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  1. It is entirely likely pre patch a lot of the buying of products was bots. We will never know since the market does not give us any information.
  2. You can't hard cap orgs, sorry just no practical way to do so. Power / Influence consolidates and none of your suggestions to try and limit orgs would have any effect at all. Hard cap on how many items an org can list? You realize orgs don't list items in the first place, and if there are hundreds of org members they can all just list the items individually. Most orgs exist outside the game anyway as org tools in game are garbage. These groups on discord are not going to be 'chopped' up by any limits you dream up in game in any practical sense. The more you try that stunt the more you will consolidate power even moreso into outside the game guilds that no one can compete with because 20 different orgs in game are really just the same group out of game. There are not systemic flaws in the game vision. There are systemic flaws in your assumption that there needs to be some sort of balance to limit the power of the many against the few. Sorry , thats not the way the world works. If you had any idea the amount of 'work' involved in coordinating a good sized org in this game in the first place you might have more respect for how much effort those players have to put in just to steer that many players in the same general direction , manage permissions, manage this , manage that. The bigger your org the more 'work' the game becomes as is. You do not need some artificial attempt to neuter large orgs in game they carry plenty of weight the bigger they get on their own. You will never 'catch up' to long standing groups that have been playing longer so long as those groups continue to operate and grow over time. Some will , some will collapse into smaller pieces because of their own bloat, and some will just wither and disappear due to bad management or personality conflicts that can't be resolved. This mentality that "me and my 3 buddies should have the same level playing field with a 500 person org" is frankly grades school nonsense about not understanding life isn't always fair.
  3. I always find it interesting that PvP haters use the "PvP is unsustainable for the business" argument. This is not only false, but wildly not born out by the simple fact that the most popular multiplayer games are competitive. They have enough planed without wasting dev resources on creating a game world where you can go blow up some NPC pirate for loot. If all you want is a sandbox creative mode they have already said they will add that. Then you can remove yourself from the gameworld entirely and just spend your days building 'pretty' non functional ships.
  4. Or, we could just leave it as one ruleset for the whole game world rather then trying to turn territories into individual servers.
  5. If the vision is a full player economy then you don't use bots to control that economy. Players are not responsible for pricing stability, that is purely a natural consequence of supply and demand. They should never have removed non-pvp element destruction, that seems obvious to everyone I talk to except NQ and the whiners that their ship was destroyed by a bug. While I sympathize with losing element life to a crash, bug , etc we are playing Beta so people should be told to just suck it up. Most likely most of these instances of rage were people flying ships that far surpassed their ability to maintain. This is no different in many respects to the crutch of bots holding up market prices. Ore , products etc should absolutely be allowed to freefall. Yeah for a few weeks it would suck if your not an industrialist as ore prices fell through the floor , but eventually things would stabilize as the miners compete with each other for the ore. All these band-aid solutions to just telling people to grow the @#$% up is what is causing half the problems we experience with the economy.
  6. I have seen this happen from time to time as well. It used to be that if you changed the output links to a running recipy you got the unkown server error and it would hang at the end of the current completing run. I have however since the patch noticed every once in awhile an untouched machine that was working fine before will hang without a reported error and just sit there.
  7. Yes the daily login is just a placeholder for 'earned' injection systems. That does not make bots necessary. You are still hung up on injection systems being necessary for players to 'earn' money. I will try and make my point a little clearer. When we earn money in the real world , it's not a reward from the central bank that just printed the stuff. Our real world has the central banks as the injectors , and they also function as the sinks. Everything else is just passing around what they print. Even in this system a low level of inflation is required to keep fiat currency based economies stable. Low level inflation is just fine. The same would be true in the game world if ore bots did not exist at all. The daily log in bonus (or whatever systems replace it) would be the central bank printing , and the schematic/tax bots would be the sinks. Everything else would be determined by players valuation of good and services. Ore Bots have always and remain the primary problem with the market not being stable. The market prices etc do not need to be 'regulated' by NQ, the simple laws of supply and demand would take care of that.
  8. I didn't forget anything. I specifically said schematics , taxes, even bp creation are quanta sinks. The quanta injection can be covered by the daily log in bonus and whatever system they choose (ex: missions) to inject quanta into the game to keep the money supply from deflating. The fact that bots exist in this injection capacity right now was always a huge design mistake, and they should have just left it to daily log in bonuses. Bots created the gross over inflation that caused them to price schematics so high in the first place. Everything else is a discussion about the "value" of quanta in the game as it relates to pricing.
  9. You cannot have a money supply problem in a game that gives players quanta every day for logging in. What you are confusing is the 'value' of money with the 'supply' of money. Money faucets in the game only relate to money sinks (taxes , schematics, BP generation). If you got rid of bots , prices would naturally arrive at whatever value is appropriate for the circulating money. The answer to artificially high product prices because bots pervert the value of quanta is not to add more money supply or make it easier to 'generate' money. The answer is simply to remove the stupid bots so they stop artificially inflating the price of goods.
  10. I feel like a lot of this could be solved with play markets. Then maybe people would not be so obsessed with the Alioth markets in the first place and players could build proper searchable space markets.
  11. No, what your talking about is money generation within the game. That is different from a player 'making money' to fund whatever activity they are trying to do. Two different concepts.
  12. In your limited view maybe. Many in my org fill their time so much so that they simply don't have enough time to do everything they want to do (and no they don't spend it just mining or building). I will agree if your a player that needs your hand held with 'quests' , instant action buttons, or if you need to be able to craft without having to interact with a 'game world' at all then DU doesn't have a lot to offer. Thats ok, DU doesn't have to be for every single game loop minded gamer out there. DU shines when you take personalities that prefer to define their own game experience rather then a scripted ones. There are MANY different way to 'make money' in DU other then mining. The creative mode to design your blueprints is already in the works so that should largely solve many of the creative types complaints, right up until they find out to use it in game they need to actually play the game to use the ship. So the complaints of "omg , it will take me months to earn the stuff to bring my super carrier dreadnaught into the game change the game!!". I still like the idea of it just for convenience.
  13. Go into your market screen. Search the item and pull up it's market tab. Use the down arrow in the upper right and click the 'details' button for the item which pops up the item window. At the bottom of that popup is a section that tells you all the skills that can affect that item.
  14. I want the risky open ended player driven game world DU promises. If I wanted to whack bunnies for loot there are a myriad of games out there for me to play to scratch that itch. Same if I just want to build a giant ship and show it off for no point. I think a lot of people set themselves up for disappointment coming into the game thinking it's either a sandbox, or an action game. DU is both , and neither at the same time. PvE 'content' is just another way of saying "please turn DU into --insert fantasy mmo game loop--". Even if they tried it would just be some pitiful knockoff that everyone would hate. I disagree with this. In part, because the combat meta issue could be solved with some intelligent balancing which could if done right balance the rather lop sided "A pure combat ship will always beat anything else. The energy system could go a long way to solving this ... if they do it right. The other reason I would disagree is simply that even if pure combat vessels remain meta, nothing is stopping people from using them as escorts for their more frilly / hauler type ships.
  15. So the solution is to turn DU into an effortless SP sandbox in space? I disagree, there are games out there to scratch that itch. DU doesn't not need to be just a build tool thx.
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