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    ttcraft0 reacted to Astrophil in Looking for a guild   
    Thanks for the shout-out!  
    It is true that we at Cinderfall do embrace all forms of playstyles. Our primary purpose is to be a hub of civilization and promote cooperation throughout all of Dual Universe. We've brought together many of DU's most prominent organizations together as a team and family, but of course we do need many motivated builders, soldiers, and of course Exploration Prospectors to help us reach that vision as well.
    Plus we have catnip cookies.
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    ttcraft0 reacted to Velenka in Concord Alliance   
    Today we announce an alliance between organizations. This alliance endeavors to associate allied organizations in peaceful cooperation. Allied organizations benefit from a non-aggression pact, trade benefits, and mutual protection.

    We present our Articles of Alliance:

    Current members (10-11-16):
    Galactic Republic of Planets
    Phoenix Initiative
    Phoenix Confederacy

    We have also signed a non-aggression pact with the DUA, and would be interested in doing the same with other entities.

    Contact us on Discord: https://discord.gg/BxqUTxe
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    ttcraft0 reacted to Comrademoco in Concord Alliance   
    If you're interested in joining this alliance feel free to message any member of the alliance!
    We offer an alliance that is truelly equal to all its members while opening the doors to know and make long lasting friends!
    So again, don't hesitate to let us know if interested!
    Galactic Republic
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    ttcraft0 reacted to Danger in LUA:D Universe? Secret fact about the game logo...   
    Are you asking why DUAL Universe? Well, it looks like I found out by slightly changing the logo!

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    ttcraft0 got a reaction from BliitzTheFox in How do you plan your ships?   
    Paper and pencil.
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    ttcraft0 got a reaction from Deacon in How do you plan your ships?   
    Paper and pencil.
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    ttcraft0 got a reaction from Wicpar in How do you plan your ships?   
    Paper and pencil.
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    ttcraft0 got a reaction from Shynras in How do you plan your ships?   
    Paper and pencil.
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    ttcraft0 reacted to LynkxDev in DevBlog: Monetization, player happiness and economic viability   
    OK OK 

    ONCE MORE !!!
    Hey new guys PLZ read my previous post about WHY, P2P is SAME as  P2Win !!! when you compare Rich player with poor players,
    Different player family realities and currency exchange on different countries.

    I'm not saying that game should run as F2P, B2P, Cry4Play,  etc....   What I'm just asking is to try understand in deep what's going on in all player situations before say  "I'm ok on paying subscription so all other potential players should be ok with it to!"    Everything that is OK for other ppl is ok for you to ?

    Just try to think that this is an international game that intent to have a server with thousand of players from all corners of the Earth ( O ?)
    With Players that live very different real lives, so before say P2P is the best or B2P is the best, or F2P is the best. 

    Understand that "The best" would be a Mix of those all ! and a Very well done administration of the game business.
    I already saw great game servers Die because of bad administration and very P2W games achieve thousand of players that happly spend tones of money on garbage games and companies get rich just because they have a great management.

    Also i'm sad to say for those (already existent) DU fanboys, This is not the best game in the world, this is not even a game yet, Its a few guys dream with a great potential, but with a lot of concurrence to, especially if they decide to keep as P2P, because P2P players rarely play more than one game at once, 
    and just look around for other upcoming games and you will see that DU will have to face great rivals.
    Btw, Guys, use your brains not your harts, give the Devs ideas of how to make this game as great as it could be,
    not just say "nice game i can play 15 bucks for that"

    I think this will be my last post, on monetization topics.
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    ttcraft0 reacted to Anaximander in Is scamming going to be a thing?   
    That's not how scams work.
    There's nothing in the world preventing me from selling you a ship for 10 times its price and you buying it as is, no RDM involved, if you are naive enough to fall for it.
    There's nothing preventing me from asking people for 100,000 Space Backs in promise of returning 200,000 Space Bucks.
    The best defense against Scams, is a functional brain. Don't, trust, strangers.
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    ttcraft0 reacted to MindSpunk in The Solar Empire, The Beginning Part 1   
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    ttcraft0 reacted to DarkNovation in What kind of city or base would you like to build.   
    I want to Build my research centre into a mountain side like this concept i made
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    ttcraft0 reacted to Kael in DU Gaming Community   
    I've got a mini server that I was using to run a small Minecraft FTB server.
    If people want to play then I don't mind turning it back on, it's not costing anyone money then and can be white listed so no griefers
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    ttcraft0 reacted to UNIX101 in Private Contractor - Science and Technology   
    Hello everyone, bellow you will find a short resume of my skills and experience. Please contact me for any services or questions.

    Name: Unix101
    Age:    26
    Interests: math, computers, electronics, physics, chemistry, mechanics
    skills: networking, communication protocol, process control and automation, interfacing

    programming launguages: LUA, C/C++, python, MATLAB
    Games: Space Engineers, No Man's Sky, Minecraft (vanilla/tekkit/FTB)
    Projects: Central control and monitoring system of automated Buildcraft and Industrialcraft factories using Computercraft and OpenCCsensors. (http://imgur.com/a/ljb3P)
    I have recently added an organization page which gives more detail of my skills and nature of work I wish to provide in Duel Universe. You can find here at https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/unix101#tab-description
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    ttcraft0 reacted to Cybrex in DU Gaming Community   
    My bad guys, got Minecraft added.
    Looking like Empyrion is the popular one by far.
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    ttcraft0 reacted to yamamushi in I Was Bored and decided to try to build a Core Unit   
    I decided to try to build a scale model of a 25cm Dynamic Core Unit this weekend, and because it's too late for me to go get the last few things I need to finish it up, I decided to post my progress anyways.
    This is just something for me to put up on my bookshelf, and I did rush through it (which is obvious), I see it as more of a proof of concept as I plan on trying to 3D print one in the near future. That depends on my boredom level I guess. 
    According to the Facebook post which accompanied the news about the Dynamic Core Unit, this is a 1 voxel sized unit, and is one of the components necessary to build a spaceship or hovercraft vehicle. 

    I started by cutting out a 25cm x 25cm square of posterboard, and tried to keep the various components to scale. I also found a handy calculator for handling the cone measurements that made things easier:

    I then cut out transparent sheets to help with the glowing effect I planned on adding:

    I added blue lighting powered by a 9v battery:

    And with the final pieces added:
    I am going to finish up with some black and white paints, and sanding the edges to make them smooth. The glue on it needs to dry for a while now though. I'll post updates when I've finished all of it. I'll probably need to go through and fill the spaces with putty and those will need to be smoothed out with sandpaper too.
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    ttcraft0 reacted to DarkTemplar in [Poll] How will we die?   
    By looking at the polls my guess is that someone will be pushed off a cliff within the first 2 hours xD.
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    ttcraft0 reacted to guttertrash in [Poll] How will we die?   
    by the sounds of it, when the alpha launches it will be a race to see who can build the first ladder tall enough to fall to your death from 
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    ttcraft0 got a reaction from GalloInfligo in How do you plan your ships?   
    Paper and pencil.
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    ttcraft0 reacted to Jeronimo in How do you plan your ships?   
    if lack of ideas

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    ttcraft0 reacted to Quinn23 in A New Life - Part One   
    I didn’t have anyone to program into the computer to greet me when I woke up. It was supposed to be a luxury, something to ease us back into life after our deep freeze, a friendly voice. From the faces I saw, it was anything but. There were more tears and anger than anything else. The few popsicles who were able to freeze with someone they loved, or at least someone they knew, they had it better. For me, the metallic computer voice was a luxury. I didn’t have to think about anything left behind, not that I had anything or anyone to leave behind.
    It was pure luck I got on the ship. They were calling them arks, I remember there being some kind of uproar about naming the ships after a specific religious foundation. Some thought it insensitive considering how many different religions there were. But they were wrong. Most people didn’t know what an ark was, a temporary river boat. Something to get from here to there and then to throw away. That’s what these were, temporary river boats. Only the river was space and here was our planet, Earth, about to be destroyed. There was God who knows where. And who the hell knew how long it would take us to get there. Would we even know? Would the computer tell us? Did it matter?
    It’s funny how people find religion when they are faced with extinction. I was never a religious man. Not that I didn’t believe in something. I just didn’t know what I believed in. I heard more than one person thanking Allah, others Yahweh, and a multitude of other gods. I didn’t know who to thank.
    My freezer was marked JQ23 – Winston. That was someone from the past. It wasn’t the future. It sure as hell wasn’t me. None of the people here would know Winston, nor would they know me. I didn’t want to know either. But I'd take my name from the freezer marker, my one acknowledgement of the events that lead to this fortunate point. A new planet. A new chance. A new life. I’d call myself Q23. 
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    ttcraft0 reacted to yamamushi in Floating/rolling ships ?   
    They don't have any plans yet for land vehicles with wheels that can travel on planets, however they do have plans for hovercraft vehicles that cannot reach space.

    They pretty much said the same thing about naval vehicles, underwater vehicles, that they're not on the roadmap yet.
    If they do come it will be pretty far down the road, but it's something that several people have expressed an interest in having in the game. 
    Check out the GrayStillPlays interview for more information on the topic. 
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    ttcraft0 reacted to DarkNovation in Novacore - Now Recruiting   
    --New's from Novacore Spaceport--
    Novacore is proud to present our first developed spacecraft, The Stalker
    This ship is everything you need for those close quarter reconnaissance missions. The ship was engineered to have a sleek profile with a coating of dark grey/black paint to allow for the ship to blend in to the dark background of space. We also lined the cockpit with a film of dark red tint to also add to the stealthy look.
    - Seats one pilot
    - Small storage contained contained within the ship
    - Life support systems
    - Comms array and short range signal jammer
    - Four front mounted high-power spotlights to allow for easier manoeuvring throughout space (e.g. asteroid fields) 
    - The Stalker is equipped with two side mounted semi swivel, high powered beam lasers to allow for fast, hard hitting, close-quarter combat.
    - The ship is powered by a medium deuterium fission reactor, along with two large and four small fusion engines. The deuterium fission reactor allows us to achieve the red energy being released from the fission engines.
    Images from our Spaceport:


    Showcasing the ship under minimal lighting:
    I am currently also working on a civilian variant to release into the public. Also possibly open to contract work developing specific ships for other organisations(Depending on current workload).
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    ttcraft0 reacted to DarkNovation in Novacore - Now Recruiting   
    After 1 hour of creation, another of twerking and texturing and then 2 and a half hours of rendering I'm proud to preset Novacore's new logo design

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