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  1. DU has always had that identity crisis. Is it a sandbox builder? or a 4x space game? There is zero reason to build anything thats not a ship in DU outside of a player deciding to be creative. Why did I wrap my factory in a building? Because we thought it would be cool to have a city like thing going on for our org. We made runways, parking spots etc. There was zero point to do this other than our desire to make something look cool. Unfortunately, the sheer volume of work required turned it from a cool idea into a grinding misery to finish. We set up on Thades, in large part to avoid the performance misery that is Alioth. Sadly there are no real tools in the game to make it easy / convienet for us to set that up as a hub of activity for other players to come to and do business. So I naturally ended up hauling most of our factory goods to alioth to sell because no one ever bothers to go shopping elsewhere unless forced like with schematics. Which really goes back to my point, the gameworld is to big. There just is not any incentive for player to do anything but go to alioth markets to transact. Static markets will forever remain one of the things that prevents communities from evolving. If everyone who produced things could setup their wares on the searchable marketplace listings at least people could setup shops, which in turn would lead them to desire to 'pretty' up their shop space. Anyway I am rambling at this point like we all do about what DU "could" be. The core point remains, the gameworld is vastly to big for the few hundred? players left actively playing? Heck I only resubbed because I needed to tear down my factory and store everything on a personal HQ tile so it doesn't get scavanged since out of the 300+ org members we have maybe 1 or 2 are ever bother to play anymore.
  2. Actually you raise a good point here I hadn't really been thinking about with the race tracks etc. Many of the big co-op builds are likely to be gutted soon and scavenged by all the people who think they are getting some sort of massive windfall they will keep forever. It is very likely in a few weeks all we will see is the nashing of teeth of players on hiatus that come back to check on things only to find all the stuff they / their org worked to build gone.
  3. In general I agree with your points which is why I say it would work best with a wipe. Of course as soon as you say that , the diehards who think there will never be a wipe attack like your kidnapping their children. That being said I also agree with your performance point, which is why I think static markets are a fail. Let players create markets which will more naturally spread players and movements around the planets. This is what I meant when I was referring to more tools for setting up markets etc.
  4. I think it's time for NQ and us all to accept that the DU sandbox is just to big. All these planets and moons, most of which serving zero purpose outside of containing an ore type. With that tiny player population thats left we are just never going to see anything but vast stretches of nothingness with a spattering of constructs in 95% of the game world. Proposal : Keep the core 3 planets and moons and drop the rest of the planets for now. Ring the 3 planet area with a persistently spawning asteroid belt outside safe space. T3+ ores found out there. Someday in the distant future if DU is ever a success and you need more room add the outter planets. Obviously this would make the most sense with a wipe, but if it could be done without then all the better to not lose more of the few players that remain. Then NQ can focus on giving players more tools for setting up their own cities / markets etc. Maybe just maybe, people would have a reason to build things and feel like they are not totally alone in the universe by moving 2 tiles outside of their org/home tiles. Territory wars and all that jazz was a nice dream, but even if it was implemented tomorrow, no one would bother living outside the safe zone. You would have a few mining platforms spattered around with whatever defenses as no one would risk any big investments. Lets be fair the combat technology in DU is abysmal and will never be anything buy abysmal because of the way they handle the simulation with this engine. Leave the ship-ship pew-pew in the asteroid belt and call it a day. I strongly suspect in a matter a few weeks we will see most planets barren of territory claims now that they actually have to be upkept.
  5. 1.If you want to 'reboot' DU a full wipe only retaining skill point is required at some point. 2.T1 ores should be the only ones necessary for construction materials outside of ship components period. Add more industry layers of refinement if you like for the 'pretty materials' rather then use high tier ores to make a good looking wall. Auto mining should bring in enough materials on your sanctuary tile to build things with. 3.T1 ore should be the ONLY ore found in any 'safe space'. Reboot with NO bots buying anything period. The idea is T1 ore needs to be next to worthless so people can build basic ships/structures cheaply making it more affordable to venture out of safe space. 4.Money should enter via missions(non game asset affecting) and welfare only, and exit via taxes. 5.Industry needs a 'running' cost of materials like fuel of some sort (generators using ore to make energy would make the most sense). Industry machinery should have some decay mechanic as well. Done right you could remove schematics entirely. 6.Make Alioth and it's moons and some space around it for a respawning asteroid belt the only 'safe zone'. 7.Remove 'marketplaces'. Replace with system for orgs to setup searchable markets on their territory. Natural trade hubs would develop on their own. 8.Territory ownership outside of sanctuary tile should be org only. Players should only be able to be part of 1 org. Each org should only be able to have one market place on a planet regardless of tiles owned. Orgs should have a rather steep upkeep cost and tiles should have a steep tax to maintain them. This would help to counter alt stacking. 9.Cores should have an upkeep cost. Fail to pay the tax after some point and time the core is removed. Price would be based on core size. This would be a money sink and way to remove items from the game not being used by active players. Would also keep core spam down and help overall game performance. 10. I could go on , but at this point it's a complete rework of the game and not going to happen. Whats the point: I have not logged into play DU for more then a few minutes at a time in months. I was big into industry and our org was very active and we had many great times together. The critical problem and why no one bothers to play anymore in our org is the same core problem DU has always had... there is no point. We made bases , a small city even. The amount of mining needed was insane. I can see where they are trying to go but I can't fathom how they would fix the core problem and not do a total wipe of the game. Making cities , ships etc is all well and good, but that only keeps people interested in doing the 'work' for so long, because at the end of the day who cares if you have a super cool city? Once you have made some ships you almost never risk losing them. Your structures will never be at risk. Your claims will never be at risk. There is no achievement to be had outside of some personal goals of making something you deem 'cool' and perhaps having some other people agree when your done. You cannot reconcile the creatives with the combat players in gameplay and never will. I know how many hours and people it took to even make our small city, and the thought of doing that only to have it destroyed by someone/s who are bored and want to shoot things makes me cringe at the thought. Yet, without the risk, why bother to work to make the city in the first place? There is no survival aspect of the game. There is no 'point' to building outposts on other planets outside your own convivence. Yes auto mining and territory warfare 'might' fix this, but I cannot envision that game world being anything but minimalist constructs recognizing any effort in establishing a base is likely to be destroyed at some point. So outside some form of 'safe space / planets' , most planets would just be a collection of minimal mining bases and whatever defensive constructs are deemed worth it. The basic formula of how much effort goes into making anything in this game vs the risk of losing it is just unlikely to be overcome with they way DU is laid out. Segregation of PvP risk will forever confine the vast majority of game play to 'safe zones' which will again suffer from the problem of 'why bother' after some time.
  6. lol ... just lol. So your talking about 10 years from now in DU 2 right? By some other studio that buys the failed IP ?
  7. In some respects playing DU feels like building sandcastles on the beach when you don't know the tide level. Will your castle be there tomorrow ? who knows.
  8. Here is hoping you don't have either of those issues again on Saturday or Sunday , because you won't get that turn around then.
  9. M-F only ? Wow , I like how they dressed it up to be some sort of positive change, that was cute. Theories ? They are so short on cash now they can't afford GM's ? 24/7 MMO and their support is only going to be availible M-F ? How long till this forum is pulled down in favor of 'in game periodic surveys' , to complete their disconnect from the community? 0.24 appears to be just mission system and wallet and PTS. While this if it's final form is not barebones is not indicative of the end times, it certainly calls into question if this team has any hope of completing their roadmap objectives for this year. In the meantime people are apparently able to keep playing even if they don't pay. None of the events of the past 2 months from NQ gives anyone any confidence, I'm not surprising people are leaving. This is just yet another example of either desperation , cash flow problems, or complete lack of proper business practices.
  10. Yup, it says that I utilize a game forum to talk about the game. If you want to go white knight employee rights and treatment at NQ , then I'm sure there are plenty of forums about worker rights out there. Your pandering for attention now. Get off your high horse, your no ones champion here. We pay to play a game and that is what we care about and what we talk about here.
  11. You are certainly making a lot of assumptions in all this. People whom leave a company often don't have many positive things to say. So yeas if their sole amount of negative indeed reviews is 2 people separated by 3 years then I would certainly give NQ the benefit of the doubt. 'Toxic' work environment means wildly different things to different people. That being said , NQ has shown some gross mistakes when relating to the game community, or standard business practices like fixing exploits. Also the 'inner circle' information flow is a valid reason to bring their ethical practices in questions. In the end crusading for the 'employees' is a total waste of time. This smacks of cancel culture for overblown 'outrage' reasons than any reasonable judgement against NQ.
  12. We will see. The mission system availible on the PTS is not updated yet to current if I read everything correctly. You can't even make the parcel containers atm. I am happy that we finally get some logging on dispensers. I am happy there is some form of org wallet. I like the visual changes. I am sad that the logging does not include which dispenser , and only the core the dispenser was on. I am sad the permissions for the org wallet are 'all or nothing', because that REALLY needs to be expanded on. I am sad you can't give access to org market containers as a separated right. Just cause I want an org member to pick something up doesn't mean I want them to be able to clean out the org wallet in 5 seconds.
  13. I was really hoping for more detail in the rights. Having it be an all or nothing outside of viewing the wallet really restricts it's usefulness in many ways. Also who can hand out wallet rights? Just any legate in the org? or only the superlegate? We already have to be ultra careful with who become a legate and who doesn't because of how much access is inherited by the title. I can't see our org handing wallet permissions to anyone outside of already totally trusted legates because it gives them full unrestricted access to every quanta the org has.
  14. rotating planets... thats a good one.
  15. Don't forget automated mining on surface tiles. That is likely to be implemented in the form that tiles have ore values they generate. Some will be more valuable then others. That alone is worth fighting over as it relates to reasons for conflicts in TW.
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