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  1. Because people who think like him don't come to this forum. It's worse here than in Mordor. You only come in here if you are desperate.
  2. LUA is here: https://du.w3asel.com/du-mocks/web-codex/index.html Anything else interesting there?
  3. You have cool ideas, but incredibly expensive. And deadly for servers. Remember that for NQ, updating the description of the anti-gravity generator is a challenge
  4. How many voxel layers does the platform have? I noticed that one is not enough.
  5. You're right. What I meant was that fusion reactors need energy to raise the temperature. They currently use much more energy to maintain the reaction than can be obtained from this reaction. Therefore, they are not yet in common use. I'm not good at English and google translate doesn't help. I am writing as short as I can so as not to offend English speakers. Perhaps I used too many mental shortcuts.
  6. I put the voxel in the wrong place, nqpleasewipeimmediately... This is the only good solution. Wipe is not and never will be
  7. fusion consumes more energy than it gives back. Only cold fusion has a positive energy balance. That is why it is called "cold". It does not require a huge amount of energy to initiate it. Also fission = nuclear (and it is opposite to fusion). Sorry for the criticism. Cool post
  8. I would like to buy a neighbor's territory on Alioth, but how do I buy territory from someone who no longer plays? New planets are a cost for developers and another wound for ingame economy. In my opinion, territories without any static cores should be released after a long absence of a player. Half year without logging in seems to be ok. We were supposed to build cities, not empty deserts.
  9. The best thing about force fields is that someone forgot to code collision detection with other ships. Just turn off the engines (vertical/hover) when you fly through them. As I can see (you are waiting 25 DAYS!) there is no point in reporting it...
  10. Connect fuel tank to engine (not engine to tank, it doesnt work anymore). Do not connect to seat/core/whatever. After that right click on seat and run default autoconfigure - > flying construct. It should work.
  11. Use CSS instead of HTML. Google will help you. Example: <div class="bootstrap" style="font-size:10.000000vw; BACKGROUND-COLOR:GREEN; COLOR:RED">TEST</div>
  12. And then they are surprised that people prefer to produce themselves instead of buying in a market ...
  13. So how to sell something that does not fit in a inventory?
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