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  1. Still nothing done about this.. Newbies reading the forums.. this still has to be known
  2. that would require talking about something.. . Obviously they don't do that here
  3. All the forum posts, all the comments STILL NOTHING from NQ. HEY nq might wanna do something this isnt going under the rug like you hoped.
  4. Quick throw out some patch notes about a half assed mission system, maybe they will move onto bashing that .. NOPE
  5. Yep we saw the new devblog. Nothing on the schematic exploit on how a lucky few made billions while the other hard working players got nothing and are left digging ore to try and make money. But ill take you up on your offer and msg you. As for Burble great job man i cant even begin to understand how much time and work that had to take. Great innovation, stuff a lot of people havent even thought of. Well done.
  6. I agree NQ does not understand or care about players feedback, look on the forums people NOT ONE REPLY IN WEEKS to any forum post. Yes they say voice your opinions in forums.??? WHY they dont bother responding to more and more negative feedback, nor will they even address it.
  7. So patch notes today. Still havent done the right thing NQ. Players and whole corps were waiting for you to do something. Not ONE single comment about all the hate and rage, still nothing even though players move onto other games.
  8. A rollback is out of the question for the exact reason you stated, But where i disagree with you is that its just a bad idea to "Let the beneficiaries slide" thats also loony tunes fantasy land. NQ should have rolled back server that day if not that hour. They didint what they did was see ooops and let it slide. Thats a slap in the face of everyone here. Working hard to mine and do industry to make some cash then Boom the few that got all the schematics make billions.
  9. The response is complete bullshit as i have stated in my other post. But the longer this goes on the worse it gets for many reasons. So much time has passed now that a rollback cannot happen for so many reasons, and trying to take back the schematics or money is near impossible. They have be auctioned off, sold, traded and even put into machines. But still the fact remains NQ NEEDS TO RESPOND. Ignoring this will not fix it. We will not let this go.
  10. Still nothing from NQ. Afraid to deal with this NQ. People still selling off the schematics they got on the cheap for hundreds of millions. While the rest of us mine for cash because you have no other way to earn cash other than mining or reaping the rewards for your screwup. Anytime you wanna debate this im ready and willing.
  11. The subject at hand is what we all focused on. But i agree they handled scoopy wrong. Update: still nothing from NQ
  12. DU you have to do something. Why does the player who works his ass off to get 80 mill in his wallet in 2 months get blown past by some player who now sits on BILLIONS for no work. Are you saying all the hard work players do to earn money matters for nothing. Hard work doesn't get you money. Being online when DU screws up and doesn't punish it or rollback the server gets you money. If you do nothing your saying your hardwork doesn't matter and the lucky few who cashed in on this isn't a big problem. If you wipe you lose a major portion of the players. If you do nothing you will lose a portion of the players and your reputation will be again stained (3rd time btw) but if you check the logs and see who bought stuff in that timeframe you retain both. Do the right thing.
  13. Fiffly bits, you are correct in your points i agree. how heavily was it exploited i have seen multiple screen shots with people with 112 warp beacon schematics. That's just 1 person with over 8 billion in schematics. But my biggest point is the MOST players on here have dedicated a lot of time to build up their wealth and this EXPLOIT negates all that. And i hope a lot of people leave because of this. Why should most of us continue to work hard, when in 15mins some players raced past us and amassed great wealth just by being on at the right time to buy. That 15 minute window. So that's the problem and NQ's hope to just say no its fine we just gonna leave it. I want them to FINALLY hear this community. I hope all of the players keep the pressure on. The answer that was given is bullshit and NQ needs to do better
  14. You honestly think after the .23 then THIS JC gives a shit or even pays attention to player feedback?
  15. COMPLETE BULLSHIT lemme start there. So people that exploited this and made billions will get away with it, and the honest people get punished. I thought the COVID patch (AKA .23 patch) was a slap in the face of the players. This is a hold my beer moment and watch this slap in the face. What you just relayed to players was not good. I hope many people feel the same way and post on here, Not that you will listen or care NQ but your quickly destroying your players trust.
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