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  1. Yep, do you have any legit MLG Mountain Dew for me ?
  2. No please 1. The system is not the best (multiple notifications/topic is bad) 2. It would spam your mailbox
  3. Color, color, color

  4. My ideas for that is naming like a mix between that you said and the exoplanets in RL, so you have the name of the player/org who discovered the solar system / group of planets, then the number of this solar system, and then the letter for the planet. For example, I just discovered a new planet (the third) in the sixth solar system I found. The name would be ttcraft0-6C. And for the most crowded/known planets, there would be a "custom" name. For example the first planet would be NQ-1A but the devs gave it a name (I don't remember it ^^) For moons, let's say I find 2 moons for my planet
  5. I think an underground base in the mountains and a city / cities in the nearby valleys. Plus a space station later.
  6. Welcome But you like coding and Minecraft and you didn't mention Java ?
  7. Not in the pollRIP MC :'( Who wants to play MC with DU community here ?
  8. The biggest one in the right bottom quarter looks cool for a commander ship ^^Or a big weapon Let's build it
  9. I remember I saw the respawn will be instant and in the... I don't remember the name xD The respawn machine in the Arkship & that you can craft but it's expensive.
  10. Yes, an underground city without light would be just a black screen :/
  11. No, I mean "regular" (on water) ships and land vehicles.
  12. I think the planet where you spawn will quickly become the Coruscant of DU ^^
  13. OK so your answer for crops underground in MC :- Light : torches, glowstone, sea lanterns, powered redstone lamps. But usually torches. And it works very well. - To let the daylight fall : glass, stairs, and other transparent blocks.
  14. _____ I have done a search for "boat" and I did't find anything on this so I think this idea isn't said for the moment. Sorry if my search wasn't long enough and if my idea is already said. And sorry for some sentances/words who could be strange : my english isn't perfect. _____ Hello everyone I saw a lot of spaceships designs, but no idea if we could have elements to make our ship not flying but floating (boats) or rolling (tanks, cars, ...) If we could, it would be great for the transportation systems who doesn't have to fly (between 2 cities on the same planet for ex
  15. New avatar & signature resizing

  16. I just saw this and...• GG for the build and the time spent to do it • Good computer for the render distance and the shaders (it's just beautiful ) I want to tell you you're a pro Hope we could trade in the future
  17. I agree with the end but if the largest organizations have already the technology, why would they spend time and resources in an useless exploration ? And for the smallest ones, finding alien ruins would be something epic and very interesting
  18. I remember the devs said you can find unactivated protection (claiming) systems in alien ruins or something like that, so yes : ruins.
  19. If your ship is on the back and can't move because of it, bombers will love you Putting too much SMGs is... not realy the best idea x) I prefer playing with Rail Cannons Always think of strategy (in DU like in Robocraft)
  20. The planet where you spawn ? The desertic next to it ?
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