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  1. I think there may be a happy middle ground somewhere in here, like needing voxels for basic protection from weather (on planet) and radiation (space) . maybe even different voxels giving different protections. but this is the issue with going to open beta too early, these fundamental design choices should have been made in the pre-production phase of the game development. such a shame
  2. This comes back to (for me) one of the glaring issues with DU in general. Elements placed together does the same job as a beautifully voxel designed ship. The driving force to have a nice ship is purely personal preference. This goes the same for building bases and ports and cities. There needs to be functional uses tied with beautiful designs and I think building a system that pairs these two things together is a key piece in ANY successful voxel based multiplayer game. (personal opinion)
  3. I couldn't agree more. I am a builder currently taking a break due to burn out. However I have found with DU, my main driving force to create in this game is to make products to sell. I have found my drive diminishing as the player count does.
  4. Claiming tiles and actively playing are two separate things. A interesting metric to gauge active play counts could be the DU discord gallery. I have noticed the image count per day dropping steadily over the past couple weeks.
  5. Dear NQ, I was having a wander through PVP space the other day and casually thinking about all the weird and wonderful things you might find in space; alas the odds of getting anything blip on my radar left me feeling sad and defeated. But suddenly I had a epiphany. How cool would it to be able to overload your radar to long range mode, This mode may: - only give you a 20su2 area of another radar signal within a 100SU radius of your position - however, it also pick up abandoned / destroyed constructs (salvaging gameplay loop) - it may onl
  6. I agree that is annoying. In alpha you used to not be able to turn them off once fired, so I would say it is residual from then. I'm level 4 now on placement and pilot skills for rocket now, makes a big difference. I think it will be one of those things where you need to skill into them for them to be useful.
  7. orrrrr maybe you can use it for a space hauler to get to AGG height. No atmo engines / no atmo tanks / no atmo fuel ftw
  8. Filling a blueprint, even for blueprints i deploy sometimes daily on popular sold items is so tedious it makes me rage everytime. and yes i would bet it's a decimal amount of honeycomb also
  9. I think the key to making the Civilization aspect of the game work will be COUNTRY BORDERS. Let a Corp set territory lines based on $$ upkeep and territory claimed. The air space in the zone is your safe zone (now military has something to protect and patrol) Give legates control over these zones and tools to blow unauthorized ships out of the sky who ignore warnings Now players have a reason to join a corp and group up together.
  10. Dear NQ, Please for the love Quanta, please increase the copy/paste size limits. It is the single most annoying aspect of build large ships. Love, Wadiss. xoxo
  11. I booted around the track with my board, lots of fun, got a couple ideas for a racer
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