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  1. A floating city would be great, especially if it had guns on the underside and could destroy another city it floated over. But I guess cities will be safe zones. Maybe it can just sit down on top of it and crush it. That's not really an attack, is it?
  2. I am already planning a point-to-point transportation system. Since I will have storefronts in multiple places both planetside and spaceside, and since those storefronts will be in places near resources and in towns and stuff, a fast transport system between town and unique areas and resource areas will be essential, all for a very small fee.
  3. And that would be training a new skill. Being able to strum is not a skill. learning the chords and how to play is developing a skill.
  4. /* Missive redacted to insure historical accuracy and prevent confusion.*/ --- Aphelia.
  5. Skill trees have been used successfully in many games for a reason: They make sense and are effective. Plus, they mirror how we learn in real life. @Toecutter, I wouldn't want to have everything available at the beginning. It doesn't make logical sense, although I can see an arguement for it all being downloaded into our heads by out computer caretaker.
  6. Just remember, any good white market has a good black market lying underneath. Come and see me once these contras start showing up.
  7. I'm not above dealing in questionably acquired goods. Come see me after a, ahem, salvage.
  8. To quote the splash page: WHAT IS DUAL UNIVERSE?Dual Universe is a sandbox first-person MMORPG set within a seamless Sci-Fi universe made of millions of planets. The world is entirely editable, and the game focuses on massive scale emergent gameplay based around exploration, voxel building, trade, politics and warfare. My read on this is that it is completely possible to play the game without PvP action, even in PvP zones. All it requires is that a player choose not to attack another player. That is the freedom of choice. That also means that it is possible for a player to venture into PvP territory and not have another player attack them. It doesn't mean that it is what would happen, only that it is possible. The fact that the devs are designing different ways to make an area a safe zone without it starting as such indicates they realize there will be a need for new safe zones, but making safe-zones means taking away from PvP territory which isn't fair to PvP players, but which does make sense as civilizations go in the real world. If you want to stay safe, the only way is not to venture into PvP territory. If we decide to do so, that is the risk we take as part of the game. But, being attacked isn't a guarantee.
  9. I think you have some key points here. If the need for food / water were low enough, then it shouldn't be a great sacrifice to every few hours have your character stop and grab a ration or meal to refuel. Meanwhile the player can get up and take a bio-break and get some food or something themselves. The in-game mechanic wouldn't take more than a minute or two, if even a minute. If they allow the hunger to build, the character starts moving slower and becomes less effective in their skill and combat use. But by every few hours, I mean something like four-to-six hours. This would be minimally invasive to players who want to log on and chat with their friends without actually doing anything else in the game and minimally invasive to people who have to be away from the game for a long period. But to this last statement, it depends on how the devs want to deal with off-line time and hunger mechanics. IMO, it is best to simply suspend it while a player is off-line. Hunger / Thirst would be a measure of in-game time and not real-world time. To make it more meaningful, tie the decay ratio to exertion so that the more a character does that requires movement and energy expenditure (or would in real life), the faster the decay. But we are still not talking about immediate death by starvation. It becomes a preset gradient of penalties regarding decreased movement, skill efficacy, fighting ability, etc based on in-game hours and each level would be based on the normal decay rate times the exertion decay rate. A character that experiences minimal exertion would be able to go say 48 in-game hours before passing out from hunger / thirst. The momentary passing out would be a final game warning mechanic to get food in the next couple of hours. Each "meal" would reduce the hunger / thirst level by one so if there were five levels, a player could spend up to five minutes game time having their avatar eat five meals to get back up to normal, though perhaps with some bloating. If the player has the character full-out active, then the numbers drop in half and the 4 - 6 hours become 2 - 3 because of the exertion (the exertion multiplier would be set so it could not more than double the normal decay metric) and the 48 hours becomes 24. But then again, these are in-game hours. This also creates a meaningful economy for players who want a character participating in the agriculture / food processing / food trade mechanic chain.
  10. I agree. The more people involved, the more complicated an organization gets. However, it does allow for their to be more members on at any given time with which you can "team up." However, this kind of team up might be with people you don't know and hence you do not know how they are going to react or act in a given situation as well as people who you play with regularly. I like smaller groups of consistent members just as you suggest.
  11. Aphelia finally let me out of the freezer. She had slowly warmed me up while she trained me and pumped nutrients into my body, a frail shell of what I had once been. But then we all looked like that, barely human, mentally vacant, and emotionally spent. Huddled together, our bodies thawed out, we were raw, and scared. The ark was relatively warm compared to the freezer, more of which were opening every minute spilling out the human meat cargo they carried and had kept alive for thousands of years only to deliver them to an empty planet with only the words of a computer for safety. Yeah, welcome to Utopia. I looked at the other meat skeletons. I didn’t know any of their faces. If I had, I wouldn’t have recognized them. I sure as hell that none of them recognized me. Ten thousand years is a long time to hold a grudge, but there were those that might. My dealings had not always been on the up and up. When you owe money and you know how to circumnavigate security systems, you start taking jobs that you might previously have considered morally objectionable. But you justify it to yourself: Just this once; Just until I get out of debt; just until I have a little extra—then you stop questioning it because the truth is, we’re all going to die and it’s not going to matter who has what or how they got it. What is it the saying: Possession is nine-tenths of the law? But who was the law here? We had no possessions, only ourselves. I was sure the first murder would happen that first week. Maybe not murder, but the first death from fighting over possessions. You really can’t have law without government and there was no government nor would there be for some time to come. Government requires reason and people operating on basic fight or flight rarely use reason. I saw that before we left Earth. And why we waited for that first fight, the first death came within the first hour as someone decided to just walk off the top of the ship.
  12. Nice to see another Scot. I'm from Inverness. Welcome
  13. This fits well into my thoughts on quality and efficiency. A component or object can be as efficient as any other that serves the function, but the rate of failure or degradation lowers the quality. When making or purchasing an object or component, you get to make the choice of purchasing a higher quality unit for a higher price, or a lower one. Same with efficiency.
  14. I plan on setting up a canteen where people can sell what they have killed or have grown at a rate higher that the ark-rate and buy processed and consumable food and drink for less than the ark-price. That will provide income for me and will provide a higher income for the hunters / farmers and lower the amount it costs them to eat. It will also allow me to gather information about good hunting grounds, geography and topography do I might be able to trade or sell maps.
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