is correct. For all other ores, the situation is ridiculous. Simple math for hematite. Let's assume that hematite is Fe2O3 with a density of 5.25 kg/L. According to the chemical reaction, we can get at most 70% iron by mass. This means that from 1 litre of hematite we can get 3.675 kg of iron and 1.57 kg of oxygen, or 47% of the volume of iron and 157% of liquid oxygen. Existing refiners produce 51.75L of iron from 55.25L of hematite, but we actually have to take 100.5L of hematite. That means 45L of 130L without the bonuses. I'm not claiming realism because 110.5*157%=173L of oxygen would probably break the production line. I think we should adjust all ores to be well heavier than pures to make transporting of pures more profitable.
  5. Stealth zone can be big enought for only small ships. Stealth can be disabled if any object close enought. Say 100km. Everything is manageable. If developers are not familiar with their code and can only tag the items, they cannot build something like DU. You are talking as a coder with his manager. To represent everything too complex Apologize for mistakes. Hopefully you can get my ideas
  6. English is not my language at all. It's not the second. Let's say 1 and 1/4
  7. I think the best principle that helps achieve interesting gameplay is the paper-scissor-rock principle, if you can't have more than one. We have to follow that principle wherever possible. I agree, it's easier to make the behavior similar to Aphelia's packs. However, I don't think it's a good idea to base the game on bans. Using conditions is much better. I don't think all three mechanics described in my post are too difficult to implement. 1. Make the plasma "unwarpable". Just remove all plasma from all containers before warp. Easy. 2. Prohibit possession of alien cores. Easy. 3. Spawn plasma in the conteiner located in the alien core. Also easy. 4. The hardest part is stealth, but it's not outstanding effort compared to the work already done on alien cores and PvP. It will be implemented anyway.
  8. I would like to talk about the mechanics of the alien cores and plasma. What it looks like now. One powerful corporation controls all the alien cores. To fight them, the other players must ally with the same power. Thus, we will end up with two or three corporations controlling all the cores, or only one monopolist with no competition. At present we have one monopolist. I would like to suggest a few things that can help make gameplay much more exciting. 1. Plasma a. The plasma should occupy more than the maximum volume of the jetpack and perhaps even the S-container. b. The plasma must decompose during the warp. Thus, it can only be transported in the usual way. Result: Plasma can be intercepted during transport 2. Stealth To provide surveillance of enemy bases and ships, we need stealth technology. It can look like a shield with a limited volume, If the elements of the ship are inside the stealth bubble zone, the ship is invisible to all radars. If the ship is too close to the radar or exceeds the maximum speed for stealth, stealth does not work. 3. Alien cores I would like you to consider another mechanic that I think gives much more reason for both small and large teams to fight. A unique resource (say, plasma) is generated with a random time delay, say 6 hours to 7 days. The number of generated resources depends on the time delay. All players know exactly where and when. The place is always the same and cannot belong to the players. The resource can not be warped. So, for example, we know about generating 1 resource unit in 6h. This is not interesting for large corporations. It's an opportunity for smaller teams to compete for that resource. Another example is that we know about generating 100 resource units in 7 days. Big corporations are very interested in taking over. This is the best opportunity to prepare for the greate battle and distribute beacons and bases around the spawn point. This way, the battle can begin well before time X. Currently, players are defending alien cores. I suggest defending bases around alien cores. This gives different strategies for capturing and transporting the exotic resource. For example, you can hide it under the base shield and then transport it. Or try to use stealth and deceive all fighters.
  9. Decorating and landscaping 1. Collect treers, rocks, algae, coral, etc., to use for decoration in the core units. Ideally this should be placed directly on the ground, but I don't think it is impossible because of storage problems. Some people decide to make an artificial forest, which could potentially put a significant load on the server since it is not procedurally generated. 2. Using soil in constructs to plant vegetation. It doesn't have to be like general voxels to not use soil for construction. It can be a tool to fill voxel trays. I know that soil voxels are already present in the game. We can find them in NQ constructions. Planet Landscape Currently, the landscape of the planets is pretty similar. I think with the release you can change the generation algorithm to make the game more beautiful. 1. Add huge caves with mushrooms and underground plants. 2. Add canyons and arcs for fan flights and amazing bases. 3. Add massive coral arcs in the oceans. New core units Currently, all of the constructs are unique in the game. I think you can create different core units to create structures that cannot be modified, but can be duplicated. For example, a part of a road, bridge, or parking. This way, it only has to be loaded once. You can count this core as only one 😀 Voxel grouping Creating a complex voxel takes a considerable amount of time, even when using a new tool. That is why we use copy-paste very often. Please make it possible to group voxels into one block for later copying. For example, I created a brick block and pasted it many times to build a wall. If I can create a voxel block and duplicate it many times, that block can only be loaded once. If I change that block - it will change all copies of that block in the construction. Perhaps this approach can reduce space and traffic.
  10. Please add time functions to the ScreenRenderer to make possible a simple clock. Currently we need PB just for system.getArkTime().
  11. Someone agree, someone not. I'm not happy with that. This is 100% NQ's fault that some players overused exploits.
  12. You can repair and save all blueprints fo future deployment. Or ask NQ to help you with that.
  13. I don't expect any respond. The best respond for me is the game.
  14. Dear NQ, A new update is coming, but we don’t feel to play because of the announced news of the wipe. It's not about the wipe itself. It's about uncertainty. 1. Subscription. We need to know for sure that our skill points will be saved after release. This is the only reason to pay for the game before release. Please note that accumulated skill points equal money. Zeroing out skill points in this context means robbery. It's no secret that many of us own more than one account. Consequently, zeroing out skill points means losing a lot of subscriptions after release. 2. Blueprints We can see that magic blueprints violate the main goal of the wipe. Therefore, we think you should make it clear that the general blueprints will be saved after the release. These are hours and hours of our art and design efforts. 3. Gameplay We need to find out as soon as possible exactly what will be wiped. Why? It gives us an opportunity to focus on other aspects of the game. We stop our mining units and factories and spend more time on blueprints to make the game better. It's a good time to share money and items with other players and start a creative era in Dual Universe. Some of us can focus on testing new mechanics. We can spend our money on useful things. Conclusion In general, we agree with the wipe. Just do it wisely. Please remember that we will get everything back in a year. Therefore, a new wipe will not be the solution. P.S. Just a hint. Remove the ore information from the planet information and change the distribution. This will slow down old players considerably and make exploration more interesting.
  15. Just if we are going to wipe it every year. In one year we'll get the same that we have now.
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