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  1. P2W minigames servers confirmed? Lol
  2. You killed CaptainTwerkmotor :/ [Edit] Wow my signature is strange without colors
  3. Yep, do you have any legit MLG Mountain Dew for me ?
  4. No please 1. The system is not the best (multiple notifications/topic is bad) 2. It would spam your mailbox
  5. Color, color, color

  6. My ideas for that is naming like a mix between that you said and the exoplanets in RL, so you have the name of the player/org who discovered the solar system / group of planets, then the number of this solar system, and then the letter for the planet. For example, I just discovered a new planet (the third) in the sixth solar system I found. The name would be ttcraft0-6C. And for the most crowded/known planets, there would be a "custom" name. For example the first planet would be NQ-1A but the devs gave it a name (I don't remember it ^^) For moons, let's say I find 2 moons for my planet. Their names (in the order I discovered them) will be ttcraft0-6Ca and ttcraft0-6Cb for example. Continents and oceans : I don't really know ^^ Territory : same thing + Cities : custom, or if you can't find a good name : [planet]-[number of the city]
  7. Will the jetpack we saw in the ship building gameplay be Infinite or will it need some fuel ? (If it's the second answer, what fuel ?) And for the jetpack itself, will it need to be crafted or will it be free ?
  8. I think an underground base in the mountains and a city / cities in the nearby valleys. Plus a space station later.
  9. Welcome But you like coding and Minecraft and you didn't mention Java ?
  10. Not in the pollRIP MC :'( Who wants to play MC with DU community here ?
  11. The biggest one in the right bottom quarter looks cool for a commander ship ^^Or a big weapon Let's build it
  12. I remember I saw the respawn will be instant and in the... I don't remember the name xD The respawn machine in the Arkship & that you can craft but it's expensive.
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