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  1. i think everyone here has made very good points and I think the thing to take away is that the community (us) have to work just as good as the devs.
  2. Hello all! first off I am typing this on a phone so there might be a lot of errors. I apologize in advanced and hope that I don't butcher anything past the point of understanding. I've been a part of this community for only a few weeks and have done as much research about DU as possible and even the professional background of JC. Which, as an electrical engineer, is quite impressive. My point in this post is to essentially point out the elephant in the room. To me it's obvious that there is a current power stuggle between organizations and this is why content has been changing, which isn't a bad thing. But I think at this early stages of the game organizations are making large claims on services and things that organizations will provide without knowing the possibilities of the game. To anyone looking to join an organization I recommend you keep a level of skepticism. Without concrete evidence from Novaquark it's hard to say exactly how 'emergent' the game will be. This will play a huge role in how organizations operate and how many sectors they will be able to cover with personell they have. what are everyone's thoughts?
  3. I've pledged, Good luck guys! I'll be looking forward to seeing more!
  4. I think I see Where you are going. If there is a list function that will print all of the elements connected to a construct it could be possible to build a program that would allow users to select which element they want and where/how to display any information you may get from it. Other modules and functions could be included to assist users not interested in writing code but still wish to customize their constructs.
  5. Thanks for the reply ShadowLordAlpha, I will definitely check out your organization! In the meantime I've created an organization page of my own which I encourage you as well as others to inspect for yourself. The organization page gives a much more detailed profile about me as well as the type of services I wish to offer. You can find the organization page at https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/unix101#tab-description
  6. thanks for sharing, that article was very helpful!
  7. Definitely one of the most interesting organizations for me so far. Looking forward to it!
  8. I actually don't know Java, lol. I'm not focused in programming really. IRL I focus on Electronics Desgin which requires embedded systems programming so it's a little different. I'm used to communicating and interfacing with hardware peripherals like accelerometers, real time clocks, motor controllers, ect. So really I'd be looking at systems and process control for any constructs. I will definitely be checking out your organization. I'll be in touch, ~Unix
  9. Hello everyone, bellow you will find a short resume of my skills and experience. Please contact me for any services or questions. Name: Unix101 Age: 26 Interests: math, computers, electronics, physics, chemistry, mechanics skills: networking, communication protocol, process control and automation, interfacing programming launguages: LUA, C/C++, python, MATLAB Games: Space Engineers, No Man's Sky, Minecraft (vanilla/tekkit/FTB) Projects: Central control and monitoring system of automated Buildcraft and Industrialcraft factories using Computercraft and OpenCCsensors. (http://imgur.com/a/ljb3P) **edit** I have recently added an organization page which gives more detail of my skills and nature of work I wish to provide in Duel Universe. You can find here at https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/unix101#tab-description
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