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  1. 1.If you want to 'reboot' DU a full wipe only retaining skill point is required at some point. 2.T1 ores should be the only ones necessary for construction materials outside of ship components period. Add more industry layers of refinement if you like for the 'pretty materials' rather then use high tier ores to make a good looking wall. Auto mining should bring in enough materials on your sanctuary tile to build things with. 3.T1 ore should be the ONLY ore found in any 'safe space'. Reboot with NO bots buying anything period. The idea is T1 ore needs to be next to worthless so peopl
  2. lol ... just lol. So your talking about 10 years from now in DU 2 right? By some other studio that buys the failed IP ?
  3. In some respects playing DU feels like building sandcastles on the beach when you don't know the tide level. Will your castle be there tomorrow ? who knows.
  4. Here is hoping you don't have either of those issues again on Saturday or Sunday , because you won't get that turn around then.
  5. M-F only ? Wow , I like how they dressed it up to be some sort of positive change, that was cute. Theories ? They are so short on cash now they can't afford GM's ? 24/7 MMO and their support is only going to be availible M-F ? How long till this forum is pulled down in favor of 'in game periodic surveys' , to complete their disconnect from the community? 0.24 appears to be just mission system and wallet and PTS. While this if it's final form is not barebones is not indicative of the end times, it certainly calls into question if this team has any hope of co
  6. Yup, it says that I utilize a game forum to talk about the game. If you want to go white knight employee rights and treatment at NQ , then I'm sure there are plenty of forums about worker rights out there. Your pandering for attention now. Get off your high horse, your no ones champion here. We pay to play a game and that is what we care about and what we talk about here.
  7. You are certainly making a lot of assumptions in all this. People whom leave a company often don't have many positive things to say. So yeas if their sole amount of negative indeed reviews is 2 people separated by 3 years then I would certainly give NQ the benefit of the doubt. 'Toxic' work environment means wildly different things to different people. That being said , NQ has shown some gross mistakes when relating to the game community, or standard business practices like fixing exploits. Also the 'inner circle' information flow is a valid reason to bring their ethical practices
  8. We will see. The mission system availible on the PTS is not updated yet to current if I read everything correctly. You can't even make the parcel containers atm. I am happy that we finally get some logging on dispensers. I am happy there is some form of org wallet. I like the visual changes. I am sad that the logging does not include which dispenser , and only the core the dispenser was on. I am sad the permissions for the org wallet are 'all or nothing', because that REALLY needs to be expanded on. I am sad you can't give access to org market contai
  9. I was really hoping for more detail in the rights. Having it be an all or nothing outside of viewing the wallet really restricts it's usefulness in many ways. Also who can hand out wallet rights? Just any legate in the org? or only the superlegate? We already have to be ultra careful with who become a legate and who doesn't because of how much access is inherited by the title. I can't see our org handing wallet permissions to anyone outside of already totally trusted legates because it gives them full unrestricted access to every quanta the org has.
  10. rotating planets... thats a good one.
  11. Don't forget automated mining on surface tiles. That is likely to be implemented in the form that tiles have ore values they generate. Some will be more valuable then others. That alone is worth fighting over as it relates to reasons for conflicts in TW.
  12. And how would you be rewarded for the damage you are going to take from these AI bots? Ah yesss, loot right? So then we start the age old battle of loot vs player made things. If loot is something that won't impact the market, then players will just scream the loot is not worth the cost and damage sustained. We can slowly start the process then of just removing the whole player made , player run concept from the game because like every other game out there it will just come down to loot tables. No thanks. If territory wars, and the fighting over asteroids does not create enough ro
  13. If/when they wipe then they really need: 1) NO magic blueprints - empty only. Otherwise they are carrying forward exploits 2) Keep talent points 3) NO ore bots whatsoever after the wipe, period , end of story , not for a minute, not for an hour ZERO ore bots ever again. Then players might actually experience a progression curve.
  14. Your not going to get insurance for your ship. The opposite , you'll be paying escrow for the goods your transporting. You lose your ship , you failed the mission. If a pizza delivery drive gets in a wreck and totals their car the pizza joints doesn't buy them a new one.
  15. It's hard to say what their grand vision for PvP is as it relates to things like warp beacons etc. They are so cost prohibitive in their current incarnation and take so long to produce if they can be easily attacked and destroyed outside the safe zone they are unlikely to ever be viable. As you mention if you can place a warp beacon close enough to a planet body to allow someone to jump into a tile created safe zone from a planet surface PvP'ers will just rage but it's the better option. If a warp beacon creates a 'safe' sphere in space then that might work but have my doubts NQ could pull tha
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