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    I'm a programmer, i love to play around in different techs, from assembly to js. I have explored the GPGPU universe quite in depth and will most likely always propose that as a solution (cuz it's the future). i have also tinkered with evolutive programs etc... nothing too fancy tho, i didn't make Hall 9000 but i acquired the theory. well if it was only ever about theory i would be an expert in many fields, but well, you know how it never goes all the way you think...
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  1. As one of the backers invited to their in house event, there was no point in making any footage as it was exactly as the devs depicted it, on the exact same map, with the exact same playable fps that was quite impressive for a pre-alpha. If you need more than community confirmation, you are not worth the money you may back at this point. you seem to be a safe goer, those who adopt games that work, and wants its bang for the buck guaranteed. We backer are riskers. We hope it works, but are willing to make a loss for a far greater gain: an awesome game. With only a pre rendered video i would have only given a 10th max of what i gave, but here we got active devs giving in game footage every 3-4 days wich is too short notice to make fakes, and i had the chance to play the game, and that was extremely convincing. But the game in its state only has the engine, nothing too fancy, barely enough to showcase the power of their engine. There is no way it is actually playable because the base mechanics werent implemented yet, but the engine is the down face of the iceberg, and the mechanics + design its tip. They showed the bottom of it. Most hoaxes only ever show the tip. i think that is the biggest difference there is. After that, the devs are awesome and competent, far beyond your average dev.
  2. quite indeed this could be a double edged sword in many aspects of the game
  3. it can be OP as a resource gathering faction, but can be very weak in a strategic war, thus is inherently balanced by the mechanics the players are bound to. Imagine a bunch of ants playing the game.
  4. Wicpar

    In-game voice.

    forgot some people are enjoying doing damage. well, then just allow people that are too loud to be shot even in safe zones.
  5. Wicpar

    In-game voice.

    a reputation system could be put in place, that allows people to be muted if their voice reputation is too low
  6. a lot of you think self replicating bots will be OP. Self replicating bots imply a fully automated production line, all managed by bots, and that will not likely be implmented. But if it does: it would be OP against one opponent, in a combat. if well enough programmed it could conquer the universe. But this is not about perfect balance, it is about perfect imbalance. What would happen is that big companies will see it as a threat and attack it together. during that a small armada goes behind their lines and destroys their resource production line, which will result in their doom. thing is if you do it with front line battles only, you won't win... but if you use tactics and strategy, you will always triumph over AI as it does not have as much hindsight as a human.
  7. the best analogy you may have to DY is terrafirmacraft ore veins, 10 times bigger. you alrady get bored on TFC veins, you are gonna die on the DU ones. But. There are two choices to make: Big and fast or Slow and small If mining, prospecting goes to useable components in less than a few hours, we will have a game with massive starships, starbases, battles and frickin planet eaters. It will be like star wars. If the production chain is slow we will have a gameplay that is based on medium sized ships and medium sized starbases, small colonies, war is to be avoided and politics are really bureaucratic. it will be like star trek (ignoring the borg). this subtility makes a massive difference in the gameplay, and people seem to ignore it, and that's sad, because it can be the difference between a good and a boring game, with nearly no dev cost (just change some parameters)
  8. I agree with cap' twerkmotor, applying a special rule to the DAC item will only break the game overall in immensa consequences. removing the ability to use force to get dacs will in 100% of the cases result in abuse by the protected class: the hoarders.
  9. they wanted to make resource prospecting a social thing wich is good and should be, but there is no point in making mining one, as it will be quite boring with huge ore veins. resource prospecting is you go on a planet, take samples analyze them and detect what ores lye beneath the surface, and then sell the location to a mining corp. mining is, remove voxels, deposit: repeat.
  10. "hello, my name is steve, i have been mining for 20 years in DU, and look at that hole over there, it's my life's work, 1 million cubic meters" this is absurd, having a futuristic game and having no mining automation... best mining automation would be analytical vein depletion, instead of voxel removal, thus reducing the server cost.
  11. i meant only resource gathering/production to take longer, but overall even when you are online. defenses would work anyways but the scripts will have to be run on the server (the execution time cap could be removed when you add a dedicated script-running server on the API) so people cannot alter them to their advantages on their clients. No you cannot do integrity checks. everything beyond NQ's server is out of their full control. imagine you have a megafactory, and you have to manually put materials in every one every 10 hours, you would do that all the time... else you will be able to have a massive container you pay people to fill anyways so there is really no point fighting it, people are sneaky bastards, they'll find a way, that's why you should be able to do everything, so NQ plans in those shenanigans in the game balance.
  12. I agree, but there should be a limit: you buy a DAC, it goes in your premium inventory: an inventory where all you stuff you bought irl goes into. You cannot get robbed in it, but you can only withdraw from it. you can activate the DAC from it. So: if you sell the DAC, it gets on the open marketplace and then it is not worth money, but in game cash, and thus becomes a normal good, since the value bought with irl money has been taken. on this point, you would go on a trade station, buy a DAC and use it immediately. you should be able to accumulate DACs play time when used, thus ensuring a stable play time. BUT: there would be a need to transport the DACs as once they are used by the buyer they become an in game item, and can be stolen/destroyed/protected and must be transported by safe convoys to bring to big trade stations. i think this is the best system as it keeps all the games mechanics intact while guaranteeing the original buyers value, without fearing to be stolen cash value.
  13. but then it becomes grindy and tedious and i don't think it's good, the solution to that is to accept that this is gonna happen, and integrate it into the game. allow it but at a cost. This will mentally block people that want to abuse the system as the system doesn't care and is still balanced even if they do. Factories could become balanced in an afk scenario if you stretch the 3-4 hours it was online to 24 hours a day, and produce the same in that time. if you want to produce faster you can just scale horizontally, but again, low level stuff should not take 20 hours to make.
  14. ideas change. it is especially good that these features do not exist as that means we will be able to influence them. Optimism my friend
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