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    Metric reacted to Atmosph3rik in Graphics   
    It has everything to do with your post though.
    It's not technically possible for them to make a game that's a 10/10 in every area.
    So they made choices.
    You can have a game that's visually a 10/10 if you want.  Just not this game.
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    Metric reacted to Knight-Sevy in Graphics   
    4/10 for DU?
    My god do not watch StarBase which is the "competitor" of Dual Universe because it must be 1/10
    If graphics are so important to you, unfortunately (in fact, luckily the last thing we don't need is to invest development time in graphics and not gameplay / stability) you can come back. on StarCitizen for that.
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    Metric reacted to BlindingBright in Concern about the future of the game   
    It's a balance, and right now it's tipped in favor of pvp content due to high tier ore that is getting impossibly hard to find only avalible via asteroids(which is being guarded by the that one group that soaked up most of the remaining pvpr's in DU)  When that same ore is being added back to the game via auto-miners fellow care-bears will have the ability to get access to fresh ore again... till planet side territory warfare at least

    As a PVE sandbox there isn't anything like DU still, there has to be balance- by forcing pvp to gain access to resources it sorta takes away from what I thought made DU great. 

    I like that DU is trying to give us something to fight over- it's cool, am not against it. But there were literally 20 of 200 asteroids that spawned in the safe zone, that were mined out within minutes of going live... it's not enough to satisfy PVE content seekers as far as asteroid mining goes. Likewise, the dinner-bell for pirates that is the middle column...may as well just get rid of the "discovered" asteroid column haha... an entire fleet of people can drive out anyone that steps foot on an asteroid within 25 minutes.

    It's painfully obvious that asteroids need to be rebalanced, from too little of them spawning in causing 1-2 days of the week to be roid huntin' days... to the /defense/ against pirates being to litter the sky with constructs.... and not being given remotely enough time to mine an asteroid once touched down.... Even if NQ gave us a full hour before it goes into the "discovery" tab groups will still fight over the Rare & Exotic asteroids, with player conflict still being created.

    Like I had said, there is nothing like Dual Universe- IMHO the devs have very little to reference as far as what works and what doesn't- so it's all a bit of a experiment till things start clicking into place. 
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    Metric reacted to joaocordeiro in Concern about the future of the game   
    Its about winning and loosing. 
    One generates happiness the other generates frustration. 
    If the same group of 20 guys keep stacking wins, against 100-1000 players you end up with 20 happy guys and 100-1000 unhappy victims. 
    Its not sustainable. 
    Ofcouse good PVPers should use their skills and friends to win against everyone. 
    But a game solely developed around this pvp is not sustainable and will fail. 
    Loosing players need a chance to restock ships, weapons and most importantly happiness. 
    They need interesting PVE. 
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    Metric reacted to Lethys in Concern about the future of the game   
    those two are not the same thing and you know it. FFA pvp != griefer
    no it doesn't support your argument at all. subs drop because there is nothing to do, or because ppl are bored. or because schematics are a nightmare to them....you don't know why they leave. it's just your personal bias that you think it supports your argument, which is a logical fallacy.
    Again, pvp != griefers. don't conflate the two as they have NOTHING in common. If you constantly conflate those two then you constantly paint pvp players the wrong way
    As someone else pointed out earlier:
    PVP finally gets some attention after 7 YEARS and it needs WAY MORE than that as it still is a pretty boring and weak pillar of the game. Every other pillar and aspect of the game received way more attention and love than pvp - which is fine, because you first need a foundation first (and tbh that foundation is still not there but that's another topic).
    DU was always meant to be a FFA pvp game with the vast majority of the game being in the pvp zone - and only a small portion of it being in safe zones. Those got extended already, which is totally fine. All that pvpers ask is a fun game where conflict over ressources, politics, wars and interesting, engaging, emergent and fun gameplay prevails. Which can't happen when everybody can do everything in the safe zone.
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    Metric reacted to NQ-Deckard in Lua Screen Units API and Instructions (Updated: 19/07/2021)   
    Sample Scripts (Control Unit Interaction)
    These scripts show some simple examples of Control Units interacting with screen units.
    Light Control (Screen to Programming Board) This example demonstrates clickable buttons on a screen unit, that set the screens output to a value, the programming board reads that value and then clears it and toggles lights based on that data. (See the top section for the programming board code)
    --[[---------------------------------------------------------------------------- -- Add the following section to a programming boards System.Update() -- Link the screen unit and three lights to the programming board -- Name the slots in the programming board respectively: screen, light0, light1, light2 local handlers = {} handlers['Light 0'] = function() light0.toggle() end handlers['Light 1'] = function() light1.toggle() end handlers['Light 2'] = function() light2.toggle() end local output = screen.getScriptOutput() if #output > 0 then screen.clearScriptOutput() if handlers[output] then handlers[output]() end end --]]---------------------------------------------------------------------------- -- Screen render script below -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- font = loadFont('Play-Bold', 32) rx, ry = getResolution() cx, cy = getCursor() layer = createLayer() click = getCursorPressed() -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- if not Button then local mt = {} mt.__index = mt function Button (text, x, y) return setmetatable({ text = text, x = x, y = y, }, mt) end function mt:draw () local sx, sy = self:getSize() local x0 = self.x - sx/2 local y0 = self.y - sy/2 local x1 = x0 + sx local y1 = y0 + sy local r, g, b = 0.3, 0.7, 1.0 if cx >= x0 and cx <= x1 and cy >= y0 and cy <= y1 then r, g, b = 1.0, 0.0, 0.4 if click then setOutput(self.text) end end setNextShadow(layer, 64, r, g, b, 0.3) setNextFillColor(layer, 0.1, 0.1, 0.1, 1) setNextStrokeColor(layer, r, g, b, 1) setNextStrokeWidth(layer, 2) addBoxRounded(layer, self.x - sx/2, self.y - sy/2, sx, sy, 4) setNextFillColor(layer, 1, 1, 1, 1) setNextTextAlign(layer, AlignH_Center, AlignV_Middle) addText(layer, font, self.text, self.x, self.y) end function mt:getSize () local sx, sy = getTextBounds(font, self.text) return sx + 32, sy + 16 end function mt:setPos (x, y) self.x, self.y = x, y end end function drawFree (elems) for i, v in ipairs(elems) do v:draw() end end function drawListV (elems, x, y) for i, v in ipairs(elems) do local sx, sy = v:getSize() v:setPos(x, y) v:draw() y = y + sy + 4 end end function drawUsage () local font = loadFont('FiraMono', 16) setNextTextAlign(layer, AlignH_Center, AlignV_Top) addText(layer, font, "Activate board to enable buttons!", rx/2, ry - 32) end function drawCursor () if cx < 0 then return end addLine(layer, cx - 12, cy - 12, cx + 12, cy + 12) addLine(layer, cx + 12, cy - 12, cx - 12, cy + 12) end -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- local buttons = { Button('Light 0', 128, 90), Button('Light 1', 128, 290), Button('Light 2', 128, 490), } drawFree(buttons) drawUsage() drawCursor() requestAnimationFrame(5)  

    Light Control (Screen to Programming Board) This allows you to create and use toggle buttons for boolean values, the examples flip not only their own state, but also the horizontally neighbouring toggle.
    --[[---------------------------------------------------------------------------- -- Add to programming board's unit.start() and connect it to this screen. local messages = { "Hi, I am a message!", "Yes hello this is Lua Screen.", "We love Pops the Hamster!", "WARNING: No warnings found.", "I am a screen unit.", "Are you enjoying this?", "Pending Screen Operations", "Lua Screen Units o/", "It is NOT NQ-Node\'s fault.", "Knock knock...", "Who's there?", "Ran out of Knock knock jokes.", "It is all NQ-Deckard\'s fault." } local message = messages[math.random(1, #messages)] local params = { message = message, testNumber = 1.337, testStr = 'hello I am a string', testTable = {x = 1, y = 0, k = {1, 2, 3, 4}}, } screen.setScriptInput(json.encode(params)) unit.exit() --]]---------------------------------------------------------------------------- -- Screen render script below -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- local json = require('dkjson') local params = json.decode(getInput()) or {} message = params.message or '[ no message ]' fontSize = params.fontSize or 64 color = params.color or {r=1.0,g=0,b=0.3} -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- local font = loadFont('Play-Bold', fontSize) local rx, ry = getResolution() local layer = createLayer() local cx, cy = getCursor() local sx, sy = getTextBounds(font, message) setDefaultStrokeColor(layer, Shape_Line, 1, 1, 1, 0.5) setNextShadow(layer, 64, color.r, color.g, color.b, 0.4) setNextFillColor(layer, color.r, color.g, color.b, 1.0) addBoxRounded(layer, (rx-sx-16)/2, (ry-sy-16)/2, sx+16, sy+16, 8) setNextFillColor(layer, 0, 0, 0, 1) setNextTextAlign(layer, AlignH_Center, AlignV_Middle) addText(layer, font, message, rx/2,ry/2) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- local fontCache = {} function getFont (font, size) local k = font .. '_' .. tostring(size) if not fontCache[k] then fontCache[k] = loadFont(font, size) end return fontCache[k] end function drawUsage () local font = getFont('FiraMono', 16) setNextTextAlign(layer, AlignH_Center, AlignV_Top) addText(layer, font, "Activate for an exciting new message!", rx/2, ry - 32) end function drawCursor () if cx < 0 then return end if getCursorDown() then setDefaultShadow(layer, Shape_Line, 32, color.r, color.g, color.b, 0.5) end addLine(layer, cx - 12, cy - 12, cx + 12, cy + 12) addLine(layer, cx + 12, cy - 12, cx - 12, cy + 12) end function prettyStr (x) if type(x) == 'table' then local elems = {} for k, v in pairs(x) do table.insert(elems, string.format('%s = %s', prettyStr(k), prettyStr(v))) end return string.format('{%s}', table.concat(elems, ', ')) else return tostring(x) end end function drawParams () local font = getFont('RobotoMono', 11) setNextTextAlign(layer, AlignH_Left, AlignV_Bottom) addText(layer, font, "Script Parameters", 16, 16) local y = 32 for k, v in pairs(params) do setNextTextAlign(layer, AlignH_Left, AlignV_Bottom) addText(layer, font, k .. ' = ' .. prettyStr(v), 24, y) y = y + 12 end end -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- drawUsage() drawCursor() drawParams() requestAnimationFrame(1)  

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    Metric reacted to NQ-Deckard in 2021 Roadmap   
    Earlier this year, we presented our plans for the future of Dual Universe, following player feedback from the beta. Along with these plans, we had an internal roadmap, which we thought needed further refinement before being able to share it publicly, as we want to be able to give our community a reliable view of our plans. We now feel that this time has come, so here is the roadmap for the remainder of 2021. 
    A few important things to note: 
    This is a work in progress.  Dates may shift.  Features may be added or removed.  
    Please also note that there is more further down the line, past 2021. We just want to be realistic about content and timings and start with delivering what we think is important for 2021. We hope to be working with you, our community, to deliver fun and interesting new features and improvements, thanks to our “new” release process, which includes the PTS, and to your ongoing feedback.
    Which features on the roadmap are you most excited about? 

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    Metric got a reaction from admsve in This is war (?)   
    @NQ, I don't want to state the obvious, but if you need more cash:
    - enable Recruit a Friend program
    - in-game cash shop for skins etc
    - launch on Steam/Epic whatever
    - I'm pretty sure Epic would be open to some kind of deal..
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    Metric reacted to NQ-Naunet in DevBlog: Biomes Improvements and New Voxel Features   
    Hello Noveans,

    The upcoming 0.24 Update includes a plethora of enhancements to elevate the look and playability of Dual Universe. Today, we’re going to take a closer look at two of these: biomes improvements and new voxel features.

    In this first phase of a significant, ongoing graphics update, we are improving the biomes of our planets to make them more visually diversified. Combining Speedtree, a procedural generation software, with the Quixel Megascans assets library for the textures and meshes, we now have many new tree models!
    The Quixel Megascans library also provided many new rock models, which our artist team has then reworked.
    Moreover, to achieve maximum realism, our ground textures now utilize scans of authentic terrestrial soils. In addition, we have improved the rendering to increase the textures’ visual quality and performances even further.


    Rendered models from our Engine Editor.

    These new rock assets will replace all the previous ones and add variety to the environments.


    We have a new night lighting! To offer a better visual by nighttime, the tree models have been calibrated in order to fit the new night lighting.


    All tree and rock assets are placed in the game world using procedural generation spawning.

    These scans ground textures are the materials from Quixel Megascans used to replace previous ground textures.

    One of the most compelling aspects of Dual Universe is its fully editable world. Through the art of manipulating voxel structures known as voxelmancy, the possibilities for channeling your creativity are endless. Our goal is to provide the players with as many tools as possible to edit voxel shapes, and we want these tools to be user-friendly and efficient.
    The suite of voxel tool shapes is now even sweeter with the addition of the cone shape. Using it is similar to making cylinders. Use the mousewheel to increase the size of the base, and drag up or down to increase or decrease the height.
    The new line tool allows you to select an area using any of the available voxel shapes and then hit the Alt key to delete them. Hopefully, you will now find it less tedious to remove voxels than with the previous system!

    Are you looking forward to being surrounded by the luscious new sights and textures of the graphics update? How will the new voxel tools compliment your constructs? Let us know in this discussion thread. 👇
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    Metric reacted to NQ-Naerais in DevBlog: Jetpacks   
    Read the article here: https://www.dualuniverse.game/news/devblog-jetpack-improvements

    Jetpacks are handy devices that give you a boost when you need it. Although they are not intended as a mode of long distance travel, they can be used to jump over obstacles, leap across gaps, or to reach new heights while building your latest masterpiece.
    The upcoming 0.24 update includes improvements to jetpacks that provide better functionality. Whereas previously the jetpack was always active in deep space, this will no longer be the case. Now you will be able to toggle between having the jetpack activated or not with the X key.
    You can see the jetpack state in the top right corner of your screen :

    Jetpack activation feedback
    In deep space, you’ll usually want your jetpack to be activated. The new ability to toggle it off will come in handy for other reasons.
    You can use your jetpack to navigate your construct in deep space. When activating your jetpack, you won’t be affected by the artificial gravity of the construct anymore. Feel free to glide in the corridors of your space station.
    But maybe you don’t want anybody to be able to enjoy a smooth glide around your construct. Maybe you built a space Ninja Warrior parkour course and jetpacking through it would be cheating. We’re adding the “Right to use jetpack” to the Right and Duty Management System (RDMS). Only people with this right can use the jetpack and break free from the artificial gravity field of your construct. We recommend casually drifting in front of those who don’t have it to mock them … But that’s up to you!

    Everybody can gliiide
    Set your sights even further: hit X and launch yourself off your construct and into space, gently floating to nearby ships, bases and even planets.
    Are you an experienced jetpack creator or pilot? What advice would you give to Noveans who are new to  using a jetpack? Zoom over to the forum thread to share your tips, tricks, and tales of jetpacking glory. 
    In case you missed it: The 0.24 update also includes an exciting new Mission System. Check out this Devblog to read about it. 
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    Metric reacted to NQ-Naunet in DevBlog: Organization Wallets   
    Hey Noveans,

    Joining an organization in Dual Universe has many advantages, especially when it comes to pooling and sharing resources. The introduction of org wallets in the upcoming 0.24 update will add a convenient way to transfer money to and from organizations, just as players have been requesting.
    But wallets aren’t limited to organizations alone. Many of these features will be useful to individual players as well. This should be welcome news to everyone who will be raking in the quanta via the new Mission system.
    Let’s take a closer look at all the wonderful things wallets can do.
    WALLETS 101

    Each organization now has a wallet.
    There are two new rights related to organization wallet management in the Right and Duty Management System (RDMS):
    Consult wallet: Gives the right to members to simply know the current balance of the organization. Edit wallet: Gives the right to do all the wallet operations available to the organization wallet. It includes buying, selling (and paying taxes by doing so), browsing the log and transferring money (see below).
    Giving the right to edit the wallet of Wave Corp to another player.

    Any player with the “edit from wallet” right of an organization can:
    Sell unclaimed items or items claimed by the organization in the name of the org. Once sold, the money goes to the organization wallets. Buy items in the name of the organization. When doing so, the wallet of the org is used instead of the wallet of the player. Also, the item is then automatically claimed by the org when purchased. Edit and/or delete orders owned by the organization. NOTE: Going to the “My Orders” panel of the market UI, allows the player to see their own orders as well as the orders of all organizations for which they have the appropriate rights. Payable dispensers owned by organizations will use the organization wallet, instead of the Superlegate wallet.
    All players can give any amount of quanta to any other player or organization. Players with the necessary wallet rights of an organization can also transfer money from the organization wallet to any other entity. Transfers are tracked in the wallet logs of both the sender and the recipient.
    There are a few rules regarding quanta transfer, mainly intended to protect players from griefing through spamming the recipient’s wallet log :
    A transfer requires a minimum amount of 1,000 quanta.
    There is a cooldown period of 10 minutes between two transactions with both the same sender and the same recipient.

    Transfering money to the organization Wave Corp.
    Managing an organization and giving the right for wallet operations to several players requires basic management functions. That is why we are adding the wallet log.
    All entities (players and organizations) have access to a wallet log that reflects all transactions related to their wallets.
    Each entry contains the date of the operation, the type of operation (such as money transfer, market transaction, various fees, etc.), and additional information, such as the name of the player who completed the operation, for instance.
    The wallet log.
    What do you think of the plans so far? Is this a good starting point or are there additional functions you think wallets will need? We look forward to reading your feedback in this forum thread.
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    Metric reacted to NQ-Naunet in [Player Feature] Burble's Space Race Interview!   
    Greetings Noveans! 🚀
    Today I come to all of you with a very special feature! Please put your hands together for @Burble, one of Dual Universe's very own racing specialists.

    As many of you are likely aware, the thrilling sport of ship racing has been steadily gaining popularity in DU. Players just like Burble have already created some incredible tracks, designed lightning fast racing ships and organized exciting events to entertain and delight their fellow players. What's not to love about that?
    We sat down with Burble to gain some insight into what life as a DU racing fanatic is like! So grab a cup of something tasty and pull up a chair, because we want to share our findings with all of you now. 👇


    1. When did you begin playing DU, and what were your first impressions? Have you always been a fan of this genre?
    I started a few months ago before Christmas, I think. I had been following the game for years, but had not had the computer spec or the time to start playing. I've always liked sandbox games, voxel games, flying games and live communities, so DU was a logical step that was always going to happen at some point. My first impressions? I was overwhelmed and a little lost for three days on [the Sanctuary Moon of Alioth]. But after I was advised to make my way to Alioth, the game began and it's been superb ever since.

    2. At what point did you decide to begin building a race track on Alioth?
    It must have been around week two of playing. The voxel mechanics in DU are a cut above most other builder games I have played. I've always had a go at building races in other titles, but I knew for sure that the persistent world and [single-server universe], coupled with the interesting physics and excellent building mechanics would make DU the game where a really fun track could actually exist. We can design our own race spaceships and then explode them! How cool is that?

    3. Do you belong to an Organization and, if so, how do your org mates feel about the track you created? Did they pitch in? (Feel free to shout out anyone and everyone you'd like!)

    I am in a solo org [so that I can possess all] of the cores I need to build something on a large scale. The whole build was a solo effort until last week, when the course was finished and some new people came along and started taking an interest in building shops and housing their racers on the track and surrounding area. The last few days have been really fun, and the beautiful stuff people are now building on the track makes me really happy and grateful.
    However, there were some really good people along the way who helped out with a little resources here, or a kind quanta donation there:
    Rayder13 & Umibozu both found me early when the track was only a concept and helped me on my way with their generous spirits. Rogue455 gave me the location of an aluminium meganode for free to help sustain the millions of litres the track was consuming. Dangersnoot has been a lovely friend and kept me company on discord when I lost the will to live... deep underground chasing scanner pings. The two of us once mined a whole silicon meganode and shamelessly sold it all to buy more aluminium. Lunaprey gave me a bunch of XL screens and keeps me on my toes. Jokr shipped me 200,000L of crater soil from Madis so I could build the Madis Hairpin. (There is actually nearly half a million litres of dirt from other planets than Alioth in the track's construction, but that is hard to tell at full speed.)
    More recently, other DU racing enthusiasts have reached out to me and have been very generous in donating to the track in the last few days. There is a thriving microcosm of racers in the game. I feel that racing can be a permanent part of the experience. There are a whole lot of really great people in the game and I cannot mention everyone. Just look at the support channel and everyday there are experienced players offering help and advice.

    4. What's your favourite part about hosting races in DU? What about the process sparks the most enjoyment for you?

    The crashing and exploding. The inevitable laughter and people flying around to rescue each other from the track, usually deep under water. The way the people who get involved interact with each other and all share the same idea of fun and creativity. Meeting people you would never meet in real life purely through a rendered location that does not even exist beyond our childlike imaginations.

    5. What do you think the future of racing in DU could look like? Do you plan to host any major, recurring events?

    The future in a persistent environment can only get better and better. More people are building tracks, I was not the first. There are plenty of other builders that have been here longer than me. There are LUA guys working hard to make lap time devices. There are smart traders taking care of the finances and supporting the efforts of the teams. The actual racing? The tracks all over the universe are all there and being built for the players to enjoy. Monthly events or leagues with cash prizes. Head to Head battles for quanta or to risk losing your ship blueprints to the winner. Gambling syndicates. Time trials. Laughter and drama. Exploding and fireballs.

    6. What would you consider to be your top 3 sources of inspiration when it comes to crafting the perfect race?
    The old Nintendo game F-Zero and any film or games where deadbeat rebels spend their lives speeding through canyons and exploding in fireballs. I jump out of aeroplanes for a living and teach people how to fly their bodies at 300kmh so anything fast paced and reaction based keeps my mind empty and happy. The voices tell me to do it.
    7. Besides hosting races, what's your favorite thing about DU? How do you spend your time in-game?
    I am not a very skilled block mover - I hardly know any voxelmancy stuff. But still, it is the building and ship design and the interactions with friends. Sometimes Dangersnoot and I spend a whole session just visiting all the incredible VR locations people have shared. What makes DU great is that what you build will be seen by others. It's not an ego thing. So many other voxel games you spend hours building something that you love only to realise you are alone, in a dead server, and there is no one to share it with. Even paradise is boring if there is no one to share it with.

    8. If you had to offer one piece of advice to your fellow DU players, what would it be?

    Get the hell off of Sanctuary. Immediately. Leave all your stuff there. Get to Alioth as soon as you can.

    9. If you could have ANY feature in the game (to support your racing ambitions or not), what would it be?
    A little more smoothing in close proximity player to player desync and player position lag. The smoother we can make the game feel while flying around at 500kmh just above the water and sand, the better the racing experience will be for everyone. I don't know anything about code but if that is a possibility then I think we all would like to have it please!

    10. And lastly, the big question on everyone’s mind is: what are the coordinates to your track!? We're dying to visit!
    In the hot sandy paradise around the equator on Alioth at a Lake we call "Melanuma Beach". Please, anyone come by and explode yourself into whatever you feel is best at the time!



    We sincerely hope you enjoyed our interview with Burble! Thank you for reading! 

    If you know of a player or Organization that's doing something you think we should feature, drop us a line! To do so, you can:

    1) Send a DM to any of our Community Managers here on the forums
    2) Send an email to community@novaquark.com
    3) Post your recommendation right here in the comments

    Please be sure to supply us with the following details:

    1) The name of the player or Organization you'd like us to feature
    2) A point of contact so we can conduct an interview
    3) A few sentences to let us know why you think this player/Org deserves their 15 minutes of DU fame ✨
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    Metric reacted to NQ-Naunet in [Player Feature] Burble's Space Race Interview!   
    Hey guys! Feedback on the schematics messaging from last week is fine, but send it to me via DM or start your own post please. We can simultaneously receive your concerns and celebrate players who are doing neat things.

    I don't have any new information on the schematics messaging. As far as I'm aware, our decision on the handling is final. I apologize for any inconvenience.

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    Metric reacted to NQ-Naunet in [Jan DevBlog] The Mission System   
    Hey there, Noveans!

    As we ramp up for the next Dual Universe update, we wanted to begin sharing information about some of the interesting new features you can look forward to with the arrival of 0.24.
    One of the key highlights of 0.24 is the Mission system, affording the movers and shakers an opportunity to, well, move and shake their way to a wealthier DU lifestyle. And who doesn’t love the delicious sound of quanta cascading in their coffers? 😋

    In listening to player feedback, we know that players have been looking for more ways to make money. The Mission system will provide those opportunities in a number of ways that suits a wide swath of playstyles and experience.
    The intent of Mission system is to:
    Offer new ways for players, especially new players, to make money. Allow merchants to focus on creating goods rather than spending time traveling to markets to sell their wares. Give those who enjoy traveling more than making things a lucrative reason to take to those beautiful, wide-open skies. Create more traffic in space, hence more opportunities for pirates. Help organizations to coordinate internal work.
      The long-term goal is to enrich the Mission system with more mission types, starting with “taxi” missions, SoS, and later adding PvP and various other “formalizable” activities. For now, we’re introducing the Mission system with transport-type hauling missions.

    It all starts with the Mission Panel, a dedicated dashboard tab for job and hauling missions. It is equivalent to other dashboard tabs such as the organization dashboard tab. Within the Mission Panel, you’ll find the "Job Forum" section and the "Hauling" section. Each of these contains a similar page: a home page, a search page, a creation modal, etc.


    The Job Forum allows players to create jobs with various specifications. (Please note that the UI for the Mission system is still in progress. The images below are samples of what it will look like.)

    The upper part of the interface lists “Aphelia” jobs, which are created by Novaquark to provide information about game events, like discovering new wreck ships, etc.
    Players can inspect job details in a dedicated window and engage in a conversation with the job issuer in a mini-chat integrated to the mission.

    You will also find Aphelia (NPC) missions that will provide new ways of making money. And, lastly, issuers can limit their missions to fellow org members only as a way to keep transactions and missions in-house.


    These come with formal guarantees on the rewards, collaterals, time, etc. It is tightly-coupled with the possibility to create sell orders so that you can express your intention to sell a good on a distant market and simultaneously create a transport mission to arrange transport of the goods to the said market.
    The definition of a hauling mission includes:
    Start/end point + indication if this is in PvP zone or not. Collateral (lost by the mission responder if the mission is not completed). Time limit. Reward.
    The game enforces these, picking the rewards and putting collateral in escrow when the mission is created. The content of the mission is to be retrieved either from a “mission container” (a new type of container dedicated to hauling missions, think of it as a mailbox) or from a market container. It is then stored as a package with the content hidden for the mission responder. (Opening the package voids the mission and the collateral is paid.) The package can be retrieved or delivered by interacting directly with the associated container (via context-menu entries) or within a 2km range by using the controls on the interface.

    Failing a mission can occur if:
    The responder does not deliver within the given time frame (including if the package is destroyed). The package is opened by either the responder or someone else (i.e. pirates). The destruction of the destination container does not fail the mission. Instead, the mission responder can keep the package and open it without penalty; however, this means the mission cannot be completed anymore.

    What is important to remember is that negotiations about rewards, or even the job description and purpose, are entirely declarative and non-binding. It is there as a statement, made clear with various warnings and “Are you sure?” windows.
    There’s often an element of danger involved when doing business. For some, the lure of pulling one over on an unsuspecting stranger has an even larger allure than the money to be made. Sure, you can scam sweet, trusting little lambs for a time, but eventually you’ll be the one to pay the price. Both the Job Forum and the Mission system have the possibility to rate the interaction for the issuer and the responder. Scores between 0 and 5 are attached to players as responders or issuers of missions (both formal and jobs), which will help to identify and potentially weed out scammers.

    Your mission now, should you choose to accept it, is to head over to this section of the forums to share your thoughts about this devblog. Which do you anticipate doing the most: creating missions, doing missions, or pirating missions?
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    Metric reacted to Wadiss in Copy / Paste Size   
    Dear NQ, 
    Please for the love Quanta, please increase the copy/paste size limits. 
    It is the single most annoying aspect of build large ships. 
    Wadiss. xoxo
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    Metric reacted to Aaron Cain in Pity - this game had such potential...   
    Frankly, when they promoted the game with Build large, Spacestations as large as the moon, play alone or with others, Freedom rich PvP Player driven Market, build civilization!
    I did not think it would turn up like this.
    What we got was something totally different:
    Build on large cores what is  very small, spacestations very small and large is possible by placing more cores that you cannot link or merge with eachother so you have a borgcluster and not a station, Do not play alone or we will Find you and limit you and also we give out gifts to large organizations but dont tell, Freedom within limitations and boundaries, Plaer driven to NPC markets, rich through exploids not PvP, build puzzles not civilazation.
    @NQ-AdminI (probably we, if i know the others who are critical as well as i think)  still love the original concept and do think NQ has some really great developers but the strategical desicions made do the project more harm then good and when you look at what it Can be verses what it is going to be, the road we are walking now leads to a limited vanila modless SE server with Clanginized PvP and defect B&R and only lvl1 handdrilling allowed with extra restrictions on production blocks and progression steps cost an exponential factor per level.
    I already have SE with less restrictions, why would i need one with more?
    Please live up to your potential!  Do not linger in satisfaction for dreams half progressed, Be what you Can be, Live Life Die another day, Roll Back instead of growing molds, Be Brave and go there where No Company has gone before! Reach out to the community because We did hear you, we did read your posts and we do see the strugle that is there. We Do want to support, But Damn you make it so hard for us to actually do so.
    Critizism and comments are easier given to those/things you carry close to the heart as you want them/it to flourish. You do not punish your kids because you hate them, you try to teach them ways to be glorious adults.
    Dont see our comments and critizism in any other way, We love your game, we love your work. But the direction this leads to we have seen fail before and we want to keep this glorious project from going into That route.
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    Metric got a reaction from Sigtyr in So, when is the game getting rolled back?   
    From the website:
    No loading, no server instantiation, no tricks. All players share the same persistent universe, at the same time. Dual Universe is the first Metaverse: a common, shared virtual world, controlled by the players.
    Voxel-based, fully editable universe.
    Create entire cities, giant space stations, massive warships,
    underground bunkers or… flying cars!
    Mine. Craft. Build and optimize production factories.
    Then barter or trade your creations, or those from others.
    A shared universe means a single, global economy - run by players.
    From pirate raids to skirmishes to coordinated attacks: space is a dangerous place. With real-time destruction, battleship crews and player-designed ships, this is PvP like no other. Don’t want PvP? Stick to Safe zones and you’ll be fine.
    The role you play in the shared universe only depends on your actions and your choices. Be a space pirate. A galactic trader. A cargo hauler. An interstellar industrialist. And everything in-between.
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    Metric got a reaction from Shulace in So, when is the game getting rolled back?   
    From the website:
    No loading, no server instantiation, no tricks. All players share the same persistent universe, at the same time. Dual Universe is the first Metaverse: a common, shared virtual world, controlled by the players.
    Voxel-based, fully editable universe.
    Create entire cities, giant space stations, massive warships,
    underground bunkers or… flying cars!
    Mine. Craft. Build and optimize production factories.
    Then barter or trade your creations, or those from others.
    A shared universe means a single, global economy - run by players.
    From pirate raids to skirmishes to coordinated attacks: space is a dangerous place. With real-time destruction, battleship crews and player-designed ships, this is PvP like no other. Don’t want PvP? Stick to Safe zones and you’ll be fine.
    The role you play in the shared universe only depends on your actions and your choices. Be a space pirate. A galactic trader. A cargo hauler. An interstellar industrialist. And everything in-between.
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    Metric reacted to Umibozu in So, when is the game getting rolled back?   
    Exactly, i was not doing to it for the quanta , i could have and been making more thru other means, i took it as a challenge to build ,most expensive schematic wise,  warp beacon production line  as a solo player, to achieve something similar to what you have done.
    Im not a builder, so could not build an amazing racing track, or good looking ship(s), went for something im good at, which is being merchant/crafter.
    To get me back to playing rollback would be sufficient, not the free quanta or schematics as compensation. What is the point having those , when everyone else has them too, in a game , where we are encouraged to specialize.
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    Metric reacted to qwertyboom in So, when is the game getting rolled back?   
    DU  you have to do something.   Why does the player who works his ass off to get 80 mill in his wallet in 2 months get blown past by some player who now sits on BILLIONS for no work.  Are you saying all the hard work players do to earn money matters for nothing.  Hard work doesn't get you money. Being online when DU screws up and doesn't punish it or rollback the server gets you money.   If you do nothing your saying your hardwork doesn't matter and the lucky few who cashed in on this isn't a big problem.    If you wipe  you lose a major portion of the players.   If you do nothing you will lose a portion of the players and your reputation will be again stained  (3rd time btw)  but if you check the logs and see who bought stuff in that timeframe you retain both.  Do the right thing.
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    Metric reacted to Dhara in So, when is the game getting rolled back?   
    Why is this such a hard thing to fix?  Just find those purchases in the database, refund the money to the player, and remove the schematics.  It might be too late by now, players may have already made millions selling them off.  But if they REALLY cared about the economy as much as they say they do, they could find out who bought one and reverse that purchase as well.
    IDK, probably too late.  What a cluster****.
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    Metric reacted to Xennial in So, when is the game getting rolled back?   
    The only thing that saves this burning dumpster fire besides removing all ill gotten schematics or a rollback is to flat come out now and say there will be a full wipe before release. Seriously NQ, you need to own this one way or the other. Either tell us all it doesn't matter cause it's all getting nuked downed the road anyway, or act like professionals and fix it.
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    Metric reacted to Dupont in So, when is the game getting rolled back?   
    If they were smart, then every schematic purchased would have a timestamp and ID of the purchase event. That way it would be very easy to pick out a window of time that a schematic has changed hands. I can't imagine that anyone would try to implement an economy that is so important to the game without double-entry bookkeeping.
    Any database developer that knows SQL could have identified the faulty transactions with an hour or two of labor. Really, there is no excuse not to invalidate those transactions or drop a negative balance on those accounts if the money is gone.
    No need for a rollback. Just a few hours of following the money trail. Seems like that would be worth keeping the trust of many players, wouldn't you say? 
    At least tell us which schematics and how many were purchased for almost free so the poor fools that are industrialists won't spend the money on those. Tell us which elements are tainted so we don't end up competing against somebody that has 100x more industrial capacity to build them. Or just take those schematics off the market. Do something!
    I just spent the last two hours watching videos of upcoming space MMO's for 2021 on youtube. The DU concept still could have the best future, now if NQ could only stop screwing up..
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    Metric reacted to blazemonger in So, when is the game getting rolled back?   
    A rollback is not a solution in this case. What should have happened here is that the market transactions involving any affected items during the time this issue was present should have been reverted and refunded, especially regarding the schematics as it has lasting effects. Those filling buy orders with bot prices being massively low get a one time benefit so meh.. The schematics damage is much more severe though and allowed a massive lasting advantage to those that bought hem.

    This is not rocket science, it's basic insight in your own game, something unfortunately NQ keeps showing they are pretty clueless about.
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    Metric reacted to xplosivesheep in So, when is the game getting rolled back?   
    @NQ-Naunet I was told in discord you look into the topics. Can you give a reply to the questions raised here?
    Like, treating exploits harshly, for example?
    I was not a problem for you to backroll the overpriced schematics, what stops you from rolling back an obvious mistake you guys made? How comes you allow some schematics unreachable for now get into hands because of a bug?
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