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  1. People don't like space elevator towers apparently. Because that's what they are going to build with that. I personally would like to see the planet look like a sea urchin, would mean the players actually made a mark in the verse lol.
  2. ayo, mfukin shark coming through, pack your shit up and go back to and SC keep dreaming about server meshing.
  3. The truth is; the wallet speaks orders of volumes over how hard you can cry over the forums. You see that fact then with CCP and now with Novaquark. The only difference is that Eve had the population and experience to be able to take a financial hit like that, Dual Universe does not.
  4. Yup, they also have a soft limit of around 6400 players per system, after that you can't really get in. All sorts of things start to break and it is soul crushing to fight in the ensuing time dilation. I enjoy dropping capitals in those fights but after sitting 12 hours of waiting just to jump, I was done. 1 cycle of a 10 second gun takes over 10 minutes in fights like that. In premise, its amazing, in reality its just so bad. That is what happens when you let alliances grow to sizes where just 1 side of a conflict has enough players waiting that can soft cap a whole system and bre
  5. Sure, what did they eventually release to subscription? Those combat adverts were also deceiving. The point is the game in the adverts is not what was sold as subs, you kickstarter folks got shafted. It makes absolutely no sense whatsoever to blame pve players for the state of the game.
  6. You done lost your mind. If Dual Universe was advertised as a PvP intensive game when they started selling subscriptions, no one would be here(I certainly wouldn't be here) and as I asked before; where in the tutorial did you learn about PvP to claim this is a first and foremost a PvP game? I am not asking you how the game should be, I am asking you what the game is and ever was ever since it starting charging people subscriptions. This is actually a GIANT mining/building/crafter game with some trading. People that streamed this game were streaming about building
  7. Lol that is unfortunate, money man, all back to the money. They know no one wants to pay sub for a PvP intensive game.
  8. People make me chuckle when they argue that this game is meant to be a PvP game first and foremost. I have to ask, when you were a fresh player starting, when were you ever taught about PvP? Remember that starting area? What did they teach you in the shoddy tutorials? Yes, that is correct, building, flying and not much else lol. This game can't and will never be Eve, people have wars in that game because of drama, power tripping and has robust social/org/alliance tools that enable them to do so. PvP is fun in Eve, in which only a SMALL part of the overa
  9. Well you lasted 5 months longer than the rest of us lol. Now the forums will be a ghost town if no one is propping up the post per day.
  10. When it comes to Dual Universe markets I see a lot of people complaining about the market bots. I can tell that the players against it are looking out for their personal best interest and not caring about how it will effect the failing game economy as a whole. The players for it have no other way to make quanta, in fact there is no other way to inject viable amounts of quanta into the game as far as I am aware. Once upon a time for industry/builder folks like myself, mining was a means to an end. Mining was the only reasonable way I could have a ship part that did not take me 2 mon
  11. I won a Erebus Titan on hypernet. Sold it to buy a Hel and a few Naglafars, then a couple months later the current unending war broke out, fought for as long as I could, killed quite a few caps and supercaps, before getting burnt out from blue balls and overhyped fleets. When the fights do happen, its a miserable experience with the time dilations. Asset safety over 30 bil in shit and letting the account sit till the game gets fun again in a few years maybe.
  12. All the hopes dreams and passion of the 20 or so current paying subscribers won't save DU. At the end of the day its all about money, which has been a part of pretty much every factor why we are here now.
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